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noin feat. shatyr - easy to love

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noin feat. shatyr - easy to love

  • Easy (feat. Sophia Ayana) - Girls Love DJs
    "I don't want the drama I just want a real one by my side I can be a lover All I need from you is a simple life No no no no, don't wanna have nothing to lose I know know know know, what I need to get it"
  • Easy - Peter Heppner
    "You walk along your way One fine Day A way you'd never choose Ahead of you You don't know how You don't know why Your life's just passing by It's the easy way Promising to ease your pain Promising you"
  • Easy - Al Jarreau
    "Yesterday,you left Brazil and went Away to see the world Looking for a distant beach A different shore-a faster whirl Thinking that your hearts desire Hungered for some Paris or Berlin Caught between the"
  • Easy - Takida
    "Tell me the reason, tell me you're sorry, and tell me you're lost Head to the water, head to the fire, head to the rocks You're haunting me, it feels alive when you're on In the city, in your castle, in"
  • Easy - Antony And The Johnsons
    "( Hercules & love affair LP ) We all share the light It is so freely ours I pray my friend Sun comes down easy Sun comes down easy I am not a fisherman But I do know the sea I say to him Waves come down"
  • Easy - Camila Cabello
    "Ha-ha-ha-ha You tell me that I'm complicated And that might be an understatement Anything else? (Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha) You tell me that I'm indecisive Fickle, but I try to hide it Anything else? (Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha) You"
  • Easy - Velvet Belly
    "music : Velvet Belly lyrics : Anne-Marie Almedal If it only was that easy If it only was that easy If you wanna live long, be strong And make sure you love someone Simple words on the radio this morning Don't"
  • Easy - Great White
    "(music: Russell, Lardie, Kendall / lyrics: Russell, Kendall) Got a handful of nothin', and a rusty old bed; got our pockets full of wishes, dreams inside our heads. But this ole world ain't got anything"
  • Easy - Michael Kiske
    "It's so easy - to hurt It's so easy - to hateIt's not easy - to take the pain Don't deny, don't you cry, There's a lift somewhere Deep within (yes) It's giving that shows we care If life gets too tough And"
  • Easy - Superflea
    "You said it yourself love gives,love takes but if love is madness call me crazy I had this dream you were in it I felt so pretty because you were with me But when I woke up it had gone the bed felt cold,huge"
  • Easy - Mika Urbaniak
    "For you love's a battlefield hearts are weapons fighter's shield can't you see smooth it can be let love be easy, easy born a fighter, I can see life can be lived, so easily see the river, how it flows summer"
  • Easy - Paula DeAnda
    "(feat. Lil' Wayne) Yeah Yeah Paula Danger I might be your young girl but I know how to have fun I got them boys chasing me trying to make me the one When I'm out shopping it's like having a gun Whatever"
  • Easy - John Newman
    "Just another song, just another tale Of a broken heart Don't wanna see you hurt There's something you should learn From the start My friend you ought to know I'm afraid it's time to know Whoever"
  • Easy - Tracey Thorn
    "I watch the way the light Falls accross the street I watch the way you blink Just before you speak I love the way you breathe I'll hate the day you'll leave It's easy to forget We haven't even started"
  • Easy - Sally Oldfield
    "Oldfield Oh I don't know if its the rain falling Theres something in my eyes like the shining sea Oh I don't know if its a new love calling There's something growing in me and it's strong and free Oh its"
  • Easy - Voxtrot
    "Those seven months I spent rolling around on the floor Just like a crippled bird I had my back through the door Still I turned my nose up at the water and bread Despite my greater love I was pr0tected"
  • Easy - Nik Kershaw
    "whenever i want some company whenever i need a song to play whenever my love is sitting by me and when i can't find the words to say i let the drums do the talking when i can do with some conversation whenever"
  • Easy - Fuel
    "I've seen your "johnny come lately"Seen your exiled love paradeFor you another hit is so easyOne more mask for the charade Chorus:Yeah, you don't hear the sounds i hearYeah, you don't feel the fear you"
  • Easy To Love - Edith Frost
    "You're so easy to love You're so easy to love You make it hard for me To carry through With all the little things That I should do cause You're so easy to love You're just an angel from above You're"
  • Easy To Love - Leo Sayer
    "Writers: Leo Sayer & Albert Hammond it's easy to love when I love someone like you it's easy to feel when you feel the way I do you know love don't come easy and love don't compare but when love comes"

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