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not a saint

  • Saint - Travis Scott
    "Yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah Murda on the beat, so it's not nice Yeah, mama built a saint (Saint, yeah) Yeah, countin' up the O's, I thank (Thank, alright) Yeah, lookin' at the O's I drank (Aw, it's"
  • Saint - Forgive-Me-Not
    "I'm sleeping on the cloud I'm dreaming of the world You're leaving so long then I'm hanging on the poles Those tiny waterfalls Of your tears that you miss I'm melting in the rain I'm anxious to be saint I'm"
  • Saint Chapelle - Coach Said Not To
    "I roll my film and you roll your cigarette. This balcony skyline make our silhouette. And I smile at the city, ache for that country. How much better does this life get when he says, Who are you? What"
  • I'm Not A Saint - Echobelly
    "Everybody's staring at my... Everybody's out to catch my...eye... I've gotta think it over I've gotta think it over Everybody's got somebody to... All I wanted was a body to...hide... I've gotta think"
  • Saint Huck - Nick Cave
    "Born of the river, Born of its never-changing, never-changing murky water Huck standing like a Saint, upon its deck If ya wanna catch a Saint, then bait ja hook, let's take a walk... 'O come to me!, O"
  • Saint Veronika - Billy Talent
    "They found an empty bottle on her windowsill The day her mother lost her sleeping pills She was sick and tired of being invisible Hard to see in color when you're miserable Veronika, Saint Veronika You"
  • The saint - 1208
    "I am me as only I can beYou push me from the startA planned device on how to live my lifeI try to play the partAlways wanted something more for meI was born given a pathNever would I make the same mistakesNothing"
  • Saint Tropez - Ricky Martin
    "There's a place that's full of danger Not a good place for good girls It's a place that's full of strangers Watching you, wanting you Who'd have thought You'd jump on the wild ride with me You make"
  • Guitar Saint - Tinman Jones
    "A million to one, take a shot Lose it all, not a lot Dig it in, facing east Mind your armor, love the least Sing the song of the brave Bring a saving grace Throw your jam out boy Make it all count don't"
  • Saint Street - Legends Of Rodeo
    "The whole thing just changes / your world rearranges you're on your own Moved into your new place / well you're just a new face / you're on your own again The girl that you loved / she's been sent back"
  • Such A Saint - Admiral Twin
    "(Gollihare) She digs holes in Heaven and then laughs When I catch a glimpse from way down here I'm crawling up the lamp post like a worm She flips the switch and leaves me blind. I've known evil,"
  • The Saint - Diary Of Dreams
    "I tried to prevent this. How I wished that you were wrong Bear with me a few more days. You said you foresee things This is for sure not a coincidence This is not fate and it's not luck. Maybe it is just"
  • Peking saint - Cat Power
    "In peking There is a son who Is much greater Than you want to be Carnival arms have A medical wonder Who would of guessed that It was not a real body part In peking There is a mother Who is laden With"
  • Saint Simon - The Shins
    "After all these implements and text designed by intellects So vexed to find evidently there's just so much that hides And though the saints of us divine in ancient feeding lines Their sentiment is just"
  • The Saint - Murs
    "(unknown pop record scratched in to open) "Ready to BREAK, THE, ICE Feels like time is standing still..." {*gradually slows to a stop*} (Murs) Now this fool been on my ass for the past couple years Jumped"
  • Saint Anger - Metallica
    "St. Anger round my neck St. Anger round my neck He never gets respect St. Anger round my neck (Its rushing out, Its rushing out) St. Anger round my neck (It's rushing out, It's rushing out) He never gets"
  • Not A Sinner Nor A Saint - Alcazar
    "Tell me your destination Could need some inspiration Don't make too much of it Now let's not analyse This is the game with no rules I wont commit to I do All I can say for sure is What will be, will"
  • Saint - Texas
    "I'm taking my time I'll fix it, don't worry now I'm needing you there Make sure that you're coming too All of my life Is all I'll give you here The meaning of me Is something to pursue You think I'm"
  • Saint - Elton John
    "You don't pass your time in limbo Or hang out with the crowd Sitting on the stoop like a little girl Who took the wrong road into town But you got that short cut way about you And no one's gonna stare"
  • Saint - Ours
    "Did you know? Your eyes have a glow that send mine down to the pavement Mine down to the pavement Since you're gone The words have all come And we sing like it's contagious Sing like it's contagious I"

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