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nine millions bicycles

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nine millions bicycles

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nine millions bicycles
  • Katie Melua Nine Million Bicycles
    "There are nine million bicycles in Beijing That's a fact, It's a thing we can't deny Like the fact that I will love you till I die. We are twelve billion light years from the edge, That's a guess,"
  • Eternal Summers Millions
    "Look outside it's so that equal late I've got a million ways to go Stop me from sinking back in the grave I've got to shake this shell and breaking into millions Look outside it's so that equal late I've"
  • XTC Millions
    "We smelled your soup on the fire cooking We saw your toys and your pencils looking bright So bright and yet they come from oh so far away We heard your flags and your banners flapping We felt the air"
  • Arsenium Millions
    "Milion of times you cry, Milion of times you smile. Baby,baby, tell me why Every time it is a lie. A milion of girls can touch, A milion of boys that watch. Milion boys and girls together. Swear their"
  • Gerard Way Millions
    "You twist my arm I’m twisting fate You’ll leave alone, or crazy great Or break into a million pieces, all your reasons Lets live alone And out of state Lets make up everything and wake up breathing Don’t"
  • Pipedown Frequency Nine
    "When will we find the error Fatal mistake The fallacy of telling all these truths through lies The hell we make So controlled by value Shadows of light The fallacy will continue as long as they Can buy"
  • Bette Midler Broken bicycles
    "Broken bicycles, old busted chains. Rusted handlebars out in the rain. Somebody must have an old finish for these things that nobody wants anymore. September's reminding July time to be saying goodbye."
  • Tom Waits Broken Bicycles
    "Broken bicycles, Old busted chains, Rusted handle bars Out in the rain. Somebody must Have an orphanage for these things that nobody Wants any more September's reminding July It's time to be saying ..."
  • The Backstrokes Broken Bicycles
    "Verse 1 On the road again Just the two of us in your old station wagon We go everywhere Ohio Turnpike, New York Skyline We yearn to see it all Chorus We're going away, far away From this stagnant place Filled"
  • Crime in Stereo Bicycles For Afghanistan
    "So I wanted goals. I saw all I needed was: -a home with a view of something beautiful -a woman that I trusted -the friends that I grew up with But it was asking too much for us to pray things stay in"
  • The Brat Attack Millions Strong
    "Destruction, kill the function, feeding frenzy consumption The product control, takes it toll, ever so easily bought and sold 89 percent of America, believe TV's propaganda 91 million kilo's of explosives"
  • Born Against 4 Nine Years Later
    "Nine years into the future and we're still counting the dead and the dying Still totaling the countless hidden victims of heightened state terror still believing of a peace and prosperity of a peace with"
  • Dianne Reeves Nine
    "I remember nine As if it were yesterday I can hear my friends outside of my window Say, "Can you come out and play?" Anna brought a bag of her mama's cooking spoons So we could dig a big hole, to try to"
  • The Ordinary Boys Nine
    "I wake up late every morning Managers calling i'm still yawning Get up Wake up hair and make up waiting for you don't be stalling This performance is important I don't think i can put my all in oh my"
  • La 5ta Estacion Nine
    "I recall once on the church steps, When I moved to kiss your chest, How we paid such close attention To each sweet and stuttered breath, I should’ve stopped to paint our picture, Captured honest pure affection, Just"
  • Mireille Mathieu The bicycles of belsize
    "Turning and turning the world goes on We can?t change it, my friend Let us go riding now through the days Together to the end, till the end Les bicyclettes de Belsize Carry us side by side And hand in"
  • The Archies Bicycles, Roller Skates And You
    "Bicycles roller skates and you My baby (My baby) Bicycles roller skates and you Do do do do (Do do do do) Do do do do Everyday I wake up with a happy smile on my face (Do do do do) Cause I'm so glad to"
  • Eddy Arnold Millions Of Roses
    "(Millions of roses) every single day If I bought a flower for each happy hour That you and your love have made life sweet Millions of roses millions of roses would lie at your feet For each time you"
  • Dru Hill I Do(Millions)
    "UmmmmmmmmmUmh Umh, Ooooooooh Baby Oooh oooh ooh oohh I Love You Sing this song for me Jazz {Verse One} Does anybody stay together any more Seems like love now-a-days doesn't endure We havent always Gotten"
  • Jean Michel Jarre Millions Of Stars
    "Venus Uranus Callisto Sirius Jupiter Pluto Mars Saturn Millions of stars, shining around, shining around Millions of trees, growing along Millions of blackbirds, flying around Don't feel alone Vega Calliope Atlas Ganymede These"

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