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niziol moral

  • Moral - Gary Numan
    "These New Romantics are oh so boring I could swear I've been there once or twice before I should grow wings and just forget the club You know the legends never wanted to be me For too erratic to be O.K."
  • Na moral - Vanessa Oliveira
    "Na moral, na moral ( só na moral ) Na moral, na moral Vivendo de folia e caosQuebrando tudo, pra variarVivendo entre o sim e o noLevando tudo na moralUma manchete de jornalNo vou deixar, me abalarMais"
  • Moral Threat - Huntingtons
    "i don't understand why don't like me (?) (?) (?) (?) a moral threat to you (that's how you see it) a moral threat to you (and you don't need it) a moral threat to you (that's how you want it) a moral"
  • Moral Kiosk - R.E.M.
    "Scratch the scandals in the twilight Trying to shock but instead Idle hands all orient to her Pass a magic pillow under head It's so much more attractive inside the moral kiosk Inside, cold, dark, fire,"
  • Moral Absolutes - Enemy You
    "Watching the hands they keep on ticking I hope for more, the content leave me sickened I know what I want: a prime directive All new commandments for a hateful collective I believe in truth and moral absolutes"
  • Falsa Moral - OBK
  • Moral Majority - Circle Jerks
    "first there was biology then pornography so says the moral majority telling you and me what we can watch and read i don't need some dumb schmuck telling me nice communities middle class families too"
  • Moral Threat - Social Distortion
    "You beat us up when we're alone Come back later and then you're gone Now you're tucked away in your bed And I've got stitches in my head Cause you didn't like my looks Cause I'm not in the fashion books Admit"
  • Moral Dilemmas - Doug Anthony All Stars
    "Moral Dilemmas. Just answer these questions in your own minds and in = your own hearts. Most importantly, answer these questions honestly. 1.Youre walking along a country road. Its a beautiful spring day."
  • Moral Majority - Dead Kennedys
    "You call yourself the Moral Majority We call ourselves the people in the real world Trying to rub us out, but we're going to survive God must be dead if you're alive You say, "God loves you, come and buy"
  • Moral Eclipse - Cave In
    "Yellow turns this courage badge into a valentinal trash. These are the crushes meant to crush you. The contact was dry, but exasperating like a teething smile. Pulse by pulse, i honor the we weather to"
  • Moral Centralia - Harvey Danger
    "You are weak, I am strong, And I've done nothing but lead you on," she said Drove around all night The stoplights were interminable But I get along all right As long I don't have to interact with anyone"
  • Moral Dillemma - Xspace
    "by Costin Tuculescu Her innoncence she wears like a scarlet letter around her neck. So heavy is the burden of saving her soul from their mistakes. Her eyes see only goodness in a world corrupt with filth. Why"
  • Moral Decay - Kieronononon
    "I can't sleep tonight. The pain it spreads! in my mouth and through my head. rotten and brown it seeps in the bone, no-one to help. it's agonizing, no fun. string on the door pulls me closer to the frame,"
  • Moral Distortion - Agoraphobic Nosebleed
    "Spawning the mind's eye The unemotional, the emotionless A flaccid mouth Spews violent Tyrannical Notions Spawning the mind's eye The unemotional, the emotionless Slowly picking at sweet young pussy Gushing"
  • Without Moral Restraint - Chimaira
    "seek what is me What is real I'll never know Can't you see I'm just a disease Free fall fake no concept of human emotion at all I'll never see you Never in me It's my right to say It's my right to feel...gone I"
  • Moral In Corrosion - Construcdead
    "Hear the bigot preach, you don't want to miss his speech about just how simple life is. "Just follow the yellow brick road, to paradise to which it leads". Well, I've got a thorn stuck in my eyes, and"
  • Genealogie der moral - Umbra Et Imago
    "Der Zorn der Glubiger komme ber euch Die Summe der Schuld, ist das Anrecht auf Grausamkeit Auge um Auge - Zahn um Zahn Lernt von den Frommen - den Fundamentalisten Rdern, Pfhlen, Vierteilen, Sieden, Schinden"
  • My Ever Changing Moral Stance - Stiff Little Fingers
    "Well, I find it hard to concentrate While you sit there and contemplate Why success is such an aphrodisiac Cos when push comes down to shove And you start to talk of love I don't know why I don't get up And"
  • A Fable With No Moral - Quasi
    "I went & sold my soul so I could pay my rent, I waited by the mail, but the check was never sent. So I called the Devil up, but I just got his machine. I left an angry message, said I gotta have the green! I"

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