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noah cyrus
  • Matoma Slow (feat. Noah Cyrus)
    "it’s 3 o’clock in the morning no one can make me go home cause no one’s waiting there for me and I just can’t be alone your green eyes are a weapon shot a hole in my heart now I’m falling for the bad"
  • Lund Broken (ft. Lil Skies & Noah Cyrus)
    "Will you end my pain? Will you take my life? Will you bleed me out? Will you hang me out to dry? Will you take my soul in the midnight rain? While i;m falling apart While i am going Will you end my pain? Will"
  • Alan Walker All Falls Down (feat. Noah Cyrus with Digital Farm Animals)
    "What’s the trick I wish i knew I’m so done with thinking through all the things I couldn’t been and I know you wonder too all it takes is that one look you do and I run right back to you You crossed the"
  • Bob Seger Noah
    "Kick off your shoes, throw away your blues You paid your dues, Noah Summer is here, why interfere? Go drink a beer, Noah You must realize that you need something Resynthesize your own ego You must recognise"
  • Lisa Chappell Noah
    "Gentle stories unravelling in my head dreams of paradise in an empty bed I slept a sleep so deep I wondered what had become of me I thought of my lost love and bade him a soft silent farewell I found myself"
  • Funny Van Dannen Noah
    "Ihr wisst ja, wenn man ber 30 ist fngt man an ber das Leben nachzudenken, und wenn man auf die 40 zugeht wird man religis, weil einem nichts mehr einfllt, man denkt an frher, man erinnert sich an Gott,"
  • Devendra Banhart Noah
    "Not everyone can relate, to what you and I appreciate Not everyone can relate, to what you and I appreciate what you and I appreciate Not everyone can relate to what you and I appreciate Noah is"
  • Circleslide Noah
    "We floated out across my mistakes You gave your heart and I gave you pain You were the sun and I was the rain We floated out across my mistakes I'm getting closer Closer to what found me The truth that"
  • Ozark Mountain Daredevils Noah
    "( ELECTRIC SLIDE GUITAR INTRO) watch the water flow underneath the rainbow everyone is gone away it don't have to come some other time the sky is changin' I can hear the singin' clouds will soon"
  • Gym Class Heroes Noah
    "We like, fuck a hush on the bus that rush acting mad dumb singing bum-stiggedy bump plus we was mad young, I remember acting a fool we laughing at the monkeys fucking at that park zoo yo it was crazy cool"
  • Frank Sinatra Noah
    "(J.Raposo) The world's a tiny blue-green ark Afloat in darkest space. And every creature lives his time And knows his special place And each of us is Noah With a life all in our care To keep against"
  • The Notwist Noah
    "Tell me what you taste Will stay forever with you Tell me what you taste I know your buddy is sleeping I know your buddy is sleeping Sleeping Tell me what it takes To stay forever with you Tell me"
  • Skinlab Noah
    "All the love I give to you You take away And all the love you bring to me I take away Release the pain From all the love that I give Don't take away From all the love that I give Yeah, I've been through"
  • Opshop Noah
    "You couldnt see through watchin But on the second month of the year We would brave a deluge In the hope he was righteous And as he made his restorations After forty days and forty nights He said everywhere"
  • Fionn Regan Noah
    "There's nobody out there, it's just the noise of the wind There's nobody out there and nobody is getting in I hope that happiness finds it's way to your little house While you were sleeping I, I played"
  • Gackt Noah
    "... ==Romaji== ~san shou~ yurusanai sonzai no boku yurushi o ataetekureru kimi tsuki wa hikari o hanachi mou kare wa inai to yasashii yoru ga kata o daite ame wa kanashimanai de to namida o nagasu boku"
  • Seeed Papa Noah
    "Old Papa Noah sat down on a trunc the first college of knowledge had been founded that day, tell we more bout that story about water anwine or let it happen yes happen like mi mother seh Big entertainer-"
  • Freestyler Jpressh/Noah
    "im a put it on u white boy like a flu cut u up like how 50 dissed ja rule and give the rest to my crew, i know this white nigga dont wanna fight,i know im right, ask noah bout the shoe wit 4 stripes. when"
  • K-OS Ballad Of Noah
    "i am conflicted travelling the path of the soul so gifted still unable to break the mold I lifted praivailing still could not see and insisted my existance began with me seems that i lost much, lost touch"
  • Die Firma Arche noah prinzip
    "Was soll ich machen wenn die betubung nachlsst der schmerz mich einholt wenn ich zeit hab und nachdenk nichts ist wie es scheint selbst scheine scheinen zu trgen sich selbst belgen war nie leichter ich"

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