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nosaj things eclipse

  • Eclipse - Nujabes
    "This is for the things I don't say enough, Waiting for the day we touch Your lips to mine eclipse solar lunar I'll see you soon but I'll talk to you sooner This is for the things I don't say enough, Waiting"
  • Eclipse - Ten
    "We chart the lands of make-believeWe proved the earth was flatMasters of the briny deepClear skies to rough and stormy seasIve seen most everythingBut tonights a mysterySuddenly the moon began to disappearLust"
  • Mesmerization Eclipse - Entombed
    "See the bright ship in the harbor, hey Making iridescent waves Need to try a little harder On the voyage to better days Saw the moon in the valley at the same time Bringing out the golden parade Guess"
  • Eclipse - Beth
    "El sol sigue a la Luna, la Luna sigue al Sol. Y no se encuentran nunca, igual que t y que yo. La noche sigue al da como el fro sigue al calor y yo estoy tras tu nuca y t tras mi corazón. Dando vueltas"
  • Eclipse - Octavia
    "Eclipse, el sol eclipse el tiempo que respiro, casualidad o instinto, el silencio hoy es mi eco, es el rastro en la arena, de mi sombra en soledad. Ya no encuentro el agua , me he perdido en el fuego, ya"
  • Eclipse - Autumn Tears
    "gleaming rays foreshadow the eclipse the boy in the box and the girl in the maze moonlit puppets cast no shadows the invisible water flows down their cheeks you call them teardrops. I call them wounds you"
  • Eclipse - Jo?o Gilberto
    "Eclipse de luna en el cielo Ausencia de luz en el mar Muy solo con mi desconsuelo Mirando la noche me puse a llorar Pensaba que ya no me amabas Con honda desesperación Y en algo que siempre eclipsaba La"
  • Eclipse - Elend
    ""We are only pain, Our fighting was vain." Say the evil. Drowning in the sea of lamentations, Sinking in the Abyss of desolation... Orb within Orb The Moon marry the Sun, And the universe will burn, Orb"
  • Eclipse - Winterpills
    "Eclipse there will always be children behind one comes another on the stairs, the younger brother in his grandmother's shawl. tonight we will break glasses be barefoot in grasses uninvited we walk in take"
  • Eclipse - Valhalla
    "Eclipse (M/L: Ivan. V.) "Blaze: tell me your sin." whispers the wind. Blind is the sun for the moonlight charm. right to your doom; love for the moon. Love for the moon!. Look at the moon in the sky, the"
  • Eclipse - Wumpscut
    "Eclipse Watching those flowers Burning out tonight Screams and soft lovers Memories or a fight Slowly the clouds Are fading into a cage While from my hands Is falling another page Dreams and lost days Are"
  • Eclipse - Kirlian Camera
    "Watching those flowers burning out tonight Screams and soft lovers, memories of a fight. Slowly the clouds are fading into a cage, While from my hands is falling another page... Dreams and lost days are"
  • Eclipse - Emilio Navaira
    "VERSO 1: Adios le dijo el sol al cielo Cuando salia la luna ya Con sus estrellas tan relumbrosas Que todo el cielo hacen brillar VERSO 2: Adios le dijo el sol al cielo Ahi te la dejo yo ya me voy A la"
  • Eclipse - Thrice
    "call everyone to arms we'll fill the heavens with the poisoned dreams of man call everyone to arms we forged these weapons with the strength of our own hands we shot the sun from the sky apollo dead"
  • Eclipse - OUR MIRAGE
    "Tell me will I be fighting in another life? cause every day I tell myself another lie But I’m not okay! I’m not okay! I’m not okay! I’m not okay! I’m so far from home So after all these nights When I"
  • Eclipse - Robyn
    "There's an eclipse in your eye where I used to shine Every secret untold is a planet aligned Don't need prophets or preachers to make sense of the signs When the buried and hidden can be seen by the blind You're"
  • Eclipse - Apoptygma Berzerk
    "As we dwell inside the safe zones that we've made Where nothing but earthly pleasures seem to matter The only light we see is from the screens No will to feel or explore the forgotten dimensions Some"
  • Eclipse - The Beta Band
    "The people asking questions to the people with the answers The people with the answers ire the people with the questions So the people with the questions asked the people with the answers The people"
  • Eclipse - Feeder
    "You and I used to meet the same Wrapped together in cellophane We can try to get away Drift forever, lost in Space... (We're getting better all the time) Space... (We're getting better all the time) Space..."
  • Eclipse - Darkest Hour
    "Mass ceremonial suicide A nation of millions caught in the jaws of a lie Uniform stagnant filth Sub culture with no remorse or guilt Feeding the frenzy of fears It feeds on it's young for years A new chain"

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