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no sleep, only rock'"

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no sleep, only rock'"

  • No Sleep - Mya
    "(Man) Hello? (Mya) Hey w'sup baby? (Man) Nothin', chillin' (Mya) What you doin'? (Man) Just got out the shower (Mya) Oh, word? Well, I'm in town and I'm tryna see you tonight. (Man) Let's make it"
  • No Sleep - Jebediah
    "You got your very own Watergate There aint no easy way out And if you wanna be social oh yeah You better scream when you shout I'll take you out where you wanna go Yeah we can buy us some thrills It's"
  • Sleep - Jawbreaker
    "It seems I spend my days now wrapped in veils of sleep. Caught in slumber's grasp, nowhere that I should be. I grew so goddamned tired of fighting against these chains. No signs of relief or payment for"
  • Sleep - Nightingale
    "I see the day is coming The night is led astray The dawn of new desires The end of yesterday I walk the road to nowhere Ah, that's what I call home If I only knew what I was heading for, But I don't have"
  • Only When I Sleep - The Corrs
    "You're only just a dreamboat Sailing in my head You swim my secret oceans Of coral blue and red Your smell is incense burning Your touch is silken yet It reaches through my skin Moving from within Clutches"
  • No sleep tonight - Mya
    "Hey, what?s up, baby? What you doin?? Oh word? Well, I?m in town and I?m tryin? to see you tonight. I?m downstairs now. Uh, uh, uh, yeah, yeah, oh, oh, mmh You keep it tight, hit me off how I like"
  • No Sleep For The Wicked - Example
    "It's worse by the day now, every time I lay down Words come alive in my head and they play loud It's like they can't find a way out Wanna pull the plug on their party, it's starting To worry me, can't"
  • Sleep Well - Kotipelto
    "Yesterday is like a dream Nothing's what it seems to be another hit, just another score No emotions will I show My Blood is frozen to the bone Feeling so dead inside my soul So many things I'll never know Stalking"
  • Deep Sleep - Nabiha
    "Damn wish I was still sleeping 'Cause most of my dreaming is still in my head I was ready to seal it, so close I could feel it, but I woke up instead And now it's too late for me I can't go back to sleep It's"
  • Sleep Well - Brittany Kusserow
    "Write the words first random thoughts that I want to set to music. My random thoughts have become too blunt to wax poetic. I'm not frantic, for once. Once I told you, well, I told you everything. I opened"
  • The Sleep - Rage
    "If you don't know me: I came from beyond My name doesn't matter, 'cause that's not the point This has no meaning where I'll take you now Open your mind, then we're ready to go What I will show you is all"
  • Sleep Walkers - Insane Clown Posse
    "Welcome everyone Nate it's good to see you back People we have a new member today I'd like you to meet him He's gonna stand up and tell us What's going on with him and What he wants to change about himself If"
  • Sleep walker - ICP
    "Welcome everyoneNate it's good to see you backPeople we have a new member todayI'd like you to meet himHe's gonna stand up and tell usWhat's going on with him andWhat he wants to change about himselfIf"
  • Deadly Sleep - Iron Savior
    "Welcome back home, it's been so long, we've missed you, been searching for honor and glory out in the dark I have fought for survival as thunder and gunfire were roaring Back home, the time and the place"
  • Sleep Stalker - Boondox
    "This is a cat (meow) This is a horse (whinny) A cow says (moo) I hear them talking to me and the demons stalkin me Running in between my thoughts and dreams I think they haunting me Got me sweatin got"
  • Sleep Alone - Two Door Cinema Club
    "Know my only goal is to see When I'm only fast asleep It takes more than strength to find This piece of mind So I'll hold, hold, hold Hold it close to my heart beating With every step Hold, hold, hold"
  • Sleep Alone - Bat For Lashes
    "You know my darling I can't stand to sleep alone No sweetheart in the dark to call my own You're my own, you're my own, I can sing it, I can grow But the darkness is a stranger in our lonely, lonely, lone. Last"
  • Eternal Sleep - Lacrimas Profundere
    "I am the only one who understands me in my ebony dreams why can't I be just like them ...happy life is gone beautiful, suffering my eyes drown, in delusion my body paled and cold, let the silence bloom"
  • No Sleep - Huggy Bear
    "no sleep till the location is found no sleep till that man is out of town no sleep till i can't hear the sound of your voice your voice telling me there is no choice no sleep till that man is found no"
  • No Sleep - Primer 55
    "Well I'll never, give up again. You know well I'll never, betray myself again. I toss and turn because I can't sleep. Can't concentrate because I can't think. Well I'll never, let go again. You know well"

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