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nightcore 05 : 5

  • Nightcore - Just A Dream - Nelly
    "I was thinking about you, thinking about me Thinking about us, what we gonna be? Opened my eyes yeah, it was only Just A Dream So I travelled back, down that road Will come back, no one knows I realize"
  • Sound Of My Dream (Wriemia Agniej) - Nightcore
    "Russian: Verse 1: , , , , . , , . , , . , , . Verse 2 at 01:22 min: , , , . ! Verse 1 repeats at 02:40 min -------------------------------------- English translation: Verse"
  • Find My Way To You - Nightcore
    "When there's nothing left to do. i will find my way to you, cuz i need you so. i want your love, ... i'm standing in the cold, i've been waiting here for so long, i'm waiting for my love to come and"
  • Here In M Y Heart - Nightcore
    "Cuz your here in my heart, i can't deny it baby wanna take you higher baby, i still need your love. love, like a storm i'm coming closer, like we're supposed to ... it sounded so wrong, but it's sure"
  • Look At Me Now - Nightcore
    "I've been caged by you for such a long long time, you had your own particular way to fill my mind. with low esteem regarding myself, i kept me here within my shell and it took so long for me to see"
  • Reaching Out - Nightcore
    "Standing naked in the rain, knowing things will never be the same. on and on and on again, trying hard to find the words to say. i feel that ive been here before, this feeling i can't take it anymore"
  • Stop That Time - Nightcore
    "Stop that time for me and my lover, so we are together forever in love can you stop that time for me and my lover. make this summer forever stop that time for me and my lover, so we are together forever"
  • Where Are You Now - Nightcore
    "Where are you now, cause I need to have you right here next to me You're not around, oh where are you now. Just like a diamond from the sky You are a star shining bright, for me But now it's fading,"
  • Dam Dadi Doo - Nightcore
    "Dam dadi doo dam dam didoodi dam (4) When the morning come come I'm dancing like you're dumb dumb And when the groove is high when dummies jump to sky if you feel the groove groove the dummies have to"
  • Destiny - Nightcore
    "Do u believe in destiny i close my eyes and dream that you are closer to me so follow me and you will see together we can touch the sky were flying so high high (higher) (do you believe) (next to me) im"

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