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nuty na keyboard - wake me up avicii

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nuty na keyboard - wake me up avicii

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nuty na keyboard - wake me up avicii
  • Avicii Wake Me Up (ft. Aloe Blacc)
    "Feeling my way through the darkness Guided by a beating heart I can't tell where the journey will end But I know where it starts They tell me I'm too young to understand They say I'm caught up in a dream Well"
  • Xiu Xiu Black Keyboard
    "Why would mother say such things? Why add tongue to a kiss goodnight? Force me to know The Want. No one needs to know. Be free. Laugh at your son. A child is nothing without hate. Be certain he feels his"
  • Everyday Sunday Wake Up! Wake Up!
    "Feels like I'm going through the motions in the dark in a worls that leaves me with an uninspired heart All I know, is I'm so tired living life a barely feel give me hope, give me fire gimme something"
  • Lazy Town Wake up
    "Wake up Wake up Wake up, wake up It's a great big beautiful day Wake up, wake up It's a day to go out and play And smile to the world Open your eyes, jump out of bed You just wake up, wake up Get up sleepy"
  • Fergie Wake Up
    "WHAT! uh uh ah-huh Give it to me now Well, why do i keep pulling out the roots in my hair? Im picking at my face, its obvious theres nothing there What do keep at the edge of my skin? It feels so"
  • Korn Wake Up
    "Wake the fuck up! Wake the fuck up! Wake the fuck up! Wake the fuck up! Wake the fuck up! Wake the fuck up! Wake the fuck up! Wake the fuck up! Each day more frightening. All of us wanna die. The pressure's"
  • Umbra Et Imago Wake up
    "Wake up darling / look in my empty eyes See the fright in my soul / I watched your cloesly in your sleep So quiet, so peaseful / I cried for you and ate my skin WAKE UP TONIGHT (why do you kill me softly,"
  • Dope Wake Up
    "Dissolved the life in me You crawled inside of me You wanted everything You took it all from me You walked away from me You fuckin talk to me So now I'm drunk and I'm miserable and I like it Oh yeah I'm"
  • Hilary Duff Wake Up
    "There's people talking They talk about me They know my name They think they know everything But they don't know anything About me Give me a dance floor Give me a dj Play me a record Forget what they say Cause"
  • Malfa Wake Up!
    "You dan't have a reason to be sad. You're not satisfied with whot you get. You hate the flowers, each animal. You don't know heaven, but the hell. You don't have a child, don't have a wife. You are so"
  • Hanson Wake Up
    "Wake up, Tell me it's alright, Wake up, I just wanna hold you tight, Wake up, Tell me its alright Oh yeah, ooh It doesnt matter, You've got all that you need. It doesnt matter, You've got everything,"
  • Oingo Boingo Wake up
    "Wake up! won't you listen to me Wake up! won't you listen to me won't you listen to me Wake up! won't you listen to me Wake up! won't you listen to me won't you listen to me Big brother's watching, we"
  • Mary J. Blige Wake up
    "Feat - Jadakiss Wake up,Wake up.You've got the power.You've got the power.My people got the east yo you've got to wake up.Midwest dirty south, yo, you've gotta stand up.All my homies in the west, yo, you"
  • Yoko Ono Wake Up
    "Mm-mm, mm-mm, mm-mm, Mm-mm, mm-mm, mm-mm. Wake up, wake up, the sun is saying, I know youre still in dream land, But just come back. I know youre afraid of me and the days of the world, But open your"
  • Merle Haggard Wake Up
    "Wake up, don't just lay there like cold granite stone Wake up, we're too close to be alone Wake up, and please, Darling, hold me if you would Don't just lay there like you've gone away for good There's"
  • Adelphi Wake Up
    "It's not like me To indent me from you But apparently I do it way too often It's not like you To shut up and ignore every word said to you How can you possibly see You're digging yourself deeper all"
  • Heavy Trevy Wake Up
    "I'm sick of all this pointless aggravation Change is something I don't know And with all this frustration and constant masturbation Come on Mom just leave me alone Alone now' Wake up and get dressed time"
  • Scotty Don't Wake Up
    "Find it hard to sleep Thinkin' bout last week Late night drinkin' when we left the bar Or that other show So many miles we had to go When I spilt my blood on that guitar Or those other people I thoroughly"
  • A Wake Up
    "Dirty fingers, please believe us Everybody dies Guilty perfect, murder suspect That was not your crime You never do nothing (Hey) And that's all you do (Hey) You never get lonely 'cause nobody gets you Wake"
  • Close Your Eyes Wake Up!
    "It seems like these minutes are getting longer Waiting for these lights to go down So clench your fist and hold your head up high We are not alone in this crowd I pray that this won’t be the last time"

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