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nikka costa pull

  • Push & Pull - NIKKA COSTA
    "Mr. Nothing's got a lot He's got a lot to say He's good at being what he's not Gives nothing away Another day goes on by And he never speaks his heart He takes his chance with what he's got It's too late"
  • Costa - Robert Wyatt
    "Orange, the fierce orange of the egg-shaped fireball plopping into the ocean as the earth tips backwards towards night. Orange, the scratched orange of the gas bottles delivered for lack of pipeline, dragged"
  • Like A Feather - NIKKA COSTA
    "I'm coming out of my wishing well Where only echoes lonely hear m prayers I'm coming around to bend cause my resistance been to persistent I've come to far to force it so I'll watch it slide and land I"
  • Corners Of My Mind - NIKKA COSTA
    "Meet me in the stillness Away from all this madness I'll give you a piece of me If you'll give me a moment To let you into the corners of my mind I looked into a stranger And found my soul waiting there It"
  • Costa Dell'Est - Nomadi
    "Da Otranto risalgono verdesche e delfini lungo la rotta delle navi passeggeri se l'incontri sul moscone o pi al largo sul barcone te la fai nelle braghe del costume se ce l'hai. Costa dell'Est costa"
  • La Costa - Natalie Cole
    "Written by N. Cole and L. Williams Picture yourself on the sea of a setting sun The salty air and the taste of your lover's hair Inside you want to fly Ah, yi, yi, yi, yi, yi, yi Come to the magical mist"
  • La costa - Nat King Cole
    "Picture yourself on the sea of a setting sun The salty air and the taste of your lover's hair Inside you want to fly Ah, yi, yi, yi, yi, yi, yi Come to the magical mist where the oceans kissed A thousand"
  • Costa Rica - Kristin Hersh
    "Eyes in the back of your head Ear to the ground Love in the back of your mind We're on a hill, stay very still I would love a better drug You lucky jerk I'm so unsettled I'm superstitious You're so rattled"
  • Costa Brava - Peggy March
    "Stunden stehst du vorm Spiegel und berlegst dir was zieh' ich heute an. Du hast zu viele Schuhe die tausend Hemden die keiner zhlen kann. Du bertreibst es sind Frauen so schwer denk doch nicht so viel und"
  • Justin Costa - Stafford
    "And this is pain, a ghost that seems to linger. It's something you and I have both felt, but at least there's a weight at the end of this long rope. (Just know that no matter who calls your name, you and"
  • On & On - NIKKA COSTA
    "Make your mama proud like a real man should Scream so loud I wake the neighborhood Make me write a song 'bout the way you do it Baby don't fuck around put your back into it yeah Make your mama sing like"
  • Some Kind Of Beautiful - NIKKA COSTA
    "Like the day looks forward to the rising sun Like the sun that everyday kiss the tide Like the bridges that leads you to the other side I'm everyday thankful that you're the one If you chased me baby"
  • Just Because - NIKKA COSTA
    "I take you in and I hold my breath Try to save the time that's passing by And if you came to say goodbye A thousand summers would never dry Every tear that touched my face And they don't laugh the way"
  • Funkier Than A Mosquito's Tweeter - NIKKA COSTA
    "You're nothing but a dirty dirty old man You do your thinkin with a one track mind Keep talking 'bout heaven's glory But on your face is a different story Clean up your act, your story's gettin dusty Wash"
  • Fatherless Child - NIKKA COSTA
    "Heaven spoke too loud Left me a fatherless child Occurs to me everyday But your memory makes me proud You're the one I hold You're the first man I loved And all that follow Have a mountain to rise above And"
  • Tug Of War - NIKKA COSTA
    "There are times in our lives When our hearts fear our minds We can't afford to ignore What our hearts are beating for My soul wants to go one way But my heart and mind playing a tug of war with me baby Cut"
  • Can'tneverdidnothin' - NIKKA COSTA
    "Can'tneverdidnothin' And neither did couldn't Never did nobody no good You better plant in your garden And make sure you water it like you should Time has spoiled you rotten And you done forgotten Why"
  • Fooled Ya Baby - NIKKA COSTA
    "I hid my heart in self-defense I felt the break and consequence Never to return to meltin' feelings inside I told myself I wouldn't fall again Even in the light of day You'll never see How much I feel"
  • I Gotta Know - NIKKA COSTA
    "I gotta know If I give my heart to you That everything you say is true And everything you say you'll do you'll do I gotta know If I bare my soul right here You'll never run or disappear You'll hold me"
  • Happy In The Morning - NIKKA COSTA
    "With kisses sweet you wake me With the first tease of the sun And I'm gonna have my day made Before it's even begun If it's between working or playing with you You helpin me make up my mind 'Cause it don't"

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