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nuty literowe na keyboard human christ

  • Radiowe nuty (Radiowe nutki) - Piosenki dla Dzieci
    "Chciała jesień jabłku grać Żeby mogło lepiej spać Ale jabłko z drzewa spadło – Wolę kupić sobie radio! Bo w radiu piosenek jest tyle Na dobre i smutne chwile Na wrzesień, listopad i luty Najlepsze radiowe"
  • Human - Fisher
    "You came up, once again Seems you're the topic of every single conversation I was the one, once again making apologies, all in your defence Just give her time. Chorus: It's all right if you fall You"
  • Human - Skye Sweetnam
    "You know what Simon SaysHe tells you what to doWhat if he told you to take off all your clothes and dance in your birthday suitSure it's the latest crazeWe all get influencedthe little secret they don't"
  • Acid Christ - Seth
    "(Lyrics : Vicomte Vampyr Arkames) Mon pre, je vous ai trahi. J'ai effac de ma mmoire, les dimensions , les limites, l'envie de vivre. Mon pre, je vous ai ha. J'ai reni l'essentiel, Ma foi, vos larmes"
  • Christ Denied - Deicide
    "Congregation congregated in his house of god Entombed by their almighty savior Revelations misinterpreted ignite his flame Removed from the human equation Retreat to death in burning flesh His dead disciples"
  • Christ Passion - Sodom
    "We praise the saviour Observe the ten commandments Confess our sins For time immorial Man's mind gets inspired By gift and faculty divine Blind superstition Religious liberty Mitigate our sorrows Living"
  • Black Keyboard - Xiu Xiu
    "Why would mother say such things? Why add tongue to a kiss goodnight? Force me to know The Want. No one needs to know. Be free. Laugh at your son. A child is nothing without hate. Be certain he feels his"
  • Eyes Of Christ - Angra
    "Angra Miscellaneous Eyes Of Christ Demian poor child was raised on the gutter Digs in trashcans to kill the hunger When your mouth is so full of promise All I see is one empty hand The"
  • Behold The Christ - Trip Lee
    "''Hey yo, waddup? Dis ya boy Mac Mac the doulos supplyin' da track Yeah, got my man's Trip Lee on the verse We had to team up Let cat's know the truth about Jesus the Christ Not just a prophet, not just"
  • Human Sacrifice - Vengeance Rising
    "(G. Rodgers / R. Martinez) Diety's blood, spilled for you For indeed Christ was our passover Hanging on a bloodied cross A bloodied cross Human sacrifice Human sacrifice Father forgive them for they"
  • Human Consumption - Necro
    "onA cannibal is a person who eats human flesh there is much discussion as to whether cannibalisme is an inhered caractaristic in al human beings or animal impulses or whether cannibalisme stands only from"
  • Human Being - Gentleman
    "Yeah, just give the women the respect, what dem deserve and if a guy disrespects you yes him haffi splet, why him haffi splet Chorus: If a guy try fi treat you like a puppet pon a string mek dem know"
  • Human Error - Sorrow
    "Curse the priest Rape the nun Kill Jesus Christ Spit at the church Sin - Unholy behavior Blasphemy - Church desecration Evil - Irreligious Irreverent - Lack of reverence Overwhelmed by hate Ridicule"
  • Jesus Christ R'N R - Dir En Grey
    "?I thought ? Do it now. God bless me! Bless you! I cry from pain ominous communication Jesus Christ Rock'n Roll Jesus Christ Rock'n Roll Jesus Christ Rock'n Roll ? ? Do it now. God bless"
  • New millenium cyanide christ - Meshuggah
    "I'm a carnal, organic anagramHuman flesh instead of written lettersI rearrange my pathetic tissueI incise, I replace, I'm reformedI eradicate the fake pre-present meElevate me to a higher human formThe"
  • Christ - Ashbury Heights
    "Devilgod - Paralyzed By unreasonable fear high On expectations, drunk on Perrir Devilgod - Analyzed by the best And the beast a sovereign of Madmen, at the very least Make my day, my world my Silverchair Make"
  • Human - Human League
    "Come on, baby, dry your eyes Wipe your tears Never like to see you cry (Won't you please forgive me?) I wouldn't ever try to hurt you I just needed someone to hold me To fill the void while you were gone"
  • Human Dark Potential - Vengeance Rising
    "Why? What is it that makes them snap? Where was the line crossed at? To see the face looking so docile As they walk to their sentance of death I see the human dark potential This one's captured, how"
  • Human - The Human League
    "Come on baby, dry your eyes Wipe your tears Never like to see you cry Won't you please forgive me I wouldn't ever try to hurt you I just needed someone to hold me To fill the void while you were gone To"
  • More Than Human - Bride
    "Devil in your head A serpent in your tree Soaring through the heavens of your lost soul You believe every lie Jump from every shadow Listen to them you will live in guilt and shame We are, Here to Save"

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