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noting els matters

  • Matters - Rickie Lee Jones
    "What you wish for, what you think The photographs you carry around What whispers to yourself when you're finally gone What you take when you go Adds up to the big number What you leave with Who you know Makes"
  • Els L - Vidres A La Sang
    "De la prolfica contuma dels teus congneres vens, per una vida que penses gallard que et deu tres o quatre bns ms dels que tens. Des de l'homognia i l'egosime de la nostra condició, la humana com no, et"
  • Pantalons Curts I Els Genolls Pelats - Els Pets
    "Ungles brutes i un munt de repls Enfilant-se a un arbre ple de prssecs vermells, Desprs a la bassa tots nuets Vigilant la roba i que no arribi el pags! I a lhora de berenar Pa amb vi i sucre o un tros"
  • Balding Matters - Grinspoon
    "Would you, could you? Lend a hand with my bbq I've got, beer beer Get round with your packed up wacky sack Balding matters Balding matters Twist round, sit down Leave town like you did the last"
  • Size Matters - Joe Nichols
    "Someday she wants a big ol' house Sittin' on a big ol' hill And a mile long tree lined driveway For her big ol' Coupe DeVille Yeah, someday she wants a big ol' bank account With too much to spend But right"
  • Alma Matters - Morrissey
    "So : the choice I have made May seem strange to you But who asked you, anyway ? It's my life to wreck My own way You see : to someone, somewhere, oh yeah ... Alma matters In mind, body and soul"
  • It Matters - Firehose
    "how to say it when it don't come I'm not tryin' to be vague but silent anyway confusion with a smile and a sigh I'm glad for a friend though they really know it matters (it matters) if it don't come and"
  • What Matters - Matthew Sweet
    "In my mind I can't imagine How the world has come to me And in my heart I can't detach The feeling that it couldn't be And no, I don't want to kiss you Don't want to miss you if you go away I'll fake"
  • Music Matters - Faithless
    "(Cass Fox) For all those who stood up and were counted For all those for whom money was no motive For all those for whom music was a message I want to thank you For making me A little more sure A little"
  • What matters - Edwin McCain
    "Did you forget about the passionliving day to day?we keep our dreams locked down insidechoking on a lifetimenever take a chancewake up one day wishing you triedAnd it ain't about the moneyit ain't about"
  • Nothing Matters - Nobodys
    "Say that you don't like me. What i do ain't right. Well i'm tired of hearing all you hippies f**king cry. Don't do this, don't do that. Can i bum a cigarette man. It's not the 70's i don't like. It's you"
  • Laughing Matters - Bette Midler
    "Live at Five and CNN keep us all abreast of breaking stories that can tend to make us anxious and depressed. Problems with no answers hang on like some chronic cough. And every day some brand new issue rears"
  • Everything Matters - Aurora
    "I’m driving your car with you Sleeping in the seat next to me Like a baby You twist and you turn You are traveling fast Like a bird in a dream Look at it go Look at it dance Over the sky Like a rocket A"
  • Size Matters - Natasha Bedingfield
    "Bu-bada Bu-bada Bu-bada bada ba ba ba Bu-bada Bu-bada Bu-bada bada ba ba ba Ive been sizing you up and stuff Watching you live life large Enough for the both of us To big up the love Got the measure"
  • Tots Els Paisatges S - Vidres A La Sang
    "Es des de la foscor i la deseperana d'aquests dies que anhelo i somio les forces que ara em manquen. Per veure'm en el mirall d'aquells que semblem posseidors de tot all que condueix a la terra de camins"
  • Els Segadors (The Reapers) - A Sound of Thunder
    "Now is the time reapers You can see our vengeance is nigh So when June comes again Sharpen your blades Raise them high Raise up your scythes (raise up) Reap the glory of the land And the enemy"
  • All That Matters - Mark Knopfler
    "My darling girl My darling girl You're all that matters In this wicked world All that matters All that matters My darling boy My darling boy All of my sunshine And all of my joy You're all that matters All"
  • Nothing even matters - Lauryn Hill
    "Now the skies could fallNot even if my boss should callThe world it seems so very small'Cause nothing even matters at allNothing even mattersNothing even matters at allNothing even mattersNothing even"
  • Nothing really matters - John Kelly & Maite Itoiz
    "Nothing really matters when the light is gone, Nothing really matters when your heart is strong, Nothing really matters when theres still some love, Nothing really matters, nothing really matters. Once"
  • All That Matters - ABC
    "I believe that this world was made for everyone I can see all that wealth won't make a champion All that matters in my world (life) All that matters to me is you Only you, Only you All that matters, Only"

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