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o niebia��skiej dziecinie instrumental

  • Radar (Instrumental) - Anderson Laurie
    "Anderson Laurie Home Brave Radar (Instrumental) Sharkey's Night Sun's going down Like a big bald head Disappearing behind the boulevard. It's Sharkey's night. It's Sharkey's night tonight. And the manager"
  • Balantains (Instrumental) - Violadores Del Verso
    "VIOLADORES DEL VERSO BALANTAINS LYRICS Sentado en el borde de la cama vomitando, gritandole a mi madre, que en el marco de la puerta esta llorando, joder chaval,vas como una cuba, tu padre ha ido a buscarte,esperate"
  • Mierda (Instrumental) - Violadores Del Verso
    "Oh! Inmortal Poseidón, el del furioso tridente, a ti me encomiendo en esta difcil empresa, propicia que este velero llegue a buen puerto, permteme llevar a cabo los designios de Afrodita nacida de las"
  • Take Control (instrumental) - Lords Of Acid
    "Oohoo ohoo I'm moving, I'm follow the beam I'm hypnotised by your scream Created by love This feeling makes me groove This energy below The force is carry me over the top Not knowing how to stop"
  • A cóż z tą Dzieciną - Kolędy
    "A cóż z tą Dzieciną będziem czynili. Braciszkowie mili, że się nam kwili? Zaśpiewajmy Mu wesoło I obróćmy się z Nim w koło. Hoc, hoc, hoc, hoc! Podobno Dzieciątko, że głodne płacze, Dlatego tak z nami"
  • Bravin' Bad Brew (Instrumental) - Riryka
    "Voice I'm in the hell I'm in the fate I'm break out (x4) Bravin' my heart I'm break out (x4) Wing Bravin' Bad Brew I'm break out (x9) Bravin' my heart Bravin' Bad"
  • Tomadoi Bitter Tune (Instrumental) - Himemiya Milan
    "BREAK DOWN ... Do ... Do Do Do ... Bitter Tune ... {{Translation|Japanese}} ==Romanized Japanese== Habun nara agenai subete ubatte hoshii Saitei de mo kamawanai"
  • Instrumental - Earthling
    "(I want you to know this) (I want you to know) (I want you to know this) (I want you to know) (I want you to know this) (I want you to know) I want you to know sometimes It feels like the last time The"
  • Instrumental - Curl Up And Die
    "She kisses like cough syrup when I have a cold. but we're not in love, we're just alone. Like a drug company's overdose. Trying to replace our heads with holes. We're missing days and spending weeks. Only"
  • Instrumental - Blackstar
    "I have had the same old dream always lately And i do not want to dream no more I have had the same recurring dreams lately And what i have dreamt i am not quite sure I am not quite sure Recurring dreams All"
  • Niebia - Chili My
    "Nim naszą ziemię za grosze oddamy,święty Wojciechu módl się za nami, nim jasne myśli zwątpienia przesłoniąświęty Tomaszu bądź naszą obroną.Nim naszą pracę za próżną uznamy, święty Józefie, módl się za"
  • Opus Diabolicum (Andamento Iii / Instrumental Compendyum) - Moonspell
    ""Voa Serpente do orgulho, Me da terra, nossa Me Lei daqueles que clamam P'lo Homo Natura, p'la flama, Voa erótico Pentagramma E destroi, e destroi quem te ama." Langsuyar T.Rex "Masturbar-me-ia sobre"
  • Deep Instrumental - South Park
    "(Three Minutes and Fourteen Seconds of an instrumental) Yo man, a nigga gotta say SOMETHIN' to this track man, I hate to interrupt y'all boys freestyle, But we do it like this: First (and only) Verse: Muthaf**ka"
  • The Instrumental - Lupe Fiasco
    "(feat. Jonah Matranga) Uhh.. yeah He just sits, and watches the people in the boxes Everything he sees he absorbs and adopts it Heeeeee mimics and he mocks it Really hates the box but he can't remember"
  • Be (Instrumental) - Common
    "(feat. Jonh Mayer & Kanye West) I want to be as free as the spirits of those who left I'm talking Malcom, Coltrane, my man Yusef Through death through conception New breath and resurrection For moms,"
  • Mustang Instrumental - Prince
    "Baby, could U be the most beautiful girl in the world? Oh God, what am I gonna do? He finally called What do I wear, what do I wear? Maybe black, hmm... Mmm... 2 sexy, 2 mysterious Ooh, maybe the red"
  • Crossfire (instrumental) - Scorpions
    "It seems to me a nightmare becomes reality The last days of the paradise are gone for you and me We're living in the crossfire And we'll be killed at first Why cannot people that we made the leaders of"
  • Elephants (Instrumental) - Rachael Yamagata
    "If the elephants have past lives Yet are destined to always remember It's no wonder how they scream Like you and I, they must have some temper And I am dreaming of them in the plains Dirtying up their"
  • Trust (instrumental) - Megadeth
    "Lost in a dream Nothing's what it seems Searching my head For the words that you said Tears filled my eyes (eyes) As we said our last goodbyes This sad scene replays Of you walking away My body aches"
  • Vortex (instrumental) - Megadeth
    "Internal combustion Multiple personalities Terror inside of me A mask of silent agony Curse the falling rain The vortex of pain As medieval as Merlin A pact for power that was made Lucifer in transition It's"

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