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no freedom

  • Freedom - Gun
    "Outside a storm is raging Inside my faith is strong Love came down without warning Love walked out without saying Can't hide my secret Can't live this lie no more What can you say to make me change my"
  • No Freedom - Dido
    "Take down the silence I’m free to walk out the door By the look in your eyes I can tell You don’t think I’ll be back for more Try to think of a world Where you could stay and these safe hands could go Take"
  • FREEDOM - Neon Hitch
    "We are broken, But we're fuckin' beautiful We got no money, But everything is alright, alright We don't need money to feel alright, alright Coz we got FREEDOM! We got FREEDOM! We got FREEDOM!"
  • Freedom - Alice Cooper
    "We the people of the United States In order to form a more perfect union Stop pretending that you've never been bad You're never wrong and you've never been dirty You're such a saint, that ain't the way"
  • Freedom - Pete Murray
    "Freedom, comes my way some times But I have got no place to go Freedom, has it's own silence But I can hear no more I've got no time For lies that bring me down And I must be wise Before I vote you there Freedom"
  • Freedom - Dan Balan
    "she says Love sucks thi sway another evening goes away night and day /3x she hates that feeling I can’t explain I got lot of love /2x night and day /2x she kills my feeling Freedom! Freedom! All I want"
  • Freedom - Dc Cooper
    "Travelled from the home so far A man said he would take them For a price of everything he has Promise of some hope and dreams beyond your faith not saying Never saying that your life will be at stake (Freedom)"
  • Freedom - Madonna
    ""No" is just a word That people say when they're afraid And if you say "no" to me Then I will fight you till I'm free Say freedom, brotherhood Justice, just say "yes" Say freedom, brotherhood Justice,"
  • Freedom - Paris
    "Freedom, Freedom, Freedom, Freedom This is how we ride and roll - soldier fo life fo' sho Freedom, Freedom, Freedom, Freedom This is how we ride and roll - soldier fo life fo' sho (2x) (Paris) We come"
  • Freedom - Gabriel Mann
    "We the People of the United States In Order to Form a More Perfect UnionStop Pretending That You've Never Been BadYou're Never Wrong and You've Never Been DirtyYou're Such a Saint, That Ain't the Way We"
  • Freedom - Nicole C. Mullen
    "Ain't got no halo, no wings to fly away I've got to labor, for many many days I'm on a journey, I'm looking for a place To rest by burdens, far from this tyranny Chorus: From the shores of Africa Up to"
  • Freedom - DJ Bobo
    "Refrain: Believe in freedom in love and fortune And all we need Is a peace of heaven Believe in freedom in love and fortune And all we need Is a peace of heaven Freedom, come on everybody We all need love Freedom,"
  • Freedom - Snow
    "Its been so long Weve been in captivity. People wishing one day to be free. {Snow} Waiting to see the day when freedom will come. Mama working hard in the burning sun. I wish the world were truly happy"
  • No Freedom - Barnabas
    "Barnabas Miscellaneous No Freedom Dressed to kill, and drinking all alone Waiting for some lizard to take you home Another wham-bam rendezvous The script is moldy but the lines are tried and true But"
  • Freedom - Andy Griggs
    "The sun is setting on my lonely heart In this cheap motel What I though would be brand new start Is just a prison cell Independence was calling my name Screamin' in the wind Sayin', Son you need a change But"
  • Freedom - Gardenian
    "It's all completely silent except memories of the past More freedom (x2) All I am refusing is the mortal man that enslaves More freedom (x2) Explain it all to me I'm pale and broken free More freedom,"
  • Freedom - Run Kid Run
    "Oh my chains, I can't disengage, I don't believe that I want to, one hand sings your praise, the other brings me shame, I have selfishness to blame... And I'm singing for freedom, I know I'm not the only"
  • Freedom - Krokus
    "Zips up her warm leather jacket Sits on the back of his bike And with the sun rising from behind The road of freedom they ride High on love and adventure Another weekend escape To touch the wind and make"
  • Freedom - David Gray
    "Take your eyes off me There's nothing here to see Just trying to keep my head together And as we make our vow Let us remember how There's nothing good that lasts forever Time out on the running"
  • Freedom - Sadus
    "So you think That we're all crazy Can't you see That I'm already there What you need Can't do without it Can't you see That I don't even care I'm on the edge Pound it out Twice as loud I crave the sound"

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