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no surrender az

  • Az - A
    "Yeah yeahWord up (Yeah son)Yeah yo how this goin down nine-sixHow we livin son (exoticness)Nine-six exoticness (representin)Know what I mean? (A )A (yo how we livin?)This is New York CityNinety-seven SosaA"
  • Az - Ayabie
    ""Kimi no hitomi wa isuka kagayaku tameni sora ga kureta no" arekara yamanai ame no naka de utsumuku kimi ni todoku you ni Konayuki mau sora ni mukai hohoemu kimi no hoho wo tsutau boku wo keshite Mou onaji"
  • Hey Az (LP Version) - Az
    "(feat. SWV) What's the deal son? Herm Fiasco It's the world famous AZ Show For the world (AZ Show) No doubt, time to mellow out Party at the yellow house, yell it out Invites only, don't tell no slouch How"
  • Surrender - Roger Taylor
    "(Roger Taylor) Same cycle happen every day Same characters same play My game plan's become clear Gotta find a way out of here There ain't no place to run No welcome mat in my home No love here, no life He"
  • Surrender - Roger Tylor
    "Same cycle happen every day Same characters same play My game plan's become clear Gotta find a way out of here There ain't no place to run No welcome mat in my home No love here, no life He want a punchbag,"
  • Surrender - Cash Cash
    "I was running on an empty heart Not a trace of gasoline Trying to dim every single spark That could hurt, that could burn all of me Like a soldier on the battle ground Lying wounded on the field I was"
  • Surrender - Blondie
    "Surrender my love to you Oh no I won't surrender Surrender my love to you Oh no I won't Before I surrender My love to you I'd rater lie down in the street And get hit by a big Mac truck Surrender my love"
  • Surrender - Evanescence
    "Is this real enough for you You were so confused Now that you've decided to stay We'll remain together You can't abandon me You belong to me Breathe in and take my life in you No longer myself only you There's"
  • Surrender - Shola Ama
    "INTRO Surrender your love Surrender your love Uuum, oooh Surrender your love CHOURS I know that if I take you home You'll surrender your love baby Surrender your love Won't be the last time that I take"
  • Surrender - Ben Lee
    "Well I have felt an angel's kiss And I have seen the sweet sunset I thought maybe I was this I found out that I am that Let go Give in Give up Surrender Let go Give in Give up Surrender All the things"
  • Surrender - Sarah Brightman
    "No more wars to fight White flags fly tonight You are out of danger now Battle field is still Wild poppies on the hill Peace can only come when you surrender Here the tracers fly Lighting up the sky But"
  • Surrender - LeAnn Rimes
    "There is a white flag rising, About to catch the wind And I don?t wanna fight it, Or let you win Here I stand, Heart in hand No it ain?t like me, Don?t take it lightly You know I never Bend (CHORUS) Surrender"
  • Surrender - Debra Killings
    "Every morning when I wake up In the evening when I go to bed Thank you Lord because he's keeping me Safe from even things that I cannot see He's a father, He's a brother And His spirit is a friend of mine And"
  • Surrender - Chiasm
    "I lie alone The fog surrounds me and I know that it's not right I must escape this awful state of night So here I tread And standing still without a phase of sight to dread The noise completes the pictures"
  • Surrender - Linda Davis
    "I have no fear I have no inhibitions I trust my heart I trust my intuition Tonight I'm diving in the waters I won't even fight the tide Drowning in a sea of passion No resistance - I surrender You make"
  • Surrender - Godsmack
    "You’ve always told me That you know me But you don’t really know me at all You just played me and betrayed me And showed no sympathy at all Why can’t you just please surrender Surrender what you promised Surrender"
  • Surrender - Billy Crawford
    "Baby girl theres something I just gotta tell you there aint nothin in this world I wouldn't do how can I make you see your the only one for me I want you to know baby girl I can't stop thinking about you"
  • Surrender - Trixter
    "Words of silence echo through this lonely room Just a photograph and dreams that won't come true I'll never know why I left you standin' in the rain Cryin' tears of emptyness it's drivin' me insane All"
  • Surrender - Me And That Man (Adam Nergal Darski, John Porter)
    "i surrender to you i got nothing to say no i ain’t got that right I live in the darkness even that is too bright thet say love is a burden that love brings you pain I say love is the devil it will drive"
  • Surrender - Vanessa Williams
    "I've never felt this way before There's nothing else I could want more Than something real, only passion can reveal yeah With body and soul, I'm used to controlling Every, everything Now, I can let go,"

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