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not getting out of here this time not getting out alive

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not getting out of here this time not getting out alive

  • Getting out - Eva Cassidy
    "Im getting out of this town Im going far far away Im getting out of this town Not a thing could make me stay I said Im leaving here baby So get out of my way yeah Im getting tired of your talking You never"
  • Getting out - Linda Mertens
    "Every time I wanna party Even when it hasn't started You manage to fuck up my night By acting like you always do I really need to get out Go to the places I like Without you breathing down my neck And"
  • Getting Out - Charlie Landsborough
    "Gettin out I cant take anymore Gettin out I finally found the door Maybe Ill miss the comfort of The friendly route Ive grown to love Theres no doubt Im gettin out Getting out I need to change the scene Find"
  • The Struggle (Getting Out Alive) - Lucky Boys Confusion
    "If I could slow you down, down for an hour I'd show you that tonight the world, the world is so small Here is me and you, here is the mission The distance, the race, the miles to crawl They got us"
  • Getting Out, Getting Anywhere - Yvonne
    "He's placed between her widespread legs a final cut into his back She claims he was her second best and she's got so much that he detests Breaking up isn't harder than to decide what is best for her He's"
  • Getting Started - Buffy Sainte-Marie
    "Oo down Tipi Town Hoping around Seeking inspiration I been out here on the edge of space, In the human race I guess I'd gotten lonely but That's okay Now it's not the way it should be and That's okay I"
  • Getting down - 10 Seconds Down
    "For all you out there who didn't know For all the frustration you feel inside Now is the time to let it flow Ten seconds down, let it ride For everyone who's messing with your head Everything that's right"
  • Getting Married - Nas
    "Say hello to the man, goodbye to the gigolo It was difficult for me to find a chick I want This ain't no sucka for love shit This ain't no Huxtable kisses and hug shit, first night we fuck shit And"
  • I'm not getting any younger - Gilbert O'Sullivan
    "Since I've known you we've always been togetherAnd in that time the love we shared we vowed would last foreverYet marriage is a subject you approveProviding it has nothing whatsoever to do with youAnd"
  • Getting Out - Bertine Zetlitz
    "So you think you've found yourself the girl You want to spend your life with? How come that girl's got my eyes and my curls? And how come I never was asked? Coz I've been trying desperately to give you"
  • Not Getting Your Name - Tyler Hilton
    "Hello Miss... I'm sorry I didn't catch the rest When it comes to women, baby, you know I'm not the best Everyone I see makes it matter less anymore Then again I've never felt this way before And girl"
  • Getting around - A
    "All your friends are famous, you're the man at pulling favours Is that the best that you could do? Is that the best we can do? You say it before, and say it again "You're gonna be massive it's a matter"
  • Getting better - Geri Halliwell
    "Are you ready, come on, cut it out You need a little therapy, come on, let?s go Do you feel like something?s missing Treading water in the sea of life Can you deal with what you really feel Cause we all"
  • Getting Nowhere - Shane Hebert
    "I can't see you anymore 'Cause I see you all the time I get so tired of looking for A picture in my mind Looking on the outside of every person in view When I see the inside, seems nothing is new"
  • Getting Smaller - Nine Inch Nails
    "Getting a little erratic here And I don't know who to trust I guess they got a way of reading my mind I guess I got to adjust I've got my arms that flip flop flip flop flip I got my head on spring Well"
  • Getting Down - DMX
    "(feat. Bazaar Royale, Big Stan, Kashmir) Grrrrrrr. Gettin down for what we stand for cause it don't stop Once, the, Line's, crossed - BAZAAR! I am from the ghet-to I don't do the dis-co I just pull"
  • Getting There Is Getting By - Punchline
    "I'm going to get there. You're going to see me. You're going to say that so much has changed. In a year now, I'll rise above and I'll see you at the top. Everyone has changed. AOA...are you okay? Are"
  • Getting Closer - Alien Ant Farm
    "I used to think that the end was near But years gone by and I'm still right here It alwasy seemed like the day would come To end my trials and tribulations Now I'm older and wiser... This could be"
  • The Art Of Getting Jumped - De La Soul
    "I WAS.. (Pos) .. on my way, to the disco You know the club, Maseo was rockin rub that night Midnight to four, name at the door but the whole crew I can get in as well So I got on my cell, called my nigga"
  • Just Getting Started - Punchline
    "So move out of my way. Can't control me anymore. I'm on fire again just like before. I get like this sometimes. Ignore the warning signs. Leave it up to me to be the one who's burning. Everyone is too"

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