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  • Stranger Things - Guzior
    "Podaj mi trochę kruszu Co da mi trochę luzu I przestanie w końcu weź ty lepiej sie stad usuń W zasięgu moich uszu Obraca przez to mi ten mózg jak bluszcz Że trzymam ciągle brzytwy Nie spadniesz Głośniki"
  • Stranger Things - ABC
    "I would walk away from you If that's what you wanted But when you look for something new You can be so disappointed * It's funny how it used to be Me for you and you for me I wish I knew why people change Suddenly **"
  • Stranger - Lili Haydn
    "Written by Lili Haydn, Matt Sherrod, & Lotus Weinstock Down, while you're diggin' down dig a little deeper No way to get around We're all in this together Pretty teenage baby has a baby of her own no"
  • Stranger - Meliah Rage
    "Here I am with a bible in my hand Trying really hard to understand Something I don't think anybody can Namely man's inhumanity to man Here I am with a bottle in my hand Trying to escape from my fellow"
  • Stranger - Starship
    "Raindrops falling Winter feels so gloomy Hear the knock upon my door Stranger calling Eyes that look like mine Said you know I've called before What is veiled now soon will be shown Come walk with"
  • Stranger - Jefferson Starship
    "Raindrops falling Winter feels so gloomy Hear a knock upon my door Stranger calling Eyes that look like mine He said you know I've called before What is veiled now soon will be shown Come walk"
  • Stranger - Pacifier
    "The night goes on and on It seems like it's forever Wish we were home instead Of how it's turning out It's something that you cannot explain The one thing that gets in the way Don't say the things that"
  • Stranger - Pacifier / Shihad
    "the night goes on and on; it seems like it's forever wish we were home instead of how it's turning out there's something you cannot explain the one thing that gets in the way don't say the things you"
  • Stranger - Lloyd Banks
    "Uh! I'm doin my thang (I'm doin my thang) G-Unit's my gang (G-Unit's my gang) Ma I gotta get mine (Ma I gotta get mine) All the day all the time (All the day all the time) Nigga you know how we roll (Nigga"
  • Stranger - Janne Da Arc
    "Nagareru namida ni dare ka kigatsu iteyoKonna ni mo kanashi gatte iru no niChikaku no me ni tsuku basho deSabishi sou ni shiteru kara dare ga koe wo kaketeKigatsu keba sou kao ni kaite iruSarigenai shigusa"
  • Stranger - Bon Jovi
    "It might be hard to be loversBut its harder to be friendsBaby pull down the coversIts time you let me inMaybe light a couple candlesIll just go ahead and lock the doorIf you just talk to me babyTil we"
  • Stranger Things Have Happened - Foo Fighters
    "Goddamn this dusty room This hazy afternoon I'm breathing in this silence like never before This feeling that I get This one last cigarette As I lay awake and wait for you to come through that door Oh"
  • Stranger Things Have Happened - George Strait
    "I hate to admit it But somebody else came along and took you're love away And tonight as I lay here All alone in this room He's out there some where Takin' my place Stranger things have happened to me And"
  • Stranger Things Have Happened - Ronnie Milsap
    "I keep talking to your picture But a smile is all you say. It's a lonely conversation, But missing you is easier this way. Last night a shadow filled the doorway, And I heard footsteps on the stairs. Then"
  • Stranger Things (ft. OneRepublic) - Kygo
    "Stranger things we’re like we’re like a stranger things we’re stranger things dream of place at cause that’s just who we are I used to run around this ghost time always thinking out are we gonna get"
  • Stranger Aeons - Entombed
    "One more dead soul there's a hole in the sky illuminating dreamquest the prophet's eye by virtue of madness a sign of faith lurking at the threshold you're lost between the gates Death's a solution to"
  • Intimate stranger - Delirious
    "I lift my eyes to youEyes that have seen a thing or twoWho is this stranger in my life?I lift my hands to youHands that have carried what is trueIntimate stranger be my lifeJesus I love youJesus I adore"
  • Stranger Within - Ultravox
    "Light comes through a crack in the door I tape up the windows once more Tight like a cold hand of steel Don't fear the stranger within Hands that petrify in the air Eyes catching things never there Sweet"
  • Perfect Stranger - Dropkick Murphys
    "Schizophrenic nightmares sending shivers down my spine I may be a little twisted, but I swear that my life is fine I'm living with a perfect stranger, is there anybody home? I'm living with a perfect"
  • The Stranger - Prussian Blue
    "The Stranger within my gate, He may be true or kind, But he does not talk my talk" I cannot feel his mind. I see the face and the eyes and the mouth, But not the soul behind. The men of my own stock"

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