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no lie seanpaul
  • King's X No Lie
    "Spoken: I've never sung this song before Sung: Every night i call you on the phone, no lie and every night i sit here all alone, no lie every night i walk across the floor, no lie every night i wait outside"
  • Fenix TX No Lie
    "Take a chance on me she said I'll be here for a while I should have seen the lies through her smile why didn't I lie to you All the problems that you've had you'll blame them all on me take away my eyes"
  • Buddy Guy No Lie
    "I know you're getting sick and tired of me baby, this that I can plainly see But deep from the bottom of my heart, baby, I know, you're hurting me But just as sure, sure as you are born to die But, baby,"
  • Anna Vissi Lie
    "You don't wanna see my face again You don't even wanna say my name You don't wanna hear a word from me There is nothing to explain You will not forgive me You will not forget You believe that its all"
  • Poor Old Lu Lie, Lie, Lie
    "'Lie, Lie, Lie' hearkens back to those great songs of the '70's... or atleast it's supposed to. The track begins with a horrendous buzz and background noise. All just part of the special sound. We brought"
  • David Cook Lie
    "You whispered that you were getting tired Gotta look in your eye Looks a lot like goodbye Hold on to your secrets tonight Don't want to know I'm okay with this silence This truth that I don't want to hear Your"
  • Nelly Lie
    "Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie Uh, uh Yo, yo Yo, I'm tired of the he say, she say Why every time they get mad, man, we pay She wanna act like the judge and the jury The police, FBI and the"
  • Daan Lie
    "You got to tell a lie to love me baby You got to do me wrong I'm always open to precision bombing But not concerning me The stake is you and me so think about it The wood ain't worth the tree You got"
  • Bonnie Pink Lie Lie Lie
    "Kanji Uh * I lied to you and you lied to me, so I lied again but that lies on me Why didn't I quit it, what a fool... We went on until the dawn ** I lied to you and you lied to me, so I lied"
  • Lunik Lie
    "I was kind of your sister all the time We needed no words to communicate You were kind of my brother all the time We knew we would never separate And when there were hard times we helped Consulted and"
  • No Doubt Comforting Lie
    "I started out on the wrong foot Now I'm not myself I am Jekyll, I am Hyde Found this place to hide Come seek me Oh, so up and down So back and forth So insecure Can't get this taste out of my mouth Swallow"
  • Johnossi Lie Lie Die
    "Your mind it slips cause you're getting old And there ain't no new chapter to unfold In the book you've been writing all your life The ending don't seem right It keeps you up at night Oh, it hunts you"
  • 2 Chainz No Lie (ft. Drake)
    "[2 Chainz:] I am smoking on that gas Life should be on Cinemax Movie, I bought my boo bigger, bigger, than a bigger ass Who he’s, not I, I smoke strong, that Popeye Louie V’s in my archives, black diamonds,"
  • Heaven 17 And that's no lie
    "But when the fire goes out The dark starts moving in And that's the truth Right now you're on the stand And I feel like the judge Who needs the proof? The slaves of truth It was on every face in town But"
  • Graham Coxon It ain't no lie
    "Wandering 'round Camden TownFeeling like a fishy in a canBoots are scratching lines on shitty groundHad to get some air and so I am I'm walking a tightrope from morning 'til nightFrom my bed to my bed"
  • Built To Spill Lie For A Lie
    "I can see a storm awaiting Quietly anticipating Don't deny, it no debating A lie for a lie A truth for a truth Cruel, but everybody does it I thought by now I'd rise above it You complain but don't discuss"
  • Nick Mason Lie For A Lie
    "A game's a game I hear you say Enough emotion in a day We'll never live enough to play I hear you say You make the way you make the moves Giving clues about the rules But there's no way to warn the"
  • Exploited They Lie
    "Kids on the street with f**k all to eat Kids are starving today Kids on the street are trying to survive The government continue to lie lie lie They lie lie lie lie They lie to you Hospitals shut down"
  • The Exploited They Lie
    "Kids on the street with fuck all to eat Kids are starving today Kids on the street are trying to survive The government continue to lie lie lie They lie lie lie lie They lie to you Hospitals shut"
  • TLC Dear Lie
    "Dear lie You suck You said you could fix anything Instead I'm fucked You made things even worse for me If I had balls I'd tell you get away from me Guess I'm not smart I let you unnerve me I let you control"

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