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no on vision

  • Vision - Beatsteaks
    "i've been watching from behind the scene i worry you've been given bad routine forget the damage they have done to you i make sure i keep an eye on you sick now - are you meant to be broke down to disillusion"
  • Vision - Jd Natasha
    "When I see myself into your eyes, I can't do anything, but stop and think if that's me.I see the face the face I could only see.I wonder if that's really me.I see deep into your eyes,but no one sees."
  • Night vision - Electric 6
    "You can come and see meBut I don't glow in the darkSo you'll have to learn to use a little night visionThen you must decideWho resides in your heartAnd baby I know it's not an easy decisionOhI-I went bananas,"
  • Tunnel Vision - Lenny Kravitz
    "All I want, Is all you got Make me happy baby And I'll make it hot I don't need no doctor To tell me what to do 'Cause I know I'm goin' Straight ahead for you I got that tunnel vision goin' through my"
  • Empty Vision - Fear Factory
    "A paralyzed mind embracing decay, Dead like carrion just wasting away, There is nothing... Numbed by excess and complete saturation, Scarred influence by degeneration, There is nothing to believe... All"
  • Vision Impaired - Mansun
    "Stand up, you sit down 'Cos your ceiling's too low, there's no chairs on the ground See you, you see me And my views are obscured by your giant T.V. These things mean so much But there's something here"
  • The Vision - Aceyalone
    "Today Sunday On the nineteenth day of october at one a.m. Nineteen ninety seven I had a vision No, well not exactly like a vision No but like a sight Well not exactly like a sight but more like a dream Yeah"
  • Night vision - Guru
    "When the sun goes down and the moon comes up You can see a lot of things if you look deep enough It's all around The city skyline, in the nighttime, be the right time, to ball out (Yeah) Who's the real"
  • Midas Vision - Arena
    "Creeping out into the night Keep your hands outstretched and your eyes closed tightly Running out on your own Don't answer the door or the telephone This is no kind of a dream Not a blessing but a curse This"
  • A Vision - Luna Sea
    "Kizutsuite mo kamawanai sa Kizutsukete mo sorede ii sa Utsukushisa wo kanjita kara todokanu tokoro he Ikitai dake Mekurumeku yokubou de joutou na yume no tsuzuki Kuitsukuse kakeashi de ima mushin de Osorenaide"
  • The Vision - Saint
    "Standing at the door it opened to the light His majesty sat at the throne, a jasper stone in sight 24 before Him, the elders cast their crowns On a sea of glass they bow to an awesome God, an awesome power "
  • Nocturnal Vision - Borknagar
    "The path was foreseen In a feverish dream and the riddle was shown To the seven year grown Reaching out for the thread he saw It would cut through his fingers As a razor sharp straw Shaping the untouchable Embracing"
  • Vision Thing - Sisters Of Mercy
    ""This Corrosion" - Floodland - Sisters of Mercy By Andrew Eldritch Copyright 1987 WEA Records LTD Published by SBK Songs Gimme the Ring, kissed and toll'd Gimme something that I missed A hand to"
  • The Vision - Anybody Killa
    "Hee hhee (echos) haahaa haa HEHEHE hohehehaha eheheh hohahah I´m so muddy Your so muddy Were so muddy Lets get muddy I swing a hatchet like a warrior told u all the dirty history my life observed"
  • Real Vision - Trip Lee
    "Verse 1 - Trip Lee: Look I don't know what they told you but if it don't match up With His holy Word then homie they need to back up Some they pretend like they get Him they twisting facts up That's why"
  • Vision - The Music
    "I want you to feel it There's enough of us here I can feel it in the air around me So near Now we are shoulder to shoulder in the same plan Without you I'm a broken man Without you I'm a slave to their"
  • Vision - Peter Hammill
    "I have a vision of you, locked inside my head; it creeps upon my mind and warms me in my bed. A vision shimering, shifting moving in false firelight; a vision of a vision, protecting me from fear at night, as"
  • Vision - Jimmy Barnes
    "No time to delay Now I know that you'll be back this way Heart beating stronger now Can't wait much longer now They'll never change the way I feel for you You look like an angel Vision coming down from"
  • Vision - Gotthard
    "So now that you're gone away Now that you're not around me I'm trying hard to hide this emptiness Every heartache leaves a scar, a trace behind it And God, I only put the blame on me Are you really there,"
  • Vision - Marc Almond
    "I have a vision of you Locked inside my head It creeps upon my mind And warms me in my bed A vision shimmering, shifting Moving in false firelight A vision of a vision Protecting me from fear at night"

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