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nuty na pianino - wake me up julie and the phantoms

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nuty na pianino - wake me up julie and the phantoms

  • Phantoms - Shattersphere
    "I'll find the strength within myself I can't hide this fear that I keep inside Strength I feel the black wind blow I'm breaking down but it don't show My reflection is not looking back at me Still I"
  • Phantoms - Raunchy
    "I wasn't trying to seeBut I was looking aroundI wasn't trying to seeBut I was looking aroundI try to uphold what tears me up from insideI am all and still I failWhen everything falls apartYour words of"
  • Phantoms - Forlorn
    "The power of the ancient Chants hymns of celebration You can hear their echo Descending into the night Celebrate the ancient ways In the circle of infinity Praise the power of the gods Let them lead you"
  • Phantoms - Porcupine Tree
    "Phantoms I look at all the sad story people Lost in the seasons passing them by Inside my head lies a life on an island Flooded with darkness deep into the sky But they're only the strangers on a train Passing"
  • Phantoms - NonExist
    "these phantoms of the mind lurking subconsciously the ancient demons inside are still haunting me this twisted way of life, so decadent - so depriving driven to insanity, by the secrets i am hiding a face"
  • Phantoms - W.A.S.P.
    "Phantoms in the Mirror """""""""""""""""""""" Come look at me do you like what you see? If you smash the mirror you'll still not be free When you look in the glass and you'll see who you are And you'll"
  • Phantoms - To-Mera
    "Stepping through an old forgotten door Into a world of sorrow and joy Buried under spider webbed memories Some things are never to be found I try, try, try to keep my eyes open But the night around me"
  • Julie! Julie! - Lucky Dube
    "Julie! Julie! I heard of this guy He lives up on the mountain they say he mixes herbs throws the bones, tells the future I'm on my way right now I wanna know about my future with a girl named Julie Chorus Julie"
  • Julie - Take That
    "Julie, what's your problem? Won't you tell me, what's going on? Cause there's a dark cloud, hanging over you. You've been down, down, down too long. You used to sing sha lalalalala I want you, sing, sha"
  • Julie - Shane Barnard
    "all i know of you, my fragile precious "jewel," bright and shining a heart that glows with love, a heart that's been stood up a broken heart that breaks my own there you are, out of breath, a need for"
  • Wake Up Older - Julie Roberts
    "Slept in my makeup Didn't get my teeth brushed I crashed on the couch And now my mouth tastes like yesterday's news Well hello Jim Beam Oh the places you've seen If only you could talk You'd tell me why"
  • Phantoms - Blackmass
    "Putrefactus dominus miseries I spread wide my wings As they were sharp razors Cutting the midnight sky And With the terror of my sign I impale all the angel's forms I am your phantom I raise the dead Devourers"
  • Phantoms Of Death - Helloween
    "There are phantoms here on earth who take away our lives They kill your kids and they rape your wives They rip your flesh tear your heart take you down to hell They don't give a damn on any kind of life Phantoms"
  • Julie - We Shot The Moon
    "Julie come back to me Julie come back to me Because, I could be I could be, I could be I could be your dream. Caught in the pouring rain A smile in your picture frame Because I could be I could be, I"
  • Julie - Daniel
    "She came to me with the summer whispering gently hello'. She looked like she was a star fallen down from the sky. I can remember her kisses we didn't say a word. Time was so precious to me and to my Julie. Julie Julie my"
  • Julie - Cher
    "Cheap lips lie into hungry ears Well backsliding Julie borned in the air Riding away on the horses That run through my life You think I'm tough Just watching your game But Julie you're messing With a naked"
  • Julie - Porter Wagoner
    "When I married Julie she was just seventeen pretty as the answer to any man's dream From the start I gave Julie all the love that I had But everyone told me that Julie was bad For Julie liked parties and"
  • Julie - Damian Marley "Jr. Gong"
    "Julie, you are the one Truly, the only one I love the best Julie, why did you break my heart? Well I saw you in the morning Julie baby Why did we break apart I came back in the evening Julie baby To see"
  • Julie - Waylon Jennings
    "(Waylon Jennings) When I married Julie She was just seventeen Pretty as the answer To any man's dream. --- Instrumental --- From the start I gave Julie All the love that I've had Though everyone told"
  • Wake Up - The Doors
    "Wake up! You can't remember where it was. Had this dream stopped? The snake was pale gold Glazed & shrunken. We were afraid to touch it. The sheets were hot dead prisons. And she was beside me. Old, she's"

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