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nicole sherzinger right there

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nicole sherzinger right there

  • Nicole - Waltham
    "It's all right, they don't care We'll be together cuz nobody but you Is all right around here I've been to heaven and nobody buy you said it to me That you've waited and All I wanted to do is get you to"
  • Right There - Nicole Scherzinger feat. 50 Cent-
    "[~50 Cent] 50, Nicole It's just another one Another number one I'm complex, difficult to understand I don't know if it's me or just make-up of a man I want it in the morning break nearly I want it I rise"
  • Nicola - Pizzicato Five
    "(iwamura/nomiya) Translators: stuart larosa, ted mills, andrei cunha, alex di gangia Iwamura: nanji? Maki: non trovo l'orologio. I: onaka suita? M: s, ho fame. I: nanika taberu? M: non c' niente"
  • Physical (feat. Nicole Scherzinger) - Timbaland
    "Let me into your life Gimme a minute Gimme the night I know a seceret spot where we can hide I'll take you there if your willing to ride Look around this place is no suprise I'm the girl and baby u the"
  • Right There - JC Chasez
    "Talking to me all night long When my song comes on Will ya come out to play to play When you work your body Shake it mami don't hold back Cause I love to watch you play, you play And when we take it"
  • Nicole - Ash
    "Guilt and pain, haunting me everyday Crushing me and I can't get away Killing my heart and soul Oh my Nicole Still I don't know what to say I'm tortured every night and day It isn't in my control I said"
  • Nicole - Gravenhurst
    "Find me the captain Tell him i want to know Just who is steering and who's merely holding on And when the next wave is the last wave I'll drag him downwards to the engine room And never let go Oh nicole From"
  • Right There Waiting - Nobody's Angel
    "Right there waiting Right there waiting Right there waiting What was I searching for What was I trying to find I knew there was something more Waiting for me, I didn't know why Something was missing Something"
  • Right There Now - Cole Jude
    "Sunset on the river Down in old watertown Hear the train whistle blowin' As the leaves kiss the ground Oh, I'm right there now I was just a young boy Going nowhere soon With a dream and a beat-up six-string You're"
  • Right There Waiting - Delta Goodrem
    "Right There Waiting Hey, what's the silence for? Lost in the herd that hides your eyes, Did you mean to run from me? From the dreams, we have waited for, I want you to take me there, To The place that"
  • Hes Right There - Tammy Trent
    "It's not hard to read you, it's so easy It's like I can read your mind In fact empty expression on your face It shows what's going on inside You've got lots of questions And the answer is just like it"
  • Be Right There - Natalise
    "All day and through the night You place a wall between us Something is on your mind While I'm missing your touch It hurts to see your face Expressions all have gone Can't help but think that I Have done"
  • Stop Right There - The Hollies
    "(Hicks / Clarke / Nash) And the power you have over won't ever let me be It's always holding me to you And the strange things you say to me Why do you play with me It's just too sad to see Stop"
  • Stop Right There - Zoe Girl
    "You have never changed your ways You think that you can own me like a slave And I want to walk away But every time I try you're in my face You say, I could have it all Trust you, you will never let me"
  • Come To Me (ft. Nicole Scherzinger) - P. Diddy
    "It's bad boy bitch Do it to it P- It feels good to be back, I missed ya Relax ya mind, let your conscience be free and I'm rolling with the sounds of BBE (Do it to it) you know what time it is report"
  • Keep It Right There - Diana Ross
    "Something about you makes me feel this way Boy I wanna know what you're startin' Baby you can relax as a matter of fact There's a time for love and that time's now Since the mood's right I only wanna"
  • Right - David Bowie
    "Taking it all the right way Keeping it in the back Taking it all the right way Never no turning back Never need, no Never no turning back Flying in just a sweet place Coming inside and safe Flying in"
  • What's That Right There - Kelis
    "What's that right there What's that right there What's this right here (Yea) What's this right here Yea, what's that right there (Oh) This ain't nothin' but a little somethin' that I got Little somethin'"
  • Right - DMX
    "THIS...IS...MY...LIFE (Right and wrong) Whatever which way they go (right and wrong) Whatever which way they go (right and wrong) Whatever which way they go (right and wrong) Whatever which way they"
  • Right There (Thank You) - Bobby Valentino
    "When Times Where Rough And I Wanted To Give Up U... U Where (Right There) When I Was Down And Out And My Frends Wernt Around You... You Never Left Me This Is My Second One And I Needed Your Help You..."

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