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nolita kinghts distance kills

  • Nolita - Keren Ann
    "It's late I think I'm gonna stay I think I'm gonna bury you I think I'm gonna bury you...or myself It's late I think it's gonna rain I think I'm gonna bury you I think I'm gonna bury you...or myself Somewhere"
  • Love Kills - Circle Jerks
    "sometimes i ask myself why even bother it goes in one ear, right out the other out on a limb, out on the edge, no matter what they say the pleasure of pain, day after day, dat after day love kills,"
  • Nolita Fairytale - Vanessa Carlton
    "I know you know, we don't see And so our truths wait patiently I walk the streets with a song in my head (We ebb and we flow so) Got my toes on my pup at the foot of my bed (My heart always seems to know) Now"
  • Distance - KinKi Kids
    "Kanaeraresou na yume wa ikutsu attemo tsumaranai Taikutsu ni gomakasu nara okoru no datte kamawanai Yasashisa ja sore dake ja nanika ga tarinai Hoshi zora wo miagetemo hashiranakya kawaranai In the distance,"
  • Distance - John Mayer
    "Distance is the reason she and me don't really talk no more It's written on my ticket information on the freezer door Me, I'm not sorry I got what came coming for me It's only everything I wanted all"
  • Distance - All Saints
    "Home, Oooooh Ooooohhhh, Um Sitting on my own A long way from home Its a distance from you And I'm thinking about you too Sitting on my own A long way from home Its a distance from you And I'm thinking"
  • Distance - Mammoth WVH
    "I am so happy You’ve found a place That’s better for you Than this rock we’re livin on I am so nervous Don’t know my place A life without you I’m not ready to move on No matter what the distance is I"
  • Distance - evan and jaron
    "The sky has lost its color The sun has turned to gray At least that's how it feels to me Whenever you're away I crawl up in the corner as I watch the minutes pass each one brings me closer to The time"
  • Distance - Ultravox
    "You make to much of the way I am Like my heads in another land Break my back on a second chance Saying I don't wanna make it last Won't distance you Don't resistance too The track I distant you My getting"
  • Distance - Kaskade
    "Ive had enough of this long distance So Im driving down to see you for the day Stay awhile, see your smile And when its time to go You give me a kiss before I get away In spite of the obvious The"
  • Distance - Acroma
    "And the distance in your eyes paralyzes me And the words that stain your lips stain my soul And now I can't deny that I must've missed the point And I suffocate here in this cage This alone Save me now,"
  • Distance - Ikon
    "Distance keeps us apartDistance will break my heartSo silent my death will beNo distance will cover meWhenever I hear your name (2)So desperate to end this gameYou'll learn I am not the sameSo distant"
  • Distance - Neverending White Lights
    "Scream out all the ways you notice The past is gone, forget what you had If you're the only one who knows it Then you can't come back to me, I know Do whispers of lovers always hold you way Underneath"
  • Distance - Editors
    "Distance I'll keep my distance These things I never seem to mean So I leave the murder scene Honey What God broke here Won't go back together again So I'll leave this while I can Here Here Here Here Nothing To"
  • Distance - Evergrey
    "It's lost but we'll find it again We must try even if it's a distance future It was all in in our hands to the ends I just wish we had known so much sooner It's not over We'll soon be closer than"
  • Distance - Utada Hikaru
    "keep it going,baby Tell me I wanna be with you now distance We can start over I wanna be with you now distance We can start sooner I wanna be with you Keep on trying ,baby trust me I wanna"
  • Distance - Schiller
    "I'm caught in the midst of your caution you breathe and i exhale if theres one thing i would clarify one little thing i could justify is my love for you my love for you ... cause i can go the distance"
  • Distance - Utada
    "who...oh..who...oh.. where you are...who... near or far... kininarunoni kikenai oyogitsukarete kimimade mukutininaru aitainoni mienai naminiosarete matasukoshi tookunaru togirenaiyouni keep it goin' baby onnaji"
  • Distance - Hikaru Utada
    "Ki ni naru noni kikenai Oyogitsukarete kimi made mukuchi ni naru Aitai noni mienai nami ni osarete Mata sukoshi tooku naru Togirenai you ni Keep it going baby Onaji kimochi ja nai nara tell me Muri wa"
  • Distance - Naruto Shippuuden
    "You're my friend ah ano hi no yume Ima demo mada wasurete nain deso You're my dream ah hajimatta bakka kimi no one longest way oh ima tabidatsu yo Everyday kono saki mo shining day Kawarazu singin' hikaru"

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