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  • Poison The Well Obstacle
    "As the weakened attempt to stand. The cold wind of progression causes their downfall. Taking what was theirs, now you can call it yours. Your thievery justified by legislation and might. The control of"
  • Interpol Obstacle 2
    "I'm gonna pull you in close I'm gonna wrap you up tight I'm gonna play with the braids that you came here with tonight I'm gonna hold your face, and toast the snow that fell Cause friends don't waste"
  • Candiria Primary Obstacle
    "Suffer Arrogance Reasserts itself Bigilance Obstacles enhanced by way of imptence Shed thine Vociferous The subtle complex My most suppressed dread defects Compelled to taste side effects Genuine Enigma Fascinated"
  • Charlotte Martin Obstacle 1
    "I wish I could eat the salt Off of your lost faded lips We can cap the old times Make playing only logical harm We can cap the old lines Make playing that nothing else will change Well she can read, she"
  • Saide Obstacle progress
    "sakushi mao sakkyoku sadiemonouge ni tou ai to ha nani?itsukushimu ushinatta omoide ha utakatatsukiagetekuru fujouri na aikimi no fuzai umeru kizu kareta ishiki nagekukyouzetsu kurikaeshi meisou no hate"
  • Interpol Obstacle 1
    "I wish I could eat the salt off of your lost faded lips We can cap the old times, make playing only logical harm We can cap the old lines, make playing that nothing else will change But she can read, she"
  • Sadie Obstacle Progress
    "sakushi mao sakkyoku sadie monouge ni tou ai to ha nani? itsukushimu ushinatta omoide ha utakata tsukiagetekuru fujouri na ai kimi no fuzai umeru kizu kareta ishiki nageku kyouzetsu kurikaeshi meisou"
  • Paul Simon The Rhythm Of The Saints
    "(Paul Simon) If I have weaknesses Don't let them blind me Or camouflage all I am wary of I could be sailing in seizures of laughter Or crawling out from under the heel of love Do my prayers remain unanswered Like"
  • Robert Fripp H??den Two
    "'''J.G. Bennett:''' If you know you have an unpleasant nature and dislike people, this is no obstacle to work. '''unknown female voice:''' I know that I could easily spend the rest of my life with you. ''backwards:'' '''Graham"
  • Hangnail With Hands Tied
    "It’s not getting later, there’s no common place, and everything’s taken. With these expectations, of"
  • A Day To Remember The Danger In Starting A Fire
    "So now you'll know exactly what it feels like to be an obstacle in my way You won't remain save your breath don't even speak if you'll speak of change cause you wont cut to the chase, spare me the lecture on"
  • Bent Hit Or Miss
    "Whoa....... (x 3) I'm falling deeper down the ladder Losing my mind until I had her But now she's flown the nest Won't accept less than the best Now I'm in vain.... So I'm moving on - hit or miss Changing"
  • IdleMiND Obsolete
    "Down the drain, freedom's a privilege A privilege for those who can afford it You feel safe but do you really know If you'll wake up in one piece tomorrow? For them we are little piggy-banks That they"
  • Hangnail With Hands Tied (Behind My Back)
    "It's not getting later There's no common place And everything's taken With these expectations Of getting this right Who could avoid failure CHORUS: With hands tied behind my back I stand helpless, waiting Confined"
  • Sky's The Limit Under These Palm Trees
    "a palm tree a royal guard of tropical oceans and beaches looks down upon the grains of sand like an emperor look on his empire brand new wave throws me back and forth and tends to grip me as the"
  • Circle Of Dead Children Only One Per Coffin
    "Fire consume the altar Gash across the lamb's throat No one will ever listen Never again Your divinity figure with stained red teeth Aghast with tongue in hand I kneel and vomit at your feet Gawk"
  • A Perfect Murder Unbroken
    "You Discouraged Us In So Many Ways Everyday Was An Obstacle, Everyday Seemed Wasted And You Kept Saying We Wouldn't Belong We Will Remain, Unbroken We Will Remain, Unbroken We Will Never Stop Chasing"
  • Jenny Hyun I Still Believe in Love
    "It was a clear summer day when I saw the tears on your face I knew that our time was up on us Our moment of end was so fast but the kiss of goodbye always lasts not even time could fade it away Even though"
  • Twila Paris Runner
    "RUNNER Courier valiant, bearing the flame Messenger noble, sent in His name Faster and harder, run through the night Desperate relay, carry the light Carry the light Runner when the road is long Feel"
  • Destruction Our oppression
    "Illogical laws and rules without a meaningonly created to be an obstacle in our lifeDemocracy to live free, stupid to believe'cause the government watches every step of usCorrupt politicians, easy to buymakin'"

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