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nogting else mater.

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nogting else mater.

  • Mater tenebrarum - Theatres des Vampires
    "But the third sister, who is also the youngest !Hush ! Whisper whilst we talk of her !Her kingdom is not large, or else no flesh should live ; but within that kingdom all power is hers.She droops not ;"
  • Mater - Claude Nougaro
    "Je ne sais plus o j'en suisDe mes jours et de mes nuitsAplati dans la poussire,Je balbutie Terre, ma terreMon enfantine ronde,Ma fumante soupireSur la nappe du monde...Terre, ma terreMater DolorosaQui"
  • Stabat Mater - Rafo Raez
    "Stabat Mater Esperando en la comisara Ante la sorna del alfrez Stabat Mater Aguardando que concluya La voraz semiologa De los mdicos Stabat Mater Descuajeringada, entregada A obstetrices somnolientas Stabat"
  • Mater Lacrimarum - Cradle of Filth
    "Mother X3 Mater Lacrimarum X2 Hail to the Queen of rare delights Malefic and tragic Are the strings of her magic Screaming through the night She is sex and death and more The scent of evil in the glittering"
  • Mater Tenebrarum - Necrodeath
    "Inferno's book symbol of blasphemy and fear Unveils the still upbraided sign of death Mothers unite as one in shape of evil itself Darkness, tears and breathes MATER TENEBRARUM Vision of inverted, fallen"
  • Terra Mater - Paradigma
    "Spring... Writhe Autumn... Rise Twilight... Begin Decay... Thus bring Disharmony their son The blackening of the sun Betrayal begun Disoriented creed, all past begone Darkness can't hide them From our"
  • Alma Mater - Butterfly Temple
    ": Moonspell Mother Tongue speaks to Me In the strongest way I've ever seen I know that she sees in Me Her proudest child, her purest breed She speaks to Me in colours That I can't really understand"
  • Alma Mater - Moonspell
    "Mother Tongue speaks to Me In the strongest way I've ever seen I know that she sees in Me Her proudest child, her purest breed She speaks to Me in colours That I can't really understand I only know that"
  • Mater dolorosa - Babes In Toyland
    "You've got a mommy problem, I wish you luck you little fuckI am alleviation, I leave you ate my digest styleConsider consequences, you'll stretch the truth a country mileFalse Prophet accusations, the"
  • Mater Lagrimarum - Samsas Traum
    "Zerstrt und zerrissen Gegen sich selbst gerichtet Vom Hass besiegt Die Liebe berwunden Die Fassade kann niemals brckeln Denn der Schmerz ist zu gro (zu gro) Das Klopfen ihres Herzen Ihre Aufregung als"
  • Alma mater - Grease
    "As I go trav'ling down life's highway, whatever course my fortunes may fortell. I shall not go alone on my way, for thou shalt always be with me, Rydell. When I seek rest from wordly matter, in palace"
  • Alma Mater - Chad Mitchell Trio
    "'' The Mitchell Trio had its beginning when we were still in College, and we found that in traveling throughout the Country, and singing for groups just such as this one, that too often we forget, as"
  • Alma Mater - Chicago
    "(Terry Kath) Looking back a few short years When we made our plans and played the cards The way they fell Clinging to our confidence We stood on the threshold of the goal That we knew, dear And though"
  • Alma Mater - Alice Cooper
    "Rain is falling Down my cheek Searching for the sea Tomorrow, like the rain Ill be back home again I watch The bus As it pulls out of view Someday like that bus I will be leavin too But you know"
  • Sabbath Mater - Behemoth
    "i am she who spits out thelusts the root ov sin derivated from me I am born ov sacrilegious uterus magna peccatrix I am she who cast the adversasriees out I am the spawn ov her vulva obsolete libra nos"
  • Lilith mater inferorum - Theatres des Vampires
    "Mater Mater Inferorum Mater MaterLilith Mater Inferorum mater MaterWe are your children, children of EvilAgainst the heaven's legionVampires, Demons, UndeadLilith's Child will be our guideIn this infernal"
  • Alma Mater Cornell - Unknown Artist
    "ALMA MATER (CORNELL) FAR ABOVE CAYUGA'S WATERS Far above Cayuga's waters With it's waves of blue Stands our noble alma mater Glorious to view Lift the chorus, speed it onward Loud her praises tell Hail"
  • Else - Built To Spill
    "Finally I don't mind Worthless tries at finding something else Best not talk too loud You're not as smart as you require of them Your body breaks Your needs consume you forever And with this lies the need"
  • Stabat Mater Dolorosa - Anorexia Nervosa
    "(Lyrics by RMS Hreidmarr) We are the Sun We are the dead stars We are the black sky Invading your room We are the candle The only light We are the machines of the past Forever victims and murderers of"
  • Terra Mater Dolorosa - Elysium
    "when the earth is dying no one shall be born sun forever closed it's eye our mother cries halplessly we let her die slowly in pain we lost the key to golden gates we all were blind, we were so blind what's"

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