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of monster little tanks

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of monster little tanks

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of monster little tanks
  • Contribution X Robot Tanks
    "Robot Tanks (Holocaust) Exploring Babe Ruth through the roaring 20s My slice is gleam, between dark or high winged Dragon eyes fighting the challenge, scream Why my savage sword Excalibur Many challenger"
  • Phideaux Little Monster
    "The ghost is very still Captive of the past Trapped inside of nothing Cuz nothing seems to last The world is thin and slippery Difficult to grasp Release might come But what a price to ask Again, again"
  • Artillery Monster
    "Behind the little boy's eyes his name is written in blood There is not a clue in sight, not a moment of clarity Grew up to be a man behind the white fence, he rules and he stands Frowning at the happy"
  • Panzer AG Monster
    "I am the monster under your bed A creature with meat, a blood sucking creep I feed on little children, I molest you when you sleep I'm the monster in the water when you're swimming out too deep I know"
  • Abby Travis Monster
    "You made me a monster, six or seven arms Still too much to grab for, all your lovely charms You made me a monster, big eye on my face See you beckoning, I will chase Our love is a freakshow, splendiferous"
  • Red Velvet - IRENE & SEULGI Monster
    "My move is unique Not ordinary 1 2 3 to 7 I am a Dancer in the darkness I’ll crack every joint in my body Adnd come closer to your bed I;ll horrible steal your heart And dominate you Under a single"
  • Meg & Dia Monster
    "His little whispers "Love me. Love me." That's all I ask for "Love me. Love me." He battered his tiny fists to feel something Wondered what it's like to touch and feel something Monster. How should I"
  • Full Devil Jacket Monster
    "I take this place Where do I belong in your life today? Make a little space Too much emotion to throw away You made a monster out of me Doubt fed emotion Colored gray (Colored gray) Too much"
  • Disturbed Monster
    "End this suffering You made a monster of me Through all your wicked lies Forever tortured by you Abandoned at death's door Until I said no more Don't look away You're just a former regret of mine And"
  • Tech N9ne Monster
    "(Tech n9ne Talking) Yo Turn this shit up a little bit Juan So these motherfuckers can feel what I'm saying Yea, like that (Monstah!) (Repeat 6 times) (Tech N9ne) When I was 5 years old I relized there"
  • Lucky Dube Monster
    "I had a dream last night One that will stay with me for a long time One that will stay with me, For as long as I live. We were living in a world, there was no pain We were living in the world there were"
  • Backyard Babies Mommy's Little Monster
    "Mommy's little monster dropped out of school Mommy's little monster broke all the rules He loves to go out and drink with the boys He loves to go out and make some noise He doesn't wanna be a doctor or"
  • Social Distortion Mommy's Little Monster
    "Mommy's little monster dropped out of school, Mommy's little monster broke all the rules. He loves to go out drinking with the boys, He loves to go out and make some noise. He doesn't wanna be a doctor"
  • Monster Monster
    "In the beginning everything was silence You could hardly hear a sound But suddenly you hear a noise that's coming You decide to check it out You can't believe in what your eyes are seeing You can't believe"
  • Back One Out Monsters
    "Another slaughter subdues oriental population; It's told, due to a bomb; nineteen for now. International board has decided to decline its fault. How many questions can a man have as regards what it's true?! Trying"
  • V Shape Mind Monsters
    "Is nothing sacred in these parasitic ways Perhaps it's just another way to make you feel like you belong I stand accused of all your insecurities Somehow your smoke and your mirrors cannot hide the envy"
  • Sons And Daughters Monsters
    "Where did you come from? What have we started? Maybe I call you a liar Held in command Taken by hand Mistaking the words on the wire Take me down again Pull me down again Take me down and then a a a a"
  • Iggy Pop Monster Men
    "Pop Five little monsters were riding through space Their spaceship broke and they fell into this place They gotta get out but they don't know how So they're waiting and waiting in a creepy creepy house The"
  • Spiritual Beggars Monster Astronauts
    "Take me to the river Dance with the demons inside Put me in the mist wait for the golden twist Fly me to the moon we got enough of fuel Dark moving shadows once got a hold of you well I won't be back"
  • Meg & Dia Monster (Demo)
    "(And they crawled away) (Frightened children down Rebecca Street) (Shadows so clever) (And he said, "Am I to remain alone?") His little whispers "Love me. Love me." That's all I ask for "Love me. Love"

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