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nuty na keyboard do thank you

  • Thank You - MKTO
    "Yo, this one right here Is for all the drop out-of-schoolers The future cougars The Mary Jane abusers The ones that chose to be losers For all the misfit kids and total outcasts MKTO, This one’s for you Role"
  • Thank You - Super Junior
    "Himdulgo jichyo itdon nege Himi doejwoso Gurigo hangsang neyophe issojwoso Ijesoya marhaneyo Gomabdago Gurigo gudega issoso Hengboghadago This is for you Nunmuri da marugi jone Tto hullyoya hessotdon gu"
  • Black Keyboard - Xiu Xiu
    "Why would mother say such things? Why add tongue to a kiss goodnight? Force me to know The Want. No one needs to know. Be free. Laugh at your son. A child is nothing without hate. Be certain he feels his"
  • Radiowe nuty (Radiowe nutki) - Piosenki dla Dzieci
    "Chciała jesień jabłku grać Żeby mogło lepiej spać Ale jabłko z drzewa spadło – Wolę kupić sobie radio! Bo w radiu piosenek jest tyle Na dobre i smutne chwile Na wrzesień, listopad i luty Najlepsze radiowe"
  • Thank You - MercyMe
    "For all that You've done, I will thank You For all that You're going to do For all that You've promised and all that You are Is all that has carried me through Jesus, I thank You and I thank You thank"
  • Thank You - Adams Yolanda
    "Adams Yolanda Believe Thank You When I think about how you saved my soul I'm compelled to praise you Like a woman out of control So I lift up holy hands I take advantage of this chance to say thank you When"
  • Thank You - Simply Red
    "I thank you for the things you have shown me Thank you for the love of my life So far anyway, now it's really really over O God I really thank you baby Most of all I thank you for your love Like good"
  • Thank You - China Crisis
    "China Crisis Warped By Success Thank You Da-rum-da-do-da-do, da-rum-da-do-da-do I want to thank you, just for being there I want to thank you, for showing that you care And when it's times like this Keep"
  • Thank You - Kirk Franklin
    "(Lalalalalala) Mary Mary (thank you) When I look back over my life (thank you) And all the times you brought me through (thank you) I just wanna say father, thank you When I was lonely, and needed some"
  • Thank You - Big Tymers
    "i just wanna say that im thankful for havin you in my life i wanna say thank you i wanna say i wanna say thank you for being in my life i wanna say thank you and i miss you and i wish you were here with"
  • Thank You - Ashanti
    "I just wanna say that I'm thankful for having you in my life, I wanna say thank you, Oh, I wanna say, I wanna thank you for being in my life, I wanna say thank you. and I miss you, and I wish you were"
  • Thank You - Alcazar
    "Verse 1: i still remember when music got into my heart someone was telling me there's someone singing the way things are i couldn't believe the first moment that music could sound like you do i'm paying"
  • Thank You - Chris Brown
    "Man yall don't know what yall do for me you see with out yall non of this would matter I mean non of it so I say thank you listen Out the gate I got it started alright daddy told told me you aint gotta"
  • Thank You - Sly & The Family Stone
    "Lookin at the devil Grinnin' at his gun Fingers start shakin' I begin to run Bullets start chasin' I begin to stop We begin to wrestle I was on the top I want to thank you Falettinme be mice elf agin Thank"
  • Thank You - Kaci Brown
    "Thank you For being everything you always are For being there like no oneelse You know my heart Do you realize what you've done for me You made me see that love is worth believing in I want to thank you"
  • Thank You - Pizzicato Five
    "(Konishi) Translators: Ed Valdez and Ted Mills Thank you gokigen na kisu shite kurete sankyuu yuutsu na kibun wa harenai kedo Funky mayonaka no rajio wa ongaku to yuutsu na nyuusu de afureteru"
  • Thank You - Kirsty McGee
    "thank you for holding me when the winds were very strong when we couldn't hear our voices when the storm was all around i've been thinking of you lately though i can't recall your smile thank you for holding"
  • Thank You - Christina Milian
    "Once upon a time I walked an easy road I didn't think I needed anyone I could make it on my own I never thought about tomorrow Just living day to day I never thought these clouds would come along And bring"
  • Thank You - Robin Thicke
    "For the tears I thank you and For the songs I cried For this magic I had no idea why But I still believe that The miracles in time At this moment I'm doing alright And I'm overcome w/ joy Maybe I'm the"
  • Thank You - Roger Moore
    "I just wanna tell you what I'm thinkin Someting from the heart from me to you How I feel inside it's hard to see it But I want to show my gratitude Coz there's nothing that I wouldn't do To try to"

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