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nuty na keyboard - skinny love

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nuty na keyboard - skinny love

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nuty na keyboard - skinny love
  • Xiu Xiu Black Keyboard
    "Why would mother say such things? Why add tongue to a kiss goodnight? Force me to know The Want. No one needs to know. Be free. Laugh at your son. A child is nothing without hate. Be certain he feels his"
  • Birdy Skinny Love
    "Come on skinny love just last the year, Pour a little salt you were never here, My my my, my my my, my-my my-my... Staring at the sink of blood and crushed veneer. Tell my love to wreck it all, Cut out"
  • Bon Iver Skinny Love
    "Come on skinny love just last the year Pour a little salt, we were never here My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my Staring at the sink of blood and crushed veneer I tell my love to wreck it all Cut out all"
  • Bill Haley & his Comets Skinny Minnie
    "My skinny Minnie is a crazy chick, Six foot high and one foot thick Do I love her Does a boy love pie She is the apple of my eye, Skinny Minnie She ain't skinny, she's tall, that's all Tho' her shadow"
  • Old 97's Rollerskate Skinny
    "Roller skate skinny and the terrible twos How can you have everything and nothing to lose You and nobody see eye to eye You're gonna wake up with a ghost instead of a guy Bulletin board on the wall of"
  • The Wallflowers Skinny Lips
    "Well there goes Sally, my old lady She gone crazy drawing lines on her face And you know I got a feeling that Sally been a'stealing 'Cause I was hip to this, that you don't trust Skinny Lips Sally's got"
  • Lyle Lovett Skinny Legs
    "(Lyle Lovett) See that boy with that guitar He's got skinny legs like I always wanted A girlfreind in his car 'cause he's got Skinny legs like I always wanted Sister look at me again You'd love me if"
  • Sonny Boy Williamson I Skinny Woman
    "Now, I don't want no, no skinny woman I want the woman, she got-a plenty of, Lord! I don't want no skinny woman, I want some A woman wit' a-plenty of meat Now, we can roll all night long, an this woman Won't"
  • Atmosphere The Skinny
    "this is for all those tricks and hoes from the five start rooms down to skid row whether you answer phones or dance on poles big money escort or broke on a stroll he don't care about your background he"
  • Vengaboys Skinny Dippin'
    "Here's an invitation and you gotta bring your friends along. Gonna pick you up tonight at one. A private Vengaparty that is gonna last the whole night long Dance until the cops show up, 'cause then we"
  • Chicago Skinny Boy
    "(Robert Lamm) Ow Yeah, yeah When I was a young skinny boy My momma said to me The world out there is hot and dirty Mean as it wants to be I know there's gonna be times when you're down and out So listen"
  • Bill Haley Skinny Minnie
    "SKINNIE MINNIE - BILLY HALEY & HIS COMETS Well, my skinnie minnie has a clay as a cheek And I was 6 feet high and one foot thin And now I do I love her, does a boy love pie? Well now and she has the eye"
  • Shampoo Skinny White Thing
    "Skinny white Skinny white Skinny white Skinny white Skinny white thing White thing White thing Skinny white thing you're the king You're the queen of them all You've got style You've got looks But your"
  • Joe Purdy Skinny Dippin' Girl
    "I've been watchin' you steady And I've been watchin' you watchin' me Think that sunrise gonna turn it some blue eyes green So you jump in the river, You invite me to take a swim Happened to notice"
  • Czuux Prawda (ft. SKINNY)
    "wiem e dotarło to do mnie sam nie wiem co już jest koło mnie ty dalej myślisz tylko o mnie ty dalej myślisz tylko o mnie ja dalej nawijam i biorę ten … to będzie mój kolejny hit wbijam na scenę by pokazać"
  • Quicksand Skinny (It's Overflowing)
    "I'm on the inside, I'm on your side, And each thought stings. I can't think straight. It's overflowing. It's overflowing. It's coming down. It's overflowing. It's sinking. It's overflowing. It's some"
  • Say Anything Skinny, Mean Man
    "I know you love how I make it all go away: all the joy, all the pain, all thoughts in your brain. For the price of your soul, I will hold your heart in my talons. For three summers straight you've been"
  • Joe Purdy Skinny Dippin Girl
    "I've been watchin steady and i've been watchin you watchin me Think that sunrise gonna turn our blue eyes green So you jump in the river, you invite me to take a swim I like to notice that nothin wet and"
  • Boo Radleys Wish I Was Skinny
    "Wishin' I was skinny Wishin' that the whole world knew my name Wishin' I was thrillin', that I would never be to blame, wishin' I was kissin' a girl with lips smooth as pearl, wishin' I was pretty, wish"
  • Filter Skinny
    "So here you are in your small little world Kept up like a little precious virgin girl To hear 'bout your grace and your silly face Wrapped up like a knot in a ball of shoelace And everytime I talk to you It"

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