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  • Nicole - Ash
    "Guilt and pain, haunting me everyday Crushing me and I can't get away Killing my heart and soul Oh my Nicole Still I don't know what to say I'm tortured every night and day It isn't in my control I said"
  • Nicole - Gravenhurst
    "Find me the captain Tell him i want to know Just who is steering and who's merely holding on And when the next wave is the last wave I'll drag him downwards to the engine room And never let go Oh nicole From"
  • Nicole - Waltham
    "It's all right, they don't care We'll be together cuz nobody but you Is all right around here I've been to heaven and nobody buy you said it to me That you've waited and All I wanted to do is get you to"
  • Nicole Richie - Fakebestfriend
  • Fuck Nicole - The Teenagers
    "You're just nineteenbut already the bitchest queenyour room's a messI'm not impressedbut damn you havethe cutest dressthe world's not fairyou just can deal with your despairaspirin and alcohol are not"
  • Pętla (ft. Nicole) - Oliver Olson
    "znowu się sam zapętlam znowu tak myślę znowu tak myślę przygniata mnie ciężar chyba stad prysnę chyba stad prysnę rozpędzaniem peta w kilka sekund setka na plecach mam kilka problemów a nie plecak pełen znowu"
  • Physical (feat. Nicole Scherzinger) - Timbaland
    "Let me into your life Gimme a minute Gimme the night I know a seceret spot where we can hide I'll take you there if your willing to ride Look around this place is no suprise I'm the girl and baby u the"
  • Addicted (feat. Nicole Funk) - O.S.T.R.
    "Utwór "Addicted" pochodzi z płyty "Instrukcja Obsługi Świrów”- premiera 22.02.2019 r. Producentami muzycznymi płyty są Killing Skills, czyli Chris Van Rootselaar, Jaap Wiewel i sam O.S.T.R.-y."
  • WINGS (feat. Nicole Scherzinger) - Black Eyed Peas
    "When I saw you in my dream Dream, dream, dream, dream You wore the crown, you were my king King, king, king, king I hope you know you are my everything Everything, everything You are the wind under"
  • Fino All'Estasi (ft. Nicole Scherzinger) - Eros Ramazzotti
    "Sorridi provocandomi con gli occhi mi incateni qui Mi lasci andare tanto sai che puoi riprendermi You're drowning in the deep for me Sei sabbie mobili I love the way I'm drawn to you Tu sai accendermi Just"
  • Come To Me (ft. Nicole Scherzinger) - P. Diddy
    "It's bad boy bitch Do it to it P- It feels good to be back, I missed ya Relax ya mind, let your conscience be free and I'm rolling with the sounds of BBE (Do it to it) you know what time it is report"
  • Mona Lisa Smile (ft. Nicole Scherzinger) - Will.I.Am
    "Let me tell you about my girlfriend My girlfriend mona lisa She let somebody took a picture So she can be a fashionista She said she wanna be a model But what she wanna be a model for? She told me that"
  • Si Me Quieres (feat. Nicole Cherry) - Akcent
    "my head spins around and I can’t see clear the poison inside of the words that you mean (wersy po rumuśnku) come a little closer so that we can see the real face of love hiding between"
  • Nicola - Pizzicato Five
    "(iwamura/nomiya) Translators: stuart larosa, ted mills, andrei cunha, alex di gangia Iwamura: nanji? Maki: non trovo l'orologio. I: onaka suita? M: s, ho fame. I: nanika taberu? M: non c' niente"
  • She's BINGO (feat Luis Fonsi & Nicole Scherzinger) - MC Blitzy
    "Holly Molly She’s my one and only She’s my Bingo And she’s winning Cause she’s dancing slowly Every night got me out of control Beating me with just one volley Like Flamenco she’s singing Ole ole ole Looking"
  • Boy You Should Listen - Nicole
    "(feat. Missy Elliott) Ooh, oh, ooh, oh Ooh, yeah, ooh, yeah Ooh, yeah, ooh Mama always warned me bout boys like you She said that all you wanna do is run over me like shoes And takin' take me to ya crib"
  • Sin Ti - Nicole
    "Sin Ti (Nicole) Pienso en ti Ests ah An En mis recuerdos Y tu voz Cerca de m Esta En mis sueos Quiero que sepas no olvide Tus besos y tu forma de querer Sigues en mi corazón Te extrao y no lo puedo esconder Coro: Sin"
  • Make It Hot - Nicole
    "(feat. Missy, Mocha, Timbaland) But uh anyway You could catch me any day Sipping Hennessey And my peeps get plenty way But anyways, to see that I hold this dough Cats fake it I made it I told you so Mocca"
  • Seventeen - Nicole
    "(feat. Missy) Yo (mmm) You know (mmm) I don't know what's up with this cat But I know I know he's gonna be mine Yes I'm the supa dupa I'm the superstar I got a super flow That goes super far I"
  • Bangin (Don't Lie) - Nicole
    "(feat. Missy Elliott, Prodigy (Mobb Deep)) Timbaland, I need you to make these motherfuckers get crunk I need you to bangin' em, bangin em, bangin em in their jeeps Timbaland I need you to make these"

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