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nuty na pianino - innocent heart brian crain

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nuty na pianino - innocent heart brian crain

  • Innocent - Stellar Kart
    "I'm overdressed for success In a world that has no shame I've had enough of seeing love Being played like some game I know why the good old days are gone Cause everyone just tolerates whats wrong I'm not"
  • Innocent? - Mekong Delta
    "Wading through the oceans of minced dreams while they puke some little pieces of surreal truth to feed the stupid crowd The endless kiss of him that made them proud so the rigid lens gives you the perfect"
  • Innocent - Story
    "1. Mogłam ci dać niebo gwiazd, słońce i chmury, księżyca blask róży kwiat, rosę i krople deszczu A ty jak chwast, jak burza zniszczyłeś to! Wolałeś z tamtą być, z tą głupią, której dziś nienawidzę tak"
  • Innocent - Bergerac
    "genzai ni itaru sokohakatonaku odayaka kana rekishi yuriugokasu taegatai katsute okusoko de tozasareta kioku wa umekidasu odori dashi ta watashi no atama wa imi fuka na furasshu bakku ni okasareru tsumibukaki"
  • Brian Boru - Alan Stivell
    "Marv Brian Boru 'rein buhez 'n Iwerzhon Dihan e Bro-Ulad ha ba ker Dulenn Undedan tiegezhn unded an dud-man Unded ar Gelted hag an douar Maraiodh Brian Boru chun beatha nna heireann Siochain in gcuige"
  • Liquid Brian - Skew Siskin
    "Climb the mountains of foreign land Tears of Allah fall in the sand Heaven above us, fools all around No one can stop us from touching the ground DIP MY BRAIN INTO THE WATER LIQUID EYES LOOK TO THE SKY HEAVEN"
  • Innocente - Delerium
    "You can't see my eyesYou can't see my eyesThey don't see yoursHear me when I sayThey don't mind at allIt's the rain that I hear comingNot a stranger or a ghostIt's the quiet of a storm approachingThat"
  • Innocente - Sixpence None the Richer
    "Ah, ah you can't see my eyes you can't see my eyes and they don't see yours hear me when I say I don't mind at all it's the rain that I hear coming not a stranger or a ghost it's the quiet of a storm approaching"
  • Brian Wilson Said - Tears For Fears
    "My life, nothing was easy till nowHope like the morning will paint the dawnMore than ordinary ( deep down )Make it more than merry ( deep down )Take me to the jamboree ( deep down )And shine a light on"
  • The Innocent Letter - My American Heart
    "We talked about dreams, and they said we were crazy. But they don't know a thing about me. We'll drive until the sun comes alive. Until the sun comes alive. Trust the speed, trust the night. I've got"
  • Innocent Eyes - Graham Nash
    "INNOCENT EYES WITH KENNY LOGGINS ON BACK-UP WRITER PAUL BLISS With your innocent eyes Youve been telling me lies Youve been making a fool of me If its all a disguise Ive been living a fantasy Youre lying"
  • Innocent Man - Sherrie Austin
    "Standing in line at the grocery Staring back at the trash magazines Martians say earth girls are lonely Well that's no news to me In the parking lot I saw two cowboys Fighting for a handicapped space So"
  • Innocent Wars - KinKi Kids
    "Fensu wo kugureba umi ga kikoeru Himitsu no futou no kakurega ni tsuku Kimi ni au made wa hanbun shindeta Hokori sae doro no kutsu de fumarete nakushita Hatachi wo sugiteru otona wa shinjinai sa yeah Uso"
  • Innocent & Naive - Des'ree
    "They were young, children of the golden sun Oh, the love they knew, bore no heavy chains She was coy, played games with her little boy On his heart she signed her name Innocent and naive, tenderness"
  • Innocent Child - Axel Rudi Pell
    "Hangin'out on the street with a face full of tears and I couldn't understand why He puts me down in a hole I didn't know where to go and that's tearin' at my soul Endless pains goin' far too long Broken"
  • Innocent Blood - Narnia
    "Waiting for the hour to strike I've been longing for this journey To get out of my broken world and Reacg the land of the holy Aiming for the goal in my life I need to clear my mind Shelter for my bleeding"
  • Innocent World - Joseph Arthur
    "We don't know which way we're goin' Don't know where we are Find a way out, find a way Home is somewhere I'm missin' When I look around Find a way out, find a way Hell has no reason to smile When you're"
  • Innocent Man - Rag'n'Bone Man
    "I've been a victim of some sorry circumstance That was committed by somebody else's hand And only heaven knows how Il've ended up so broke I ain't guilty but I'm left fearing the stand It’s not my"
  • Innocent man - Mark Morrison
    "Morrison: Thats my timeChoir: That weChoir: In AMorrison: County JailEcho: JailChoir: Just whenMorrison: Just when thingsEcho: ThingsChoir: StartedMorrison: Going wellEcho: WellChoir: And IMorrison: Paid"
  • Innocent Journey - Sonichrome
    "You make me feel soo Inconcet When I touch your cheek yous say ohh..yes thats why I decied to take an Innocent way.. Because I cant forget such a good Smiling in so many time..don't make my jouney don't"

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