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nothing but thewies lover pleas stay

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nothing but thewies lover pleas stay

  • Lover - Michael Stanley
    "Well the glow from the bars and a thousand stars Light the cold Ohio night And the Turnpike's slick, the snow's as thick as thieves Since your call came through there ain't nothing new But the radio and"
  • Pleas - Widespread Panic
    "They say turn the bright lights on And there you'll find the truth Here, open up this book And now you'll find the proof It feels like a can of worms Keep the lid on tight, and they say Don't let it"
  • Lover - Rammstein
    "I can see you but you can't see me I could touch you and you wouldn't even feel meWait a second and you'll settle downI'm just waiting, 'til you really let your guard down? Your relaxed, your sublime,"
  • Lover, Lover - Marty Robbins
    "Who can I count on if I can't count on you Who can I turn to if I can't turn to you Who can I cling to if I can't cling to you Who can I sing to if I can't sing to you Lover, you've left me alone in a"
  • Nothing But Us - Aaron Pritchett
    "I love these days when we stay all locked up in love Finally find a little time to waste We talk and laugh while hours pass, we can't get close enough Making memories, nothing can erase Nothing but us,"
  • Nothing but love - Mr.Big
    "Guess what babyThe things we saidCame true today cause we listened to our heartsNo one but youWill ever doOur search is through but our journey's just beginningNothing but love can last foreverNothing"
  • Nothing Can Stay - Donna Fargo
    "It's getting dark again kinda like it was before And I'm lost again somewhere out here on the road Where's the gold that I saw glitter and change my night to day Don't tell me nothing is forever and nothing"
  • Heartbreak Lover - Beres Hammond
    "Maxi Priest: You can go if you wanna You can stay if you like You can do almost anything But you don't run my life I don't need you ultimatums I can't deal with no stress You don't run no part of"
  • Stay - Belly
    "Stay ohh ooh oh oh stay Stay ohh ooh oh oh stay Soloman dives For that big dusky pearl Soloman sighs He knows he's older than me Sleeps with the fishes soon Stay (Stay) Ohh ooh oh oh stay Stay (Stay) Ohh"
  • Stay - The Tragically Hip
    "you did the best that you could do you were a great crew who tried to nurture and preserve your faith in you and with the bureau chiefs and the shrugging spies you could stay but why? you see a light"
  • Stay - Hurts
    "My whole life waiting for the right time To tell you how I feel. Know I try to tell you that I need you. Here I am without you. I feel so lost but what can I do? 'Cause I know this love seems real But"
  • Stay - Danny Saucedo
    "Can you hear my call I have tried for so long But you've been on the run Here I'm left to figure out Why you're not around In this empty place of mine 'Cause all you ever gave Was a momentary love I can't"
  • Stay - Destiny's Child
    "[1:] Baby i want for nothing just your tender sweet loving I know youve got your things to do But tell me what means more to you Hanging out with me or with your boys Sometimes i do get lonely But no you"
  • Stay - Saves The Day
    "I'll go walking around in the dark of the day. Right when everything's quiet, see stars as they change. Trees sway, sag to the street drinkin' puddles of rain. Right on the corner of your old street where"
  • Stay - Tooji
    "I hear music as I walk down the street Start moving to the rhythm, heart is pumping the beat I hear the people shout out Turn up the music louder Better start running if you can’t stand the heat What’s"
  • Stay - Lisa Loeb
    "you say i only hear what i want to. you say i talk so all the time so. and i thought what i felt was simple, and i thought that i don't belong, and now that i am leaving, now i know that i did something"
  • Stay - New Found Glory
    "(feat. Lisa Loeb) you say I only hear what I want to. you say I talk so all the time so. and I thought what I felt was simple, and I thought that I don't belong, and now that I am leaving, now I"
  • Stay - Tonya Mitchell
    "I've must have been blind Not to see you look away from me Whenever you say "You love me still" I must have been crazy Not to see you slip away from me Day after day there's a space to fill and I can't"
  • Stay - Alison Moyet
    "A wait in hope of every day That changes come as changes may With every fear that I allay. I have a horror of this place Yet I'm accustomed to its face And I am safe within its maze But you leave me nothing"
  • Stay - 12 Stones
    "I walk to the edge again, searching for the truth Taken by the memories of all that I've been through If I could hear your voice I know that I would be okay I know that I've been wrong but I'm begging"

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