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of monster and man little talks

  • Little Talks - Of Monsters and Men
    "Hey! Hey! Hey! I don't like walking around this old and empty house So hold my hand, I'll walk with you my dear The stairs creak as I sleep, it's keeping me awake It's the house telling you to close"
  • Little Monster - Phideaux
    "The ghost is very still Captive of the past Trapped inside of nothing Cuz nothing seems to last The world is thin and slippery Difficult to grasp Release might come But what a price to ask Again, again"
  • Monster - Artillery
    "Behind the little boy's eyes his name is written in blood There is not a clue in sight, not a moment of clarity Grew up to be a man behind the white fence, he rules and he stands Frowning at the happy"
  • Money Talks - Busta Rhymes
    "Intro: busta rhymes Yeah , see , see , nowadays , young niggas get alot of money See the fact is that young niggas is self employed now We livin in a time frame where it's all big business We gotta understand"
  • Money Talks - Flipmode Squad
    "Intro: Busta Rhymes Yeah , see , see , nowadays , young niggas get alot of money See the fact is that young niggas is self employed now We livin in a time frame where it's all big business We gotta understand"
  • Monster - Tech N9ne
    "(Tech n9ne Talking) Yo Turn this shit up a little bit Juan So these motherfuckers can feel what I'm saying Yea, like that (Monstah!) (Repeat 6 times) (Tech N9ne) When I was 5 years old I relized there"
  • Little Monster - Royal Blood
    "Hey Little Monster I got my eye on you Where are you going? Where you running to? Hey Little Monster You know it's all okay I'm gonna love you, no matter what you say I got love on my fingers, lust on"
  • Money Talks - The Kinks
    "Scene: Into Flash's den - a night club Scene: In Flash's den, a night club partly converted into an office. Sung by Flash, Floosies and Spivs: Show me a man who says he can live without bread And"
  • Money Talks - Wynn Stewart
    "I've lost you cause I can't afford your love And money that's what he's always had more of He's buying you how it's costing me I thought the best things of life are always free But money talks oh yes"
  • Action Talks - Tesla
    "(Keith, Skeoch) Hey, what's the deal man, don't it feel like something's goin' on What's goin' down what's goin' around, and I'm gonna get some What's this I see, a familiar face, and it's coming my way I"
  • Monster Man - Soul Coughing
    "Stop hitching the monster man It was a bad plan, but I had to get to town Unbitten, but the way I found it was a hand came down And pow, I got illuminated That's why I have got my mind in my own Hand"
  • Money Talks - Soul Asylum
    "Money talks these days and everybody listens We're whipping out our wallets trying to but what we're missing Money screams out "I need a slave" I'm just trying to find some worker to dig my grave Everybody's"
  • Monster - Panzer AG
    "I am the monster under your bed A creature with meat, a blood sucking creep I feed on little children, I molest you when you sleep I'm the monster in the water when you're swimming out too deep I know"
  • Monster - My Ruin
    "DESTROY ME As WANT turns to NEED You MURDER ME Just to WATCH me BLEED I live inside... my own MAKE BELIEVE I SACRIFICE... what you can't see I'm HISSING MAD And I'm DRIPPING WET I have no FATHER I have"
  • Monster - Red Velvet - IRENE & SEULGI
    "My move is unique Not ordinary 1 2 3 to 7 I am a Dancer in the darkness I’ll crack every joint in my body Adnd come closer to your bed I;ll horrible steal your heart And dominate you Under a single"
  • Monster - Abby Travis
    "You made me a monster, six or seven arms Still too much to grab for, all your lovely charms You made me a monster, big eye on my face See you beckoning, I will chase Our love is a freakshow, splendiferous"
  • Monster - Meg & Dia
    "His little whispers "Love me. Love me." That's all I ask for "Love me. Love me." He battered his tiny fists to feel something Wondered what it's like to touch and feel something Monster. How should I"
  • Monster - Full Devil Jacket
    "I take this place Where do I belong in your life today? Make a little space Too much emotion to throw away You made a monster out of me Doubt fed emotion Colored gray (Colored gray) Too much"
  • Monster - Disturbed
    "End this suffering You made a monster of me Through all your wicked lies Forever tortured by you Abandoned at death's door Until I said no more Don't look away You're just a former regret of mine And"
  • Monster - Charlotte Martin
    "I'm so uncertain of what's growing in my head That's how it goes when there are ghosts to put to bed What does it want from me, certificates of certainty? There must be help around the bend Ooh, what"

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