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no matter how far we go


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no matter how far we go

  • How Far Will We Go - Kip Winger
    "First season alone Drinking dirty water Forced out of her home No rich man's daughter Now she braves the cold But fears the loneliness I don't blame her And I know this means nothing to ya And I know"
  • How Far - Stephen Stills
    "Most of my life I have spent alone Most of this past year I been searchin' for my home I met a girl she won't leave my mind alone If she's listening I hope she understands my song It goes: If you get lonely"
  • How Far - Saint Etienne
    "Transcription courtesy of starchild: How long Hey honey, how long When the winter isn't cold no more And there's no one No honey, no one Can't go out, they've made you new gunlaws I'd give you Yeah,"
  • No Matter What - Aretha Franklin
    "It's funny how We've wasted our time On so-called friends Who are really not on our side We've always got something to say About us and how we are Spending our days They're trying to confuse us"
  • How far - Beth Orton
    "I heard you saying, rightly so,Turn our backs on what we most need to know,Give in too fast then give in to knowOnce they've got you where they want youThey don't wanna knowI could leave or I could stayIt"
  • How Far I'll Go - Alessia Cara
    "I've been standing at the edge of the water 'Long as I can remember, never really knowing why I wish I could be the perfect daughter But I come back to the water, no matter how hard I try Every turn I"
  • How Far You Go - Tim Christensen
    "Something sweet Everytime we meet There's no doubt about it But I whish I know What I'm suppose to do With you Sirene 'Cause you pretend To be more than a friend This is the sweetest feeling But I don't"
  • No Matter How I Try - Gilbert O'Sullivan
    "No matter how I try I just can't say goodbye No matter what you say-hey Looks like I'm here to stay No matter where I go I don't know if you know But everywhere we been I'm kept in quarantine It's easy"
  • No Matter What - Starr Brenda K
    "Love can be so right But things can go so wrong The clouds come rolling in Love may not last very long Our love will always be Cause what we share together can weather any storm Ooh, I love you girl (I"
  • How Far - Apocalyptica
    "My life is a circle No beginning and no end It's always repeating A trail I defend On the chart[?] A misunderstanding That can't be erased like a file I've got all I wanted But still I'm not satisfied How"
  • No Matter What - T.I.
    "I say, still I stand Hey shorty here I am Never have ya seen in ya lifetime A more divine Southern rapper with a swagga like mine Facin' all kind of time, but smile like I'm fine Brag with such passion"
  • No Matter What - Mase
    "Yeah, here we go Uh Uh Let's party again, let's party again Let's party again, let's party again Can't be stopped (Uh huh) Won't be stopped Let's dance again, let's dance again Let's dance again "
  • No Matter What - E.S.G.
    "(*talking*) Hold up, nothing but the real nothing but the truth E.S.G., Grease Monkeys man Anything I put my heart in, it's gotta be real It's gotta be true, cause that's what I am Hundred percent, g'eah"
  • So Far To Go - Common
    "(feat. D'Angelo) Ohhh, ohhhh... I wanna get closerrrrrr to you, baby... Ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhhh... Ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhhh... You have come so far You've got so far to go (Yeah) Say it again! You have come"
  • No Matter How Long - Phillips Craig And Dean
    "I watched you as you stumbled out of bed Rushed out the dooryour coffeee in your hand And you looked so lost and lonely I knew i had to find a way To make you understand, I wanna be your friend So I painted"
  • No Matter - Boyzone
    "I saw a tear in your eye How could I be so glad To let you walk right out of my life Just watch you break down and cry (But now it's time) Now it's time To let you know What's on my mind That I I never"
  • No Matter - Stephen Gately
    "I saw a tear in your eye How could I be so glad To let you walk right out of my life Just watch you break down and cry (but now it's time) Now it's time To let you know What's on my mind That i... I never"
  • No Matter - Angel
    "Doesn't Matter whom you are with Doesn't matter where you are going Don't you know I'm still waiting here for you And Pray for you In the sunny days, Suns will light your day In the windy days, When will"
  • No Matter - Tracie Spencer
    "All about you All about you Like I do It's all I been & I'm about it Feels so right & I just can't explain Oh ya ?As long as you give me time? All I am lookin' for It seems not to be more & if you give"
  • How Far Would You Go? - Asp
    "Here comes the pain little lover All the stains undercover Do you cry? You don't have to be ashamed! Is it true, you can't remember What we went through last September I wonder why And if you still"

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