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nora jons dont know why

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nora jons dont know why

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nora jons dont know why
  • Blessid Union of Souls Nora
    "I went to see my grandma today I learned the difference between Living and alive Wall to wall roaches in a two by four infested room Lying there in pain Praying for the Lord to take her Nora - I hope"
  • Cancerslug Nora
    "nora nora send your body down its nice to see you dead again downtown thanks for comming around its nice to f**k the dead again downtown i found her dead in the alley trash downtown when i was ten if i"
  • Honestly I Dont Know
    "You never look my way You don't even care Do I freak you out? I can't help it if I stare I'd give you everything If you'd show me what to do But I'd settle for one glance After all you've put me through So"
  • Tony Bennett I Dont Know Why I Just Do
    "I Guess I'll Have To Change My Plan Tony Bennett Words by Howard Dietz and Music by Arthur Schwartz From his "Strike Up the Band" LP with Count Basie: Roulette 25231 This version did not chart but In"
  • Nickelback Why dont you and i
    "Sine the moment i spotted youLike walking round with little wings on my shoesMy stomachs filled with the butterfliesand its alrightBouncing round from cloud to cloudI got the feeling like im never going"
  • One Dove Why Dont You Take Me
    "Oh baby When I sit and dream The skies cry with me Now that I'm alone Your voice wraps round me Why don't you take me Why don't you take me Why don't you take me Why don't you take me Straight to your"
  • Brian May Why Dont We Try Again
    "(Brian May) After the storm there's the dead of night It seems there's no way back for me So little comfort in my lonely bed To know That it had to be And now I miss you in so many ways You know I miss"
  • Tyler Hilton Nora Marie
    "I know, you know, that I just can't decide which way my heart will lead me But you just sit, I think Boy what should you do now Just wait until you sink me Girl I don't see nothin wrong with you and me"
  • Indigo Girls Dont Know Your Name
    ""Don't Think Twice, It's All Right" is a Bob Dylan song from 1963. The girls have performed it a few times with Joan Baez. It ain't no use to sit and wonder why, babe If you don't know by now It ain't"
  • Culture Club Dont Cry
    "Give me time To realize my crime Let me love and steal I have danced inside your eyes How can I be real Do you really want to hurt me Do you really want to make me cry Precious kisses Words that burn me Lovers"
  • Mike Jones Dont Work U Dont Eat
    "If you don't work you don't eat, you don't grind you don't shine No if's and's or but's, bottom line That's why I'm on a mission, to keep the paper flipping I got's to get a house, before I start wood"
  • Amerie Why Dont We Fall In Love
    "So many things I'm goin' through So much that I wanna do It startin' to become so clear to me Tomorrow ain't really guaranteed So many days I've thought of you It's about time you knew the truth Got to"
  • Saves The Day Don't Know Why
    "There must be something wrong with me. I get so tired, I cant sleep. The voices in my head are haunting my dreams. No matter how I try, To kill the thoughts inside. I cannot, I cannot, hide. The mirror"
  • Karine Polwart Don't Know Why
    "All of these moments cling to each other Just like a small boy clutches his mother Maybe one day theyll go their own way I keep linking the daisies into chains I keep blinking to see if it all looks"
  • Doja Cat Say So (Why dont you say so?)
    "Day to night to morning Keep with me in the moment I’d let you had I known it Why don’t you say so? didn’t even notice no punches there to roll whit you got to keep me focused you want it, say so? didn’t"
  • Simple Plan Why Why Why Why
    "I really do love you hey Kevin, i love you, but u dont relize that. I'm Addicted to you, i try to make proud but u seem to act like im not even there why, why do u act like this? why do u try to make"
  • Austrian Death Machine Why?
    "Hey arni i got this rele great idea with this song, and i think you should use it to show predeator how much better you are than he is. Why? Cause he already sang on the second verse and he's talking"
  • Lena Philipsson Why
    "Somebody said - That you were getting married And somebody said - Today It couldent be you, I claimed it must be a mistake But sitting in the Church I suddenly gaze into your face A second of no - Control How"
  • Tina Charles Why
  • My Black Sky Why ?
    "i ask the question why ? i cant accept that decision but you said "goodbye" i would die just to make you see you're wrong you look at this guy but you dont care if i'm gone (chorus): why did you say "i"

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