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no theres like you

  • The theres me - Norton
    "Another Monday morning Gotta clear my head No more time for dreaming Traffic was a nightmare Boss is on my back If I hear one more cross word I think I'm gonna crack Then there's you Coming in right on"
  • THERES NO YOU - Jo Stafford
    "feel the autumn breeze, It steals 'cross my pillow As soft as a will-o'-the-wisp, And in its song there is sadness Because there's no you, The lonely autumn trees, How softly they're sighing, For summer"
  • Theres No Place Like Home For The Holidays - Perry Como
    "(Verse) Rumors fly and you can't tell where they start, Speci'lly when it concerns a person's heart. I've heard tales that could set my heart aglow, Wish I knew if the things I hear are so. (refrain) They"
  • Theres a paradise - DJ Bobo
    "And I promise youThere's a paradiseAnd I promise youThere's a paradiseWere its never rainingAnd the music playing everything's alrightAnd I promise youThere's a paradiseYou start to jam if you agree with"
  • Where Theres A Whip Theres A Way - Faster Pussycat
    "Nobody knows how to tie the simple knots that I know Getting weak in the knees and your bruises are beginning to show The only way she knows how to take it is blow by blow Strapped to the rack with"
  • Theres Always Someone Waiting - Average White Band
    "There's always someone waiting Looking over your shoulder When you go to pick up the prize That you've been working for But don't tell me you've been taken Everyday you get older If you take a look"
  • Theres No Living Without Your Loving - Manfred Mann
    "There's no living without your loving, baby I love you too much If I can't love you till the day I die Then baby, oh baby, what good am I? If I can't reach out & know that you'll be there Then this ol'"
  • Theres something on your mind - Etta James
    "There's something on your mind By the way you look at me There's something on your mind, baby By the way you look at me And what you're thinking brings happiness Oh and it brings misery Please, please,"
  • Theres too much blue in missing you - Modern Talking
    "Like the leaves fall of a tree I feel your love is dying for me You tell me it's not the end Where is the love you forsake You forsake, you forsake There's too much blue in missing you I believe I was"
  • If Theres A Rocket Tie Me To It - Snow Patrol
    "Two weeks later like a surplus reprieve. I found a hair the length of yours on my sleeve, I wound it round and round my finger so tight. It turned to purple and a pulse formed in sight, And I knew the"
  • Suddenly Theres A Valley - Jo Stafford
    "Did you say (that) I've got a lot to learn Well don't think I'm trying not to learn Since this is the perfect spot to learn Teach me tonight Starting with the ABC of it Getting right down to the XYZ of"
  • Theres A New Girl - Creeper Lagoon
    "There's a new girl Out on our porch last night and She was singing To her dad and drinking I heard her say I don't care what anyone says You're a flower wilted by the hour And losing power Oh Chorus: I'm"
  • No place like home - ATC
    "Im on a mission in space wondering, why youre up to thinking of you wish you were here by my side coz Im feeling lonely youre the only one Im set in my engines in reverse Im done with the universe you"
  • Theres A Moon Out Tonight - Pat Boone
    "Tutti Frutti Pat Boone Peaked #12 on Febraury 4,1956 #451 for the Top5000 of the Rock Era (55-94) Little Richard Peaked #17 on February 4,1956 NOTE: Words and tune are the same on both versions, but Pat"
  • There's no place like home - Garth Brooks
    "Oh, theres no place like home for the holidays Cause no matter how far away your roam If you long for the sunshine and a friendly gaze For the holidays you cant beat home sweet home I met a man who lived"
  • No One Like You - Al Green
    "There's no one in life quite like you, you baby There's no one in life quite like you, you baby As I sit and wonder baby how you do the things you do, yeah I know deep down in my heart I never see all"
  • No One Like You - Sesame Street
    "I like your eyes I like your nose I like your mouth Your ears, your hands, your toes I like your face It's really you I like the things you say and do There's not a single soul Who sees the skies"
  • No One Like You - Bonnie Pink
    "Ochitta no yo Dare mo inai basho ni Futari de aruita kurayami ni wa hana ga Kizuka nakatta wa Asahi ga noboru tabi ni Anata wa hana wo mite Utsuroi no hayasa ni namida shita no ne Fuyu wa sara ni ubau"
  • No One Like You - Lagwagon
    "girl, it's been a long time that we've been apart much too long for a man who needs love ive missed you since i've been away babe, it wasn't easy to leave you alone it's been harder now that i'm gone,"
  • No on like you - Scorpions
    "Girl, it's been a long time that we've been apart Much too long for a man who needs love I miss you since I've been away Babe, it wasn't easy to leave you alone It's getting harder each time that I go If"

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