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  • System Of A Down Nil
    "If today I die, And cannot deny, The life that I live, For what I say now, Will befit, myself, in time. No time to die, nor live, No structures of a pyramid, Nor trained horses to arise, Surmise my position. My"
  • Informatik Nil
    "You never know Life's river flow Where does it start Where does it go My beating heart My god is love So beautiful Can't get enough No turning back No letting go My time has come Has come at last The sky"
  • Seabound Progress Nil
    "Link mismatch Confidence blue Trigger, spineless Petrified, true Attraction Cortical interception Reaction Phantasize Find the error Accident, incident Use a mirror Descent, descent Can you change? Renounce"
  • Slipknot Three Nil
    "One Two Three NIL!!! (Yeah!) Chaos - it's just the beginning Every promise I made I'm rescinding Center mass in the middle of the monster I'm getting tired of drowning the constant Cry for"
  • Phantasmagoria Nil frontier
    "...ROMANCIA...Overlapping feelings of two people need not bediscriminatedtheexcess deepening infinity oftime...this extending space...The person keeps walkingas long as it lives.The flying thing to want"
  • Slipknot Three Nil (Live)
    "This song lets you know right up front we are here to destroy you. This song is called Three Nil. (Scream) Aye Aye Aye Aye Aye Aye Aye (One) (Two) (Three) Nil! Yeah! I can't fucking hear you! Chaos"
  • Psycroptic Slaves Of Nil
    "Inactive genes awakening The 'Maturation' process: Triggered A rebirth of sorts Drones of a now forgotten conflict Rendered null, void by time. Lost, still searching for the idealistic purpose Their hierarchic"
  • Blindspott Nil By Mouth
    "(And now, for my next number, I'd like to return to the classics) This time when I feel myself up in her Even though I don't want to And one side of me says kill her But that just won't do So I say we're"
  • Celtic Woman Nil Se'n La
    "Chuaigh mé isteach i dteach aréir is d'iarr mé cairde ar mhnaoi an leanna. Is é dúirt sí liom "Ní bhfaighidh tú deor. Buail an bóthar is gabh abhaile I came by a house last night And told the"
  • Capercaillie Nil Si I Ngra
    "Nil Si 'I Gra Nil se ach annuraidh o phos me is ni fada liom la na blian Nil duil i n'athas no i gceol agam No aon sport a bhfaca no riamh De luain a rinneadh an cleamhnas sin blian is an oiche areir Agus"
  • Adi Smolar Ni? Nisi Vreden
    "Adi Smolar Miscellaneous Ni Nisi Vreden Pijan sem se domov prmaju, sem preklinjal in razgraju, vse kar sem prijel to sem razbil. Skoz okno vrgu sem omaro, ko sem hotu e ta staro sosed pridrvel je in teil. Pa"
  • Lilith Nemo nisi nors
    "Abyssus abyssum invocat Accipiat cineres terra paterna meos You were my daydream You woke me up And what has left here My dearest, my love Am I waiting for the dawn that will never come Now you are my"
  • Adi Smolar Na Cesti Nikdar Nisi Sam
    "Adi Smolar Miscellaneous Na Cesti Nikdar Nisi Sam Po vaseh in po dolinah, sredi mest in sploh povsod vijejo se bele ceste, ki prepolne so otrok. Ko hitijo v vrtec, v olo, ko domov se jim mudi, pazi, pazi,"
  • Dino Merlin E Otkad Mi Se Nisi Javila
    "Hladna zima se unja sa Aavale Ti spava snom pravedne Tri puna kofera sjevera E, otkad mi se nisi javila Ja nikome o tebi ne priam Samo vrtim film na sto naina U srcu tuga ordinira E, otkad mi se nisi"
  • Nil Lara Fighting For My Love
    "I was taught when I was young to share myself to show my love Smile at everyone Oh to shine above the sun Now I'm standing next to you I think I've changed my point of view I've noticed you can tell You're"
  • Nil Lara How Was I To Know
    "Could it be that I'm demanding Could it hurt me later on I don't care I only have one life to live I wanna take you in my arms so I can give But I know that it won't be this way Could it be that I'm too"
  • Nil Karaibrahimgil Erkekler Y
    "Sellit kremi ve nemlendirici. Sabun srme asitli jolede sa dker. Oje deil belki ama hafif bir parlatc. Uuk pembe rujum olmal yaz makyaj Glmse erkekler pozitif kzlar sever! Bir elbisem vard beyaz imdi"
  • Nil Karaibrahimgil Madonna Olacakm?
    "Madonna olacakm glmeyin belki yaras var. ok glmsemi mutsuz olmam belli akas var. Be dakika durup bir dinleyin belki bir sz var. Hemem gitmeyin bekleyin ayrca bisi var. Bizden farklym evet deyin "e"
  • Nil Karaibrahimgil Bu Mudur?
    "kalbim vurulmu mudur? arpp durmu mudur? bu mudur? modern zamanlarda ak yorulmu mudur? bu mudur? yanp snerken ne gzeldi ne gzeldi ne gzeldi kayp giderken ne gzeldi ne gzeldi ne gzeldi senin kalbin bo mudur? alsam"
  • Nil Karaibrahimgil Seviyorum Sevmiyorum
    "Seviyorum Sevmiyorum Ka yaprak var bilmiyorum Ben seni kopardm attm Kendimi toparlyorum Var m imdi baka biri? Onu bana benzettin mi? Ne yaparsan o ben olmaz Paralar sana uymaz Kendimi bunun iin mi yorucam"

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