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nirvana-smeels like teens
  • Sway Bisexual Teens
    "(...) 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 Aaw I met them on a New York plane Beth and Donna were their names They offered me no chances to forget I left my girlfriend that same day I never liked her anyway Besides"
  • A-Teens Oh, oh ... yeahA-TEENS LYRICS
    "A-TEENS Miscellaneous Oh, oh ... yeahA-TEENS LYRICS album: "Pop 'Til You Drop!" "Oh, Oh...Yeah" Stop And take those big blue eyes Back out of my heart It don't belong to you But maybe it could It sure"
  • Teen Idols Test Tube Teens
    "Preserved in a glass tube in a dark deep freezer making new friends with a cum filled beaker children of science embraced defiance and now they're 17 years old doctors in the lab coats with electrode"
  • Ayumi Hamasaki Teens
    "I wanna be a sweet angel La la la la la La la la la la la la La la la Mou kaera nai yo kaeritai tomo omowa nai Utsukushii koto dakede yume wo oikaketa Yuki ga futta asa no keshiki nanka ja Hontou no koto"
  • The Cult Nirvana
    "I float through day and night life, well most of the time Till I hung up my blues on a nail in your wall It rained flowers when the music began Love all around when the music is loud Every day, nirvana Always"
  • Sam Smith Nirvana
    "Oh baby, oh baby, oh, we both know the truth If it were the real me and you This wouldn’t be the right thing to do Now the room is so hazy, we’re too lost in the fumes I feel like it’s just me and you Yeah,"
  • Elemeno P Nirvana
    "I like nirvana it doesn't mean I'll shoot myself, shoot myself live with your momma It doesn't mean you need her help need her Ch I got my seven favourite records and I play them on my stereo did"
  • Necro Nirvana
    "(Verse 1: Necro) Before ligaments and fridges The triple six digits religion Might sacrifice pigeon's fidget Was created by ancient midgets My kamikaze cronies Listening to Ozzy over Rick Rock's chords Doing"
  • Weird Al Yankovich Smells Like Nirvana
    "What is this song all about? Can't figure any lyrics out How do the words to it go? I wish you'd tell me, I don't know Don't know, don't know, don't know, oh no Don't know, don't know, don't know... Now"
  • Marilyn Manson Disposable Teens
    "and I'm a black rainbow and I'm an ape of god I got a face that's made for doing violence upon I'm a teen distortion survived abortion a rebel from the waist down I wanna thank you mom I wanna thank"
  • Frank Popp Ensemble Hip teens
    "Everybody knows uswere always where its ateveryone meets us and wants to join our gangWe know how to swing our thingwe know where the in-crowd iswere the guys to see you rightif you wanna set the night"
  • Xandria She's Nirvana
    "Do you dare to taste her soul Do you like to trick control Did you think this world was real Realize this was the deal She's ether fire - burns away all the dire You will feel her touch for a while Do"
  • Sparks Tips For Teens
    "(Ron & Russel Mael) I've got a snapshot of your Aunt Maureen She's 90 and you're a teen I'm trying to cheer you up Don't be so mean, don't be so mean Crach, bam, now you're looking good Tip Top, now"
  • Sweet The Six Teens
    "Where were you in sixty-eight In sixty-eight Julie was Johnnie's date Two kids growin' together Livin' each day as if time was slippin' away Oh, they were just sixteen And their love a teenage dream They"
  • The Sweet The six teens
    "Where were you in sixty-eightIn sixty-eight Julie was Johnnie's dateTwo kids growin' togetherLivin' each day as if time was slippin' awayOh, they were just sixteenAnd their love a teenage dreamThey passed"
  • Elemeno P Big Band Nirvana
    "(Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen for coming out this evening we are of course Elemeno P with our good friends The Roach Box Big Band and the arrangements by Mr. Godfree, The Groove) I like"
  • Procol Harum Glimpses Of Nirvana
    "In the darkness of the night, Only occasionally relieved by glimpses of Nirvana As seen through other people's windows, Wallowing in a morass of self-despair Made only more painful by the knowledge That"
  • Yui Thank you my teens
    "Himi zutto tekami o Atekitoni kakushite iru bashio To o ihino kiyoku o no zoitara Chikasu iteru Chiutaisai kono hima demi Yari no koshita koto ga matari sote maseru Oto nani wa? Narita kuna itomo o"
  • Emily Lily You're in your teens!
    "Do the first pyjama event! She won't forget about the pizza and about drinks! Dance at the Rihanny music. Flirt with the handsome boy. You will see! You will manage! She won't forget to invite it"
  • Inna Nirvana
    "I got lost in a city and no one about me missing you on my body baby I knoe we could be coild be more than amigios I’ll be good if you let me 911, I’m on fire don’t leave me lonely 911, I’m on Fire Smoking"

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