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nneka convession

  • Ahi Estas Tu 2013 (ft. Nneka) - Chambao
    "The passion Life Déjate llevar Por las sensaciones Que no ocupen en tu vía Malas pasiones De esas preguntas que te haces sin responder Dentro de ti está la respuesta para saber Tu eres el que decide"
  • Keep Me In Your Shake (feat. Nneka) - Tricky
    "Can stop me talking’ Can stop me barking Keep Me to his Keep Me In Your Keep Me In Your Shake Shake, Shake, Shake Can I To control my mind O, the can this thing to … To keep me under the bandage Keep"
  • Heartbeat - Nneka
    "You said you'd be there for me In times of trouble when I need you and I'm down And like why do you need friendship It's from ???? the things that been changing You have goals to achieve But the road you"
  • Sleep (feat. Ms. Dynamite) - Nneka
    "I must sleep, bring me down to sleep I must sleep (oh), bring me down to sleep I must sleep, bring me down to sleep I must sleep, bring me down to sleep I must sleep, bring me down to sleep When my strength"
  • Shining Star - Nneka
    "In this madness, in this world with its swiftness and its coldness, you're my peace of mind When the world just keeps turning and I know not where to head to, you're my peace of mind And when I look"
  • Restless - Nneka
    "I'm restless, in my dreams I long for you I'm careless with the things I own because of you Speechless for all that we had is what we disregard now Feel emptiness You have had enough, But this time I"
  • Book of Job - Nneka
    "Look up in the sky and tell me What's left for us to see, So many mornings that we wake up, No money in the pocket to be, Never stop to take the short cut though it might be easier for me, Whenever"
  • MY LOVE, MY LOVE - Nneka
    "Deeper than any valley My love will stand Higher the any mountain Oh, my love will be Skin your face over the sun I will dance I will smile Coz the love My Love, My Love My Love, My Love My Love, My"
  • Heat It Up - Shaquille ONeal
    "(Intro) (Shaquille O'Neal & Loon) Clockworld Uh-huh, uh-huh Shaq dog, T.W.IsM. Yeah, Big City yeah, yeah Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh nigga (Heat it up) Yeah Brick City ya don't stop, uh Brooklyn ya won't stop Heat"

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