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  • Year Of Summer (ft. Niels Geusebroek) - Wildstylez
    "The clouds have gone away To start a brighter day We have waited for too long It's time to let it out You know what it’s about I've waited all to feel the sun The harder it gets, the faster we seem to"
  • I don't wanna love her - Niels Brinck
    "So close A perfect start So undeniable Fallen apart So right from wrong So beautiful Truly defining So hard to let go She always knocking doors into my thoughts.. I don`t wanna love her I don`t want her"
  • Believe Again - Niels Brinck
    "You made it, so we said To fall, I could not stand at all I saw you, beside me You never saw me there at all I promised, you all this I made plans thinking this was it I never, imagined Id find you, lose"
  • Pornstar - NIELS VAN GOGH
    "Walk up in the club wit a lotta girls hanging round my neck like diamonds and pearls me and my crew we gonn' rock the house makes your chick turn inside out Wow, I just cant believe it tonight gonna be"
  • Bring it Back (ft. Terri B.) - Global Deejays & Niels van Gogh
    "Bring it back Back to the way where it used to be Bring it back 'Cause I know, I know, I know Bring it back Back to the way where it used to be Bring it back 'Cause I know, I know, I know Bring it back Bring"
  • Falafel Avenue - Juncker
    "Inde bag den gule mur, sover et par af de tunge. H.C.A., Dan Turll, og ikke mindst Michael Strunge. Man kunne hbe, de bare l og blundede. Sdan kan jeg g og glemme mig selv, p Assistens, p Falafel Avenue. Du"
  • Kong Kristian - Hymn Danii
    "Kong Kristian stod ved hjen mast i rg og damp; hans vrge hamrede s fast, at gotens hjelm og hjerte brast. Da sank hvert fjendtligt spejl og mast i rg og damp. Fly, skreg de, fly, hvad flygte kan! hvo str"
  • When the spirits slips away - Ten Sharp
    "Where lies the heart Where liest the soul Of all that Gods created Rivers dont flow Flowers dont grow Is men around to waste it Dont ask me how When the spriit slips away Cos its really over And the fire"
  • Poet Laureate II - Canibus
    "Uhh I dont understand how a writer could ever get writer's block, so called My problem is having too much.. and being unable to get it down... Yo, why is the ripper so ill? That would be a unpardonable"

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