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noyou can take freedom


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noyou can take freedom

  • Freedom - King's X
    "Freedom to have two mothers and all be friends Freedom to terminate my fetus if it don't fit in Freedom to kiss my brother right on the lips Freedom to make my own concoction and take a sip What a trip,"
  • Freedom - Dc Cooper
    "Travelled from the home so far A man said he would take them For a price of everything he has Promise of some hope and dreams beyond your faith not saying Never saying that your life will be at stake (Freedom)"
  • Freedom - Rockets
    "Back to backWe make a standJust to change thisWay of lifeAnd throw in your handAnd be freeFreedom with a crazy wordSmash the shellAnd run like hellAnd we'll break outAnd move like wierdForget you're part"
  • Freedom - Joi
    "Turn me loose set me free, from the chains that bind me let me run to my own direction let me go set me free from all this prropaganda and lies that your peope try to teach me I know why you would"
  • Freedom - Run Kid Run
    "Oh my chains, I can't disengage, I don't believe that I want to, one hand sings your praise, the other brings me shame, I have selfishness to blame... And I'm singing for freedom, I know I'm not the only"
  • Freedom - Andy Griggs
    "The sun is setting on my lonely heart In this cheap motel What I though would be brand new start Is just a prison cell Independence was calling my name Screamin' in the wind Sayin', Son you need a change But"
  • Freedom - E-Rotic
    "We all need freedom and love and peace Let us light up our fantasies Make the world survive Keep the dream alive We all need freedom and love and peace Look around, look around The world is moving down"
  • Freedom - David Gray
    "Take your eyes off me There's nothing here to see Just trying to keep my head together And as we make our vow Let us remember how There's nothing good that lasts forever Time out on the running"
  • Freedom - Superstar
    "Freedom, freedomOh, there is no guarantyThet we'll lose our destinyFreedom, freedomEvery nigh and every dayWe wanna live in harmonyFreedom giime, gimme freedomOh, there is no guarantyThat we'll lose our"
  • Freedom - Archive
    "I own this place free space This tight ship I own the free, it's all mine All the flavours I taste as far as the eye can see Well it's all me Big steps big strides It's large and back and forth Get out"
  • Freedom - John Kelly & Maite Itoiz
    "Can't they see their land in peace Can't they hear their songs once more Can't the waves of the sea Go to lie in the sands of the free land It's not a matter of beliefe But the hopes seem to be gone And"
  • Freedom - Spring Heeled Jack USA
    "Until Yesterday when the lights went out You'll find some one to take your anger out The life you lead is so blue Cause all you dream about, all you think about is you Traveling by on your own mistakes Living"
  • Freedom - TLC
    "Various artists & tlc (appears on the panther soundtrack) Now this is time for free your mind and your soul Yo our official story has never been told Ladies you got to demand what you want And what we"
  • Freedom - De/Vision
    "I need an overdose of life My secret to survive To get a big kick out of live I always go against the tide I burn so fast but bright And never see the red light Don't keep your eyes on every step I take Don't"
  • Freedom - Ashanti
    "Said I'm gone close my eyes Said I'm gon' live my life Despite what you think I'm gone be free I'm a be me Yeah! See I ain't never think I would have a situation where the people around me just envy"
  • Never Take Away My Freedom - Chris Willis & David Guetta
    "I may be wrong, I may be right I may never see the light But you can never take away my freedom Can take everything I own You can have and sing my song You can never take away my freedom I may be wrong,"
  • Never Take Away My Freedom - David Guetta
    "I may be wrong, I may be right I may never see the light But you can never take away my freedom Can take everything I own You can have and sing my song You can never take away my freedom I may be wrong,"
  • Freedom Day - Jean Michel Jarre
    "Free Free Freedom, Freedom Free, Freedom Day (huh ha) Free Free Freedom, Freedom Free, Freedom Day (wow) Listen my story baby, listen to me (heh, good) Listen, listen, listen hehehe wuh woah Free Free"
  • No Freedom - Dido
    "Take down the silence I’m free to walk out the door By the look in your eyes I can tell You don’t think I’ll be back for more Try to think of a world Where you could stay and these safe hands could go Take"
  • Freedom Is - Haddaway
    "Freedom is What you make of it Freedom is What you take from it Met a man Met a man Walking the road of life Freedom was the way we lived life Freedom was the way we came Freedom was the way we lived it Freedom"

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