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  • A$AP Rocky (ASAP Rocky) JD
    "… where I belong? Yo what's your name young lad What they call you? I got, I got James, Jimmy, alright, Dean Yo I've been feeling that real JD swag lately Lord Pretty Flacko Jones stepped up in this"
  • Lisa Maffia JD interlude
    "Hehe yo this is JD speaking well um yeah um I dont know what the hell to say in this space now just fucking about for Lisa and shit yo you know how we do yeah just lounging, representing, you know So Solid"
  • Chris Memo Energy (feat. Leon JD)
    "utwór instrumentalny."
  • Brettell Cold Lonely Summer. Feat Jd
    "At a moment like this How well do we know each other? The truth of it is That we should be closer together. And all the time I was thinking what happened to us You use to talk, and would try and work things"
  • Baby A.K.A. The #1 Stunna How It Be (Featuring JD & TQ)
    "See, the party won't start 'til I walk in And I might start over with them Burberry tims Me and J.D. with 'bout 10 of our friends The Benz, the Lexus with the bubble eye lens Bentley, coupes with the rag"
  • Chante Moore F/ JD Straight Up
    "Chante Moore F/ JD Miscellaneous Straight Up Put the other girls way to the back baby So you know I'm not just talking that stuff baby Call me up and let me know what's up baby (What's up?) Here's the"
  • Chante Moore F/ JD Go Ahead With All That
    "Chante Moore F/ JD Miscellaneous Go Ahead With All That It's what you didn't do, didn't do What can I say? Not a word that'll get me back to you, back to you Where did I go wrong? Well remember the times"
  • Dru Hill, Da Brat & JD In My Bed
    "Jermaine Dupri: You wanna dance? Ha, I'ma make you dance You wanna move? Ha, I'ma make you move Dru Hill come on Dru Hill: I got this feeling I can't turn it loose That somebody else is getting next"
  • Jd Natasha Imperfect
    "Walk into my room, It's the same as it was two minutes ago Dirty and unclean, Not the way my mother wanted it to be Sometimes I wish I was responsible But then I can't admit I'm not responsible What"
  • Jd Natasha Not Healthy
    "why do you like to make me cry? do you like to make me laugh and act like nothing's wrong at all? why do you say you're gonna call, do nothing at all, make me sit by the phone? all I ever wanted"
  • Jd Natasha Vision
    "When I see myself into your eyes, I can't do anything, but stop and think if that's me.I see the face the face I could only see.I wonder if that's really me.I see deep into your eyes,but no one sees."
  • Jd Natasha Dime
    "Quiero ver las flores que nacen fuera de aqu Dos aos ms de dolores que se van a ir Sin poder respirar no puedo decir nada Sin poder decidir lo que me hace falta Me estn encerando en un mundo Donde no me"
  • Jd Natasha L
    "Triste me dejaste triste Como esta canción Lgrimas de amor Fuiste quizs nunca tu viste este corazón Lgrimas de amor Coro: Y te vas Y te vas No me queda nada Y te vas Y te vas No me queda nada Porque no"
  • Jd Natasha Piscis
    "Que tal? Que haces por aca? Vienes a visitar?!? Como te va? Curiosidad.. Quizas, no eres de verdad No s, pero no vuelvas ms Quiero volar... libertad Nadie dijo que la vida es facil Pero dejame vivir Hay"
  • Jd Natasha Pl
    "me levanto apago la alarma siete y media yo te llamo no contestas tanta rabia yo te espero no te veo me enloquezco me abandonaste me mentiste no te quiero no no no no mas con estos juegos yo no soy una barbie"
  • Jd Natasha Tan Cerca
    "No me quiero ir de este lugar Donde los sueos son real Por la primera vez tengo paz Y ahora se me escapa No tengo nada ms que hacer Pero llorar No tengo nada ms que aguantar pero la almohada Y no quiero"
  • Jd Natasha Tanto
    "Este cuerpo que tengo no me sirve de nada Porque miro al espejo y veo tu alma Cuando abro la puerta de mi cuarto vaco Me consume la sombra de tu cario Y sufro ms de lo que muestro Ya no duermo, Ya no sueo Tengo"
  • Jd And Jay-Z Money Ain't A Thing
    "OH YEA THIS IS SUM REAL S** RIGHT HERE BABY GURL.GIVE IT TO ME So So Def Yeah yeah Chorus: Jermaine Dupri and Jay Z (Jermaine Dupri) In the Ferrari or Jaguar switchin four lanes With the top down"
  • Dewa Perempuan Paling Cantik Di Negeriku Indonesia
    "Merah darahku bulat tekadku Setelah aku tatap wajahmu Berkobar seluruh jiwa dan ragaku Untuk perjuangkan cinta yang ku yakini Putih tulangku semangat cintaku Setelah aku raba tanganmu Rasakan kulitmu"
    "Czas na Disa na Disstream'a, Dobrze znana ci łacina, Wulgaryzmy opanowane, Grałeś w gry i przegrywałeś, Sierpień, Wrzesień, Marzec, Luty, Numer jeden kierowca do dupy, Nie będę znowu nawijał o sraniu, Bo"

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