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oasis stop crying

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oasis stop crying

  • Oasis - Ugly Duckling
    "Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah(4x) Come on a trip to the centre of the nebulous placeI'm your host (Space Ghost!) on this cosmos chaseIt's a pattern around Saturn, so watch the ringsThen follow the flight plan"
  • Stop Crying Your Heart Out - Oasis
    "Hold up hold on don't be scared you'll never change whats been and gone may your smile (may your smile) shine on (shine on) don't be scared (don't be scared) your destiny may keep you warm cos all of"
  • Stop Crying - Embracing
    "Behind this mirrorwall Lurk something evil I've touched it's nakedness And keep seeing creatures of the dark Tempting me rebirth Promising eternal life They call for me every night Give me reasons to"
  • Stop Crying - Cashless
    "Please, please stop crying, don't shed no tears, it isn't worth it at all. Forget your sorrows, leave them behind, get rid of the black clouds in your mind. When you're down, get up and raise your"
  • Baby stop crying - Bob Dylan
    "You been down to the bottom with a bad man, babe, But you're back where you belong. Go get me my pistol, babe, Honey, I can't tell right from wrong. Baby, please stop crying, stop crying, stop crying Baby,"
  • Baby, Stop Crying - Bob Dylan
    "You been down to the bottom with a bad man, babe, But you're back where you belong. Go get me my pistol, babe, Honey, I can't tell right from wrong. Baby, please stop crying, stop crying, stop crying Baby,"
  • Crying - Ian Van Dahl
    "Lying in my bed but you are not hereTrying to be strong, I can't stop my tearsI keep crying for youI keep longing for youNow that you've left me, all my hope is gone(There's) no turning back 'cause the"
  • Stop The Crying - Sandra Nasic
    "Take my hand I just open my eyes Take me through the shadows where no one dies Where the cities are field We walk on without shoes to the moon, to the moon Leave that road We'll get out of alone I wanna"
  • Crying - TV On The Radio
    "Laugh in the face of death under masthead Hold your breath through late breaking disasters Next to news of the trite The codes and the feelings that meant to be noble Like coke in the nose of the nobles Keeps"
  • Stop Your Crying - Sleeper
    "this man lives in the ocean he puts his favourite clothes on and drifts away day after day and you can't hear me call this man needs a direction you want my blind affection and i'm not sorry that i came i"
  • Don't Stop Crying - Noe Venable
    "April morning In '85 You came to visit I came alive The things you'd speak of The tales you'd tell No one would guess you'd been through hell But i was dirty I was unplanned And i was born to feel and"
  • I Can't Stop Crying - Sam Phillips
    "I saw black and you saw red Crawled to separate corners the line went dead I closed my heart up tore your love for me to shreds Tangled wires love can't breathe pulling tighter to my ruthless need Don't"
  • Stop Crying Your Heart Out - Gregorian
    "Hold up Hold on Dont be scared You'll never change whats been and gone May your smile (may your smile) Shine on (shine on) Dont be scared (don't be scared) Your destiny may keep you warm 'Cos all of"
  • Sing Til I Stop Crying - Pat Green
    "Pouring rain, cracked front window I turned off my radio and reached for my boot For my favorite sterling horseshoe flask To take a drink of what it holds She was looking at her feet When i saw her on"
  • Oasis - Petra
    "You give me water in a dry and thirsty land You satisfy my hunger Yo feed me from your hand I was a wanderer in the wildnerness Until I stumbled on your oasis And I will stay here with you Here"
    "You keep me stirring in my sleep at night We're balancing between the wrong and right You keep on saying it's not like before but we're like venus and mars We're like venus and mars We're like venus and"
  • Oasis - A Great Big World
    "Don't cry You're mine For forever For forever I need You now More than ever More than ever Head full of lies Sun in my eyes You make it easy Don't look away These are the days You gotta believe me When"
  • Oasis - Kelis
    "(Unreleased track exclusively from UltimateKelis.com) When I see your face It takes me away to other places Everything just melts away You'll never have to cry when I'm with you Because you are my solitude"
  • Oasis - Puya
    "Despues de haber andado por todo el desierto Buscando, buscando, buscando lo que aun no encuentro Ahora lo que yo siento es una sed que mi me quema por dentro; yo le se Aqui esta lo que busco, lo que yo"
  • Oasis - Hyde
    "This desert road's forever winding It saps your strength - it has no exit The drying wind The burning sun I'm tossing the burnt out engine aside Nanimo nai sekai de Doko e ikeba ii no ka? Tsuyoi memai Hebi"

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