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nirvana0smeels like teens

    "My name is Kaitlyn, and my life has been Quite mysterious, all of a sudden First, there were just shadows all around me I see the demons when I walk Sometimes I feel like I'm on the very edge Of holding"
  • Bisexual Teens - Sway
    "(...) 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 Aaw I met them on a New York plane Beth and Donna were their names They offered me no chances to forget I left my girlfriend that same day I never liked her anyway Besides"
  • Oh, oh ... yeahA-TEENS LYRICS - A-Teens
    "A-TEENS Miscellaneous Oh, oh ... yeahA-TEENS LYRICS album: "Pop 'Til You Drop!" "Oh, Oh...Yeah" Stop And take those big blue eyes Back out of my heart It don't belong to you But maybe it could It sure"
  • Test Tube Teens - Teen Idols
    "Preserved in a glass tube in a dark deep freezer making new friends with a cum filled beaker children of science embraced defiance and now they're 17 years old doctors in the lab coats with electrode"
  • Teens - Ayumi Hamasaki
    "I wanna be a sweet angel La la la la la La la la la la la la La la la Mou kaera nai yo kaeritai tomo omowa nai Utsukushii koto dakede yume wo oikaketa Yuki ga futta asa no keshiki nanka ja Hontou no koto"
  • Disposable Teens - Marilyn Manson
    "and I'm a black rainbow and I'm an ape of god I got a face that's made for doing violence upon I'm a teen distortion survived abortion a rebel from the waist down I wanna thank you mom I wanna thank"
  • Hip teens - Frank Popp Ensemble
    "Everybody knows uswere always where its ateveryone meets us and wants to join our gangWe know how to swing our thingwe know where the in-crowd iswere the guys to see you rightif you wanna set the night"
  • Tips For Teens - Sparks
    "(Ron & Russel Mael) I've got a snapshot of your Aunt Maureen She's 90 and you're a teen I'm trying to cheer you up Don't be so mean, don't be so mean Crach, bam, now you're looking good Tip Top, now"
  • The Six Teens - Sweet
    "Where were you in sixty-eight In sixty-eight Julie was Johnnie's date Two kids growin' together Livin' each day as if time was slippin' away Oh, they were just sixteen And their love a teenage dream They"
  • The six teens - The Sweet
    "Where were you in sixty-eightIn sixty-eight Julie was Johnnie's dateTwo kids growin' togetherLivin' each day as if time was slippin' awayOh, they were just sixteenAnd their love a teenage dreamThey passed"
  • Thank you my teens - Yui
    "Himi zutto tekami o Atekitoni kakushite iru bashio To o ihino kiyoku o no zoitara Chikasu iteru Chiutaisai kono hima demi Yari no koshita koto ga matari sote maseru Oto nani wa? Narita kuna itomo o"
  • You're in your teens! - Emily Lily
    "Do the first pyjama event! She won't forget about the pizza and about drinks! Dance at the Rihanny music. Flirt with the handsome boy. You will see! You will manage! She won't forget to invite it"
  • Hip Teens (Don't Wear Blue Jeans) - The Frank Popp Ensemble
    "Everybody knows us we're always - where it's at everyone meets us - and wants to join our gang We know how - to swing our thing we know where - the in-crowd is we're the guys - to see you right"
  • Anything Like Me - Brad Paisley
    "I remember sayin I dont care either way Just as long as he or she is healthy Im ok Then the doctor pointed to the corner of the screen And said Ya see that thing right there well ya know what that means And"
  • Walk Like a Man - Murs
    "(Verse 1 - MURS) Now I used to walk with the gun now I walk like a man And I walk what I talk and I walk never ran And I never say never but I mean hardly ever And if shootin' is the solution then you're"
  • Like - Taproot
    "Like You look like me I'm sorry for you You talk like me I cant understand you You think like me You're fucking crazy You want to be me But that's ok because You remind me of me Someway But only the good"
  • Like - Nelly Furtado
    "It's easier to tell you that I wouldn't be, anywhere than in your arms. Anywhere in the world than at this time and at this moment. But if you weren't so good at giving me away. Sooner you'd be out that"
  • Can't Stop The Pop - A-Teens
    "A-Teens Miscellaneous Can't Stop The Pop everybody's looking 4 a place 2 go Sick of watching all these silly tv-shows 'n mama don't like u crankin' up the stereo So i say it's only right that we should"
  • Slam - A*Teens
    "Slam, slam, slam, everybody slam The A-Teens will make ya d-d-dance Slam, slam, slam, slam Slam, the music is pumpin', the party is rockin' We all are excited, we're hot like a fire Our friends surround"
  • Slam - A Teens
    "SlamSlam, slamEverybody slamThe A*Teens will make ya d-d-danceSlam, slamSlamThe music is pumpin'The party is rockin'We all are excitedWe're hot like a fireOur friends surround usSay it if you feel usIf"

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