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now go part say patry

  • Pater Familias - Dreadlock Pussy
    "Its time to leave this burning ship behind Its time to come to terms and realise Theres nothing to be found in that left behind But reddish traces of forgotten crimes And I fear the rage will grow above"
  • Say No Go - De La Soul
    "POS: Now let's get right on down to the skit A baby is brought into a world of pits And if it could've talked that soon In the delivery room It would've asked the nurse for a hit The reason for this?"
  • Say, Say, Say - Sunz Of Man
    "(feat. Ancient Coins) Say, Say, Say what you want But we don't give a fuck about you Say, Say, Say what you want But we don't give a fuck about you Chemistry black soul, old gold complexion I hold"
  • Now I'm Hi, Part 3 - Three 6 Mafia
    "Chorus Triple 6 Triple triple 6 smoked out Now im high Feelin' high Mained on my doggy style (Playa Fly) Fly so high in funkytown Mega blunts I gotta smoke snowin', sneezin', coughin', chiefin' Blowin'"
  • Go Easy Now - The Hellacopters
  • Go Easy Now - Hellacopters
    "The ship has sunk and hit rock bottomWe played our parts not very wellSo it has come to an end We wanted blessings and we got 'emBut there's no sequelNo part three for us to attend So cut us some slack"
  • Say Now That You're Sorry - Plankeye
    "say now, that you're sorry i forgive you i promise to restore now, the order that we once had before this all came down now it's so useless we're wasting the members that we've been given i miss you even"
  • Now - Avail
    "When's better than now When's better than now To come with nothing and deny you When's better than now When's better than now To not believe A thing you say I've restrained But it can't go down this"
  • Now - System Syn
    "these days hold all the glory that youll ever know you pray for change for your whole life and let the beauty of the moment go you hope to have a face one day but have no means to form expression and when"
  • Go Now - Adam Levine
    "So here we are We’ve got another chance for live It’s what you want I can see it in your eyes You see so clear It’s coming into live Go on! Be wrong Cos tomorrow you’ll be right Don’t sit around and talk"
  • Go now - Nomy
    "Separate them confrontate them You could laugh but please dont hate them Let them grow up let them stay dont let shadows stand in your way and all the things they have done sentence for everyone and they"
  • Part 2 - Jon B.
    "Johnny "J", 2Pac, Jon B. [2Pac] Part 2 This is for all the homeboys who couldn't get their happy home As long as one of us got it some of us got it Stay down for me, hold on Verse 1: Sometimes"
  • Part One - Band Of Horses
    "The bottom the earth i have to fall But you really caught me. You really caught me, Dear At the bottom where i'd fallen. And slowly dear ask that you dance with me Here with the shades down, the lights"
  • Part Xi - Fairport Convention
    "Wake up John, it's time to go Come along John and don't be slow Come along John, don't be slow Wake up John, it's time to go Wake up John, it's time to go A priest joins the procession"
  • Part 2 - Petey Pablo
    "Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to present to you today The new album from Petey Pablo, "Still Writing in My Diary: The 2nd Entry" The boy hot now; he been gone for a little while, had a little vacation,"
  • What'd I Say (Part 1) - Ray Charles
    "Hey mama, don't you treat me wrong Come and love your daddy all night long All right, hey, hey, all right now See the girl with the diamond ring She knows how to shake that thing All right, hey, hey,"
  • Go - Tamia
    "I sat outside your house today Just thinkin' you'll never learn It's like the time I packed your things And dropped 'em off where you were I know you love to wash your car So I left it in the lake They"
  • Signs Say Go - Queensryche
    "Imagine if you will, what it means... This worthless life. Tried my best to the scratch the surface Got bloody broken fingernails. Convincing stories of achievement, lies. All expectations smashed, never"
  • Say Say Say - Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer
    "Say, say, say what you want But don't play games with my affection Take, take, take what you need But don't leave me with no direction All alone, I site home by the phone Waiting for you, baby (baby) Through"
  • Say say say - Paul McCartney
    "Say, say, say what you want but don't play games with my affection Take, take, take what you need but don't leave me with no direction All alone I sit home by the phone waiting for you baby Through the"

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