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now i understund
  • Mates of State Now
    "I've been waiting for a sign I've been waiting for a sign To tell me where, tell me where I belong And you've been waiting for the night You've been waiting for the night To take you far, take you far Away"
  • Self Now
    "Handcuffed to the railroad tracks Gagged and bound, down on my knees My head upon a platter for you I'll offer anything Now, now, any way you want me Now, now, any way you want Now, now, any way you want"
  • Everclear Now
    "Waste my time running in circles Waste my time going bad on the vine I spent the last year walking through the fire Now I do believe it's my turn to shine (Now it's my turn to shine) Waste my time walking"
  • Def Leppard Now
    "I wanna know you better Let's spend some time together I wanna be what's on your mind Look in my eyes, they're calling I need your love to fall in If you could just give me a sign I can't get over baby I"
  • The Carpenters Now
    "(Roger Nichols / Dean Pitchford) Now, Now when it rains I don't feel cold. Now that I have your hand to hold, The winds might blow through me but I don't care. There's no harm in thunder if you are there. And"
  • Dixie Chicks Now
    "If I could be 13 again To live with no regret When I could still be president And I could feel my dad As he's holding me in his arms Not in my dreams And I could not wait to be Something at 23 But now"
  • Noa Now
    "now there is light coming in through the crack in the door now there is hope where id never expect it before now there are so many things but theres nothing at all now you are learning to stand i am"
  • Connie Smith Now
    "There was a time not long ago I felt complete I loved you so And nights would never get me down but this has all been changed around Now my world is filled with loneliness now I hurt so I should love you"
  • Gotthard Now
    "There ain't a single day without you on my mind From the very start I knew that you are no kind And every passing day to come I feel I'm incomplete I need to have you closer To give you what you need I'd"
  • Vallee Now
    "If I Could Be Thirteen Again To Live With no Regret When I Could Still Be President And I Could Feel My Dad As He's Holding Me in His Arms Not in My Dreams And I Could Not Wait to Be Something At Twenty-three"
  • Maggie Reilly Now
    "Angel from amber Bringing me our precious love And I am falling ... But I don't mind, now I know It's so easy to let go Every day's a new beginning Every says you'll be all around All I want you"
  • Memphis Bleek Now
    "(feat. Da Ranjahz) I'm on my feet now, shit never was it sweet now Belly but I'm still starve can I eat now, live complete Now, told by the older god never put the heat down Far from reper humbo"
  • Chihiro Onitsuka Now
    "Somewhere there is a place waiting for a patient, craving to a violence What can I do to feel it? What can I try to, what can I give to But we haven't got it all figured out just yet And I'm distracted"
  • Taproot Now
    "Well, I need to be around you And I need to see your eyes on me now And I need to caress your face with mine And I need to know that you care Cuz I bleed in pain when I'm without your soul Cuz I love you"
  • Al Martino Now
    "Now all the world is mineNow stars will always shineNow life will be devineCause I found youMy prayers haven't been in vainYour smile sends away the rainYour kiss made it very plainThat your my dream come"
  • Paperback Hero Now
    "So you ask, say your prayers Last in line, don't you care Color-blind to what is fair Wasted time, no time to spare I want you now I can't fall down Last chance on the front line slowly fades Last"
  • Youth Alive WA Now
    "Another day it comes around, i cant wait to get my feet on the ground. Happy to be here with you. I just wanna live for you. Start the days it ends the same, full of all my dreams again. Live my youth"
  • Allison Crowe Now
    "Words & Music by Allison Crowe As I walk this hall alone I wonder exactly why it is I'm leaving when there's nothing there for me to return to other than blind faith with a lack of believing and not to"
  • Scorpions Now
    "Like it played loud Powerhouse sounds My body wants to rock and let it out Really high born Morning till dawn I'm going all the way just on and on It's gonna be wild, it's gonna be wild It's gonna be wild"
  • NoMeansNo Now
    "Now if I had the courage I'd pour in your jar All the things that I have heard you whisper in the dark And when that jar was heavy Whith your honey confidence I'd put it to my lips and drink its meaning"

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