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nuty literowe na keyboard into the unknown

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nuty literowe na keyboard into the unknown

  • Black Keyboard - Xiu Xiu
    "Why would mother say such things? Why add tongue to a kiss goodnight? Force me to know The Want. No one needs to know. Be free. Laugh at your son. A child is nothing without hate. Be certain he feels his"
  • Into The Unknown - Cashless
    "Tonight the world is calling my name and I know I gotta go, To another place somewhere far away, here I don't wanna stay. Cause I'm sick of the routine and I'm tired of this game, It's time to leave!It's"
  • Into The Unknown - Mercyful Fate
    "(Music: Shermann/Lyrics: Diamond) Darkness we are here tonight to select who's gonna die Has everyone arrived? Darkness open wide and let the lights go dim While I dig into your soul my friend... Looking"
  • Into the unknown - ATC
    "I don't like who I am anymore I am safe I'm never afraid If the path where i walk is so safe, I will send someone out to explore When the outcome is hard to predict I will leave, the chance will be lost"
  • Into the unknown - Avantasia
    "Heading for another life In a new world far away Why not me, oh Lord Why did Vandroiy have to die, why Dreamers come and go But a dream's forever Freedom for all minds Let us go together Neverending"
  • Into the unknown - Dream Evil
    "Never talk to strangers, never meet their eyesStay away from danger, never leave the lightDon't heed into darkness, it might be your fallTurn away whenever evil callsSo where's the road where you can goIn"
  • Into The Unknown - Apoptygma Berzerk
    "We got lost inside a storm dazed and hurt we fought it through drawn to the light both detached heading into the unknown Whenever you wanted me I was there for you and by a torch of faith I set myself"
  • Unknown - Lifehouse
    "This doubt is screaming in my face This familiar place sheltered and concealed and if this night won't let me rest don't let me second guess what I know to be real put away all I know for tonight and maybe"
  • Unknown - Grave
    "I'll take you into the ever black I conquer your weak soul Flood of pain falls like rain As I grant your eyes my evil desire Tears you feel are tears that bleed I rape you slow infernally Come inside"
  • Unknown - Epidemic
    "Life, the meaning of death, unknown destiny how much time is left. Living out the end never knowing when. The plug will be pulled and you find the end. Doomed, to uncertaintly, uncontrolled force controls"
  • Into the Unknown - Embraced
    "As I roam along the path Between life and death Shattered dreams Seem to be all there is left So please bring me forth And show me the way Be my guide and lead me right Bursting out in tears As the agony"
  • Unknown - O.C. Supertones
    "Killin' ourselves faster than fast Livin' in the future, livin' in the past I haven't always been in Christ I know what you're goin' through, man A couple of years ago I was just like you Lookin' for answers,"
  • Threshold Into The Unknown - Internal Suffering
    "... long time ago, before man and even the cosmos was created a battle between the forces of "light" and "darkness" took place... The Ancient Ones , led by MUMMU TIAMAT and ABSU And the Elder Gods, led"
  • Journey Into The Unknown - Orphanage
    "Into the void of a blackness you despise I throw your sanity in the pit of your demise Your mind is losing all grip on reality My game has begun now, you will suffer just like me Your vision has been blinded"
  • The Unknown - Personal War
    "Deep in your sleep I reach your head whisper words into your mind from unknown spaces unknown times whisper words into your mind My stories tell 'bout love and hate my stories tell 'bout desperation My"
  • The Unknown - To/Die/For
    "The sun has gone down Left me alone In the dark In the cold And wind blows again It comes from far away So far away Is the peace of my soul Here it comes again This racking feeling, I don't belong here Mother"
  • The Unknown - Crossfade
    "Can you hear me Can you see any part of me Can you feel me Can you bleed for me Can't you see me walking in your shoes Can't you feel me stepping all over your soul Can't you feel me reach into you Can't"
  • The Unknown - Scars Of Tomorrow
    "These walls are closing in. Tonight I see so much clearer, its more than I thought It could be. Burn inside these lucid dreams the very ones that make you whole. Dream inside, your withered words. And"
  • Unknown Girl - Patrick Nuo
    "Unknown girl In your unknown world So many different places I didn't mean a thing to me Empty situations but nothing I regret They can call me dreamer they can call me everything But I'm just a believer"
  • Unknown delight - George Harrison
    "Darkest deep brown eyes I've seen Angel came into my dream Like the morning's early light You freshen all around And with all the love you bring unknown delight Sweetest innocence and free God has given"

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