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  • Nixon - Tiger Lou
    "This is how it feels to be special I wanted to kill you the next day I feel bad I feel bad I feel better I wanted to kill you the next day I say twice I say thrice I say four times I wanted to kill you"
  • Nixon - Crime in Stereo
    "So it came to pass that I'd stayed with you long after they had left. But now you pace the hall, talking to the oil portraits along the walls. I know you did what you did, but I was just a kid. So don't"
  • Sam Nixon - Jade Anderson
    "A seen that boy and he caught my eye Took all my strength for me not to cry Everytime I see him on TV, wish that he could be there for me Its just a crush, thats all it is But if I had, one last wish I"
  • The '68 Nixon - John Denver
    "Hi there voters, how do you feel? Tired of the same old vote appeal? Well look who's back with a brand new style A brand new look and a brand new smile It's the '68 Nixon, everything is new A brand"
  • Buckle Down With Nixon - Oscar Brand
    "Buckle down with Nixon, buckle down We can win with Nixon if we buckle down We can always fight When we know we're right And we know we're right, so buckle down Make 'em yell for Nixon, make 'em yell We"
  • Postcards From Richard Nixon - Elton John
    "(Music by Elton John, lyrics by Bernie Taupin) We heard Richard Nixon say, welcome to the USA The common sense I sometimes lack Has opened up a seismic crack We've fallen in and I can't pull back And"
  • The love of Richard Nixon - Manic Street Preachers
    "The world on your shoulders The love of your mother The fear of the future The best years behind you The world is getting older The times they fall behind you The need it still grows stronger The best"
  • She Smiles Like Richard Nixon - Bad Examples
    "Bad Examples Bad Is Beautiful She Smiles Like Richard Nixon She smiles like richard nixon Walks like bridgette bardot And i love her, but i can't trust her Want her, can't let her know And she comes Dressed"
  • Heres To The State Of Richard Nixon - Phil Ochs
    "I Ain't Marching Anymore Phil Ochs Written by Phil Ochs and Bob Gibson Oh, I marched to the battle of New Orleans At the end of the early British war The young land started growin' The young blood started"
  • Dla Ciebie - Nixon
    "Skarbie zapamiętaj, że me uczucie narasta. Skarbie zapamiętaj będę kochał Cię na maksa. Musisz to docenić bo to wszystko jest dla Ciebie Obdarzę Cię miłością, poczuj się jak anioł w Niebie. Wielu pewnie"
  • You Can't Kill Me - Mojo Nixon
    "You can't kill me I will not die Not now not ever No never I'm gonna live a long, long time My soul raves on forever Time has come We will not wait We storm the gates at dawn Busting out of here Into"
  • Burn Down The Malls - Mojo Nixon
    "Burn down the malls Burn down the malls Burn down the shoppin' malls I said Burn down the malls said burn down the shoppin' malls burna burna burna burna down shoppin' maaalls Hey you ever get the"
  • Elvis Is Everywhere - Mojo Nixon
    "When I look out into your eyes out there, When I look out into your faces, You know what I see? I see a little bit of Elvis In each and every one of you out there. Lemme tell ya... Weeeeeeeeeellllllll... Elvis"
  • Mike And The Mechanics - Sam Nixon
    "Every generation Blames the one before And all of their frustrations Come beating on your door I know that I'm a prisoner To all my Father held so dear I know that I'm a hostage To all his hopes and fears I"
  • Mr Bojangles - Sam Nixon
    "I knew a man who jangles And he'll dance for you In worn out shoes With silver hair, a ragged shirt and baggy pants He would do the old soft shoe He would jump so high Jump so high Then he lightly touched"
  • The Sun Has Come Your Way - Sam Nixon
    "Some find it cheap, some will find it for free They say that love isnt easy to keep And that is why you hesitate to believe In this good thing that youve found Too many days by the broken tv Colours"
  • With A Little Help From My Friends - Sam Nixon
    "What would you think if i sang out of tune? Would you stand up and walk out on me? Lend me your ears and i'll sing you a song and i'll try not to sing out of key I get by with a little help from my friends I"
  • Serendipity - Benya feat. Penny Nixon
    "Sometimes a moment comes along Serendipity It dances so fast, eludes you in passing It dances some more for you It calls out your name, it tells you its game It knows you in every pore Feels like heaven In"
  • Buy My Snake Oil - Jello Biafra & Mojo Nixon With The Toadliquors
    "I'm gettin' tired of being Legendary and broke And I'm too damn weird To hold no straight job My checkbook's feelin' unfulfilled Being an old underground die-hard Won't pay the kids' dental bills My dad"
  • Mascot Mania - Jello Biafra & Mojo Nixon With The Toadliquors
    "When I was young Saw football games At the great big stadium Could tell the fans From out of town By the clown suits they had on 20,000 red cowboy hats Means Cornhuskers to you Mickey Mouse beans With"

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