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nuty literowe na keyboard arrival

  • Radiowe nuty (Radiowe nutki) - Piosenki dla Dzieci
    "Chciała jesień jabłku grać Żeby mogło lepiej spać Ale jabłko z drzewa spadło – Wolę kupić sobie radio! Bo w radiu piosenek jest tyle Na dobre i smutne chwile Na wrzesień, listopad i luty Najlepsze radiowe"
  • Black Keyboard - Xiu Xiu
    "Why would mother say such things? Why add tongue to a kiss goodnight? Force me to know The Want. No one needs to know. Be free. Laugh at your son. A child is nothing without hate. Be certain he feels his"
  • Arrival - Sarah Brightman
    "Sing, sing, sing the song they sang with us When they sailed away Bring, bring, bring them back again To these lonely shores one day We'll be here awaiting their arrival How that moment's gonna shine May"
  • Arrival - The Echoing Green
    "Winter leaves are falling on your ground Shut your eyes and you can hear the sound Of Love calling out your name And every day your answer stays the same You're saying that you need a little time"
  • Arrival - Cult Of Luna
    "Oh new day. Wash my face and wipe these scars away Clear my thoughts. Imagine the last Empire's demise Oh new dawn. At last I have died and reborn The rays burnt through my shell My mission is summoning"
  • Arrival - Cadaverous Condition
    "men as trees, walking outside angels fall for us outside giants rule again outside well become like them outside oh what a fine day I have my own symbols to dress I have plenty of hate for this mess outside outside everything"
  • Arrival - Celesty
    "For those who thought I didn't survive And that I faced my end that night You should know by now. I'm truly alive! That force creates a place for those Who have used that magic force This is the place"
  • Arrival - Hopsin
    "Tears cried, tears dried Love gained, love lost (Lost) Real life, ill mind Much pain, much cost (Yes) Uprise, downfall Fuck nice, outlaw (Outlaw, outlaw, outlaw, outlaw) Wait Alright, let's get it (Yeah) (I'm)"
  • The Arrival - The Abyss
    "... blasphemy ... blue sky turns to black ... ... ...the beast of Hell The{y're} coming ... gate ... ... ...blasphemy ... ... The arrival Of the beast ... ... ... sanctify my lonely life ...beast of"
  • Upon Arrival - Chicago
    "(Lyrics by Robert Lamm, music by Robert Lamm & Peter Cetera) A chauffeur dressed in gray, holds a sign, in leather gloves, With instructions to meet the VIP upon arrival. Father, mother, and sister trading"
  • The Arrival - Southern Penguins
    "Adrift and carried away. Coz i know you steal my time And wrap it on your lips Oh dear take it away Would you stay inside my heart Until this day over. She's my lover, she's my lullaby She's the story"
  • Random Arrival - Mest
    "What's going on these days I havent seen you in so long What went on those days Why weren't we getting along What went on those days I've missed you so much All those times That we drank way too"
  • The Arrival - Tuatha De Danann
    "Long awaited return, The Folks of the Immortal hosts, Were looking for the signs, Suberbous waves of flashes Now theyre really come, Magnificous , crowned with light, Beyond our lucidity sense, A terrific"
  • Majestic Arrival - Teramaze
    "Persecution blinded is the foe Resolution fed into the soul Freed from our sins by his fallen blood Our Saviour is serving your right to live Again The sacred chosen few Escaping through darkness The depth"
  • The Arrival - Skepticism
    "Arrived autumn With a visited uninvited And by chill slowly growing With a lesson fully dreadful And by message all displeasing Then arrived autumn With a growing understanding And by vision slowly clearing With"
  • The Arrival - Agressor
    "To the universal master, prepare the attack, prepare his revenge His thought and all his preachers will be read to bring the snange And his mighty power are going to change the face of the world And you'll"
  • The Arrival - Pedro Costa
    "Neglected mislead, Now all the frightening things flow through my head. Is it wise to forget, A lifetime of fear to have nothing left. I struggled and reached, but now the burning souls are forced to preach. If"
  • The Arrival - Airged L'amh
    "Through a great celebration on the crest of the hill Though my coming's a vision revealed Facing warriors riding with power across Aonvarr oh my great white horse Though a man of science and talents I"
  • The Arrival - Atmosphere
    ""I'm not really supposed to talk about this.....but..." With the excitment of a new born Came to join the main event and fight against the luke warm With nothing but they word and they history Take a can"
  • I Was It On Your Keyboard - Hellogoodbye
    "There exists a melody That just might change your mind If only I knew the key To sing to make you mine Then I saw it on your keyboard And you saw it on my sleeve I never knew a heart existed Outside of"

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