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nil van zandt feat.mayra veronica

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nil van zandt feat.mayra veronica

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nil van zandt feat.mayra veronica
  • Peter Koelewijn Veronica Sorry
    "Het nieuws hoorde ik in juli aan zee De minister was kort, hij zei 'nee! ' Sommigen hadden dat al gedacht Maar zovelen hadden het nooit verwacht Herman Stok, jij eerste echte Dj Ben jij daar nou wel zo"
  • Nils Van Zandt Party Crasher (feat. Mayra Veronica )
    "Let's go I just wanna cra cra cra cra crash the party I just wanna cra cra cra cra crash it all the time I just wanna cra cra cra cra cra I just wanna cra cra cra cra cra I just wanna cra cra cra cra cra This"
  • System Of A Down Nil
    "If today I die, And cannot deny, The life that I live, For what I say now, Will befit, myself, in time. No time to die, nor live, No structures of a pyramid, Nor trained horses to arise, Surmise my position. My"
  • Informatik Nil
    "You never know Life's river flow Where does it start Where does it go My beating heart My god is love So beautiful Can't get enough No turning back No letting go My time has come Has come at last The sky"
  • Cornelis Vreeswijk Veronica
    "Veronca, Veronica var r din bla hatt? Din lskling letar efter den, allt i den mrka natt Din lskling r frsvunnen, han kommer ej igen nr det dagas. Veronca, Veronica sl upp din parasoll Din vn har gtt ifrn"
  • Elvis Costello Veronica
    "Is it all in that pretty little head of yours? What goes on in that place in the dark? Well I used to know a girl and I would have sworn that her name was Veronica Well she used to have a carefree mind"
  • Never Heard Of It Veronica
    "Veronica by Never Heard Of It I'm sick of all the animadversion that you have I'm sick Telling me you're always so sad I'm sick of you And everything you do I'm sick of me not ever telling you"
  • Huntingtons Veronica
    "woh-oh veronica, i think i love you i never wanna put anybody above you, no 'cause you're the only one for me veronica i wanna kiss you don't wanna give myself a chance to miss you, no 'cause you're the"
  • Onyx Veronica
    "(Yo what's up baby?) Ay yo Stick man, shit is fucked up! (Who the fuck this?) It's fuckin Fredro man! (Yo yo yo, turn the muthafuckin music down god.) It's my fuckin word, Sticky, man! (Yo what's up nigga?) Muthafuckas"
  • Gorki Veronica Komt Naar Je Toe
    "Wat was er nu ook al weer Dat ik wou doen Dat ik wou bewijzen Ik had een duidelijk plan En achteraf Weet ik er niets meer van Maar dat meisje op het strand Zie ik nog steeds In al mijn dromen Veronica"
  • Seabound Progress Nil
    "Link mismatch Confidence blue Trigger, spineless Petrified, true Attraction Cortical interception Reaction Phantasize Find the error Accident, incident Use a mirror Descent, descent Can you change? Renounce"
  • Slipknot Three Nil
    "One Two Three NIL!!! (Yeah!) Chaos - it's just the beginning Every promise I made I'm rescinding Center mass in the middle of the monster I'm getting tired of drowning the constant Cry for"
  • Phantasmagoria Nil frontier
    "...ROMANCIA...Overlapping feelings of two people need not bediscriminatedtheexcess deepening infinity oftime...this extending space...The person keeps walkingas long as it lives.The flying thing to want"
  • Adriano Celentano Veronica verrai
    "Veronica verrai... leggera come quando te ne vai c'e un'elica in te... che ti riporta qui... da me Veronica verrai... a coltivare canapa a Shangai se te lo chiedero... Veronica verrai... Io so Veronica"
  • Peter Hammill Like Veronica
    "Wear your hair like Veronica Lake and he says you look ever so pretty as he brushes the tear from your cheek almost tenderly... soon he'll be home. Falling in love was your first mistake, with a heart"
  • The Raveonettes Veronica Fever
    "Talk Of The Town And You're Always So Around Holding Me Down To That Sultry Sexy Sound Walking Around With Your Whip Right Off The Ground Listen To Her And She'll Tell You What She Found You Do It All"
  • Edna's Goldfish Veronica Sawyer
    "Looking out my window Nothing to do but to drive in circles Well, I don't want to have to go home tonight Up and down the boulevard How did I survive in suburbia When there's nothing to do And they take"
  • Slipknot Three Nil (Live)
    "This song lets you know right up front we are here to destroy you. This song is called Three Nil. (Scream) Aye Aye Aye Aye Aye Aye Aye (One) (Two) (Three) Nil! Yeah! I can't fucking hear you! Chaos"
  • Psycroptic Slaves Of Nil
    "Inactive genes awakening The 'Maturation' process: Triggered A rebirth of sorts Drones of a now forgotten conflict Rendered null, void by time. Lost, still searching for the idealistic purpose Their hierarchic"
  • Blindspott Nil By Mouth
    "(And now, for my next number, I'd like to return to the classics) This time when I feel myself up in her Even though I don't want to And one side of me says kill her But that just won't do So I say we're"

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