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no means no victory

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no means no victory

  • Victory - Kool & The Gang
    "Conversation is going 'round People talking 'bout the girl who's come to town Lovely lady pretty as can be No one knows her name she's just a mystery I have seen her maybe once or twice The one thing"
  • No Means No - NoMeansNo
    "Is it right what they said? I'd be better of dead, if it's true do you think its ok? or does it break all your precious rules I've got no reason to worry or to suffer many people treated worse, many people"
  • No Means No - Ricky J
    "It all started at the mall you were standing at the wall So I went to give my number couldn't wait to get your call I even promised you I would act and play nice romance your day's right We chat for late"
  • No means no - Donots
    "You cant be everyone to everybody We dont expect you to be somebody else But theres someone who killed the conversation And the blood is dripping from your hands Its not so hard to find a new beginning"
  • Victory - Tye Tribbett & GA
    "(Verse 1) I thought I lost, but actually I won For by His blood we all have overcome There is no failure, our God can never loose And that same power, it now belongs to You (Chorus) Now it's time"
  • Victory - Prussian Blue
    "Children are playing, we have won. Victory is ours, the war is finally done. Our people's dedication is now complete, our enemies have finally been beat. The warriors are singing in Valhalla and in their"
  • Victory - NoMeansNo
    "When I set out on this journey I thought it would never end When I started down that road I could not see the end And when I took that first step I fell in so deep And all those things that were"
  • Victory - New Direction
    "I've got the victory, v-i-c-t-o-r-y. I've got the victory, v-i-c-t-o-r-y. The devil thought he had me, but I got away. The devil tried to trick me, but I slipped away. No longer bound in sin,"
  • Victory - Shade Empire
    "As it burned The fire within me brought forth my hidden face I walked through the fire eternal 9 voices within me Were tearing me apart To open the gateway they had to speak with the same tongue So I slain"
  • Victory - Tech N9ne
    "All hail to the N9NE!! You punks thought it was over for me? I should prevail a institation All of the high exalted punks TechN9neee! Move something Do something Scream something AIGHHHTT Cruelsome Gruesome Hoodlums I... V-I-C-T-O-R-Y (Chorus) I'm"
  • Victory - Running Wild
    "The gods of past and future, returning from the sky Defenders of the holy, they are soaring on high All slaves of evils' kingdom, dropping down like flies The final raging battle that's when the evil dies The"
  • Victory - Chamillionaire
    "That's what it is, "The Sound of Revenge" Summer 2005 nigga, whoooooo Gimmick rappers, can't lie forever But as long as I'm here, gimmick rappers gon die together Told lil' mama I love drama, no one"
  • Victory - Puff Daddy
    "(feat. Busta Rhymes, Notorious B.I.G.) One, one two Check me out right here yo Yo, the sun don't shine forever (You can turn the track up a little bit for me) But as long as it's here then we"
  • Victory - P Diddy
    "Intro: Notorious B.I.G. One, one two Check me out right here yo Verse One: Puff Daddy Yo, the sun don't shine forever (BIG: You can turn the track up a little bit for me) But as long as it's here then"
  • Victory - P. Diddy
    "Intro: Notorious B.I.G.One, one twoCheck me out right here yoVerse One: Puff DaddyYo, the sun don't shine forever(BIG: You can turn the track up a little bit for me)But as long as it's here then we might"
  • Another Victory - Big Daddy Kane
    "Verse 1: Here comes the conquering brother that fathoms and never ceases. Violators pick up the pieces (uh) That are left behind as you're left to find The fury of the five fingers of death are mine, Rippin'"
  • Every Word Means No - Smash Mouth
    "Watching for a sound to lead me to where ever you go I can't help it I will always love you Chorus: It used to be no words could come between us Any time was right for secret meetings It's different now"
  • Victor - Alex Lifeson
    "Victor was a little baby Into this world he came: His father took him On his knee and said "Don't dishonour the family name." Victor looked up at his father Looked up with big round eyes His father said "Victor,"
  • Victor - Victor
    "(W.H. Auden) Victor was a little baby, into this world he came: His father took him on his knee and said:' Don't dishonour the family name.' Victor looked up at his father- loked up with big round eyes: His"
  • Victor - Blondie
    "Oh I don't want you to go! Oh please don't leave me alone! Oh! No I don't want you to go! Oh please don't leave me alone! Oh! Dear Annett Soon I'll be with you before they know before the show I'm not"

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