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off-set - t.i.

  • Act II (T.I.) - T.I.
    "Umm... goddamn... uh what the fuck, what time is it? I swear I parked my car... shit Aye... light hit my face sun brought the heat Open my eyes see my car parked across the street And then it hit i ain't"
  • Set Off - Hey Monday
    "In the dark It's getting hard to breathe Suffocating, something's wrong I feel so incomplete They stop and stare And try to drag us down Light the fuse Flip the switch Baby, hold your ground You and me They"
  • Set It Off - Audioslave
    "He was standing at the rock gathering the fog getting there with no directions and underneath the arch turned into a march and there he found a spot to set this fucker on set if off set it on my"
  • Set It Off - Andrea Martin
    "Do we look? Where is love? Has it gone? Do we search or move on? Hear the wind as it blows And my heart says the next time I'll know Set it off, I suggest y'all Set it off, I suggest y'all Set it off Come"
  • Set It Off - Peaches
    "Motherfuckers wanna get with me Lay with me, love with me, all right Motherfuckers wanna get with me Lay with me, love with me, all right Motherfuckers wanna get with me Lay with me, love with me, all"
  • Set It Off - Iza Lach
    "Y'all want this party start it right, Y'all want this party start it quickly, Set it off on the left y'all Set it off on the right y'all Set it off, set it of, set it off. Set it off on the left y'all Set"
  • Set It Off - Vains Of Jenna
    "All those lines i've written, are they really true? Are those scribbled lines, how i felt for you? Emotions became lust when i tasted fame I can't hold back, i'm just playing the game I lied to my diary"
  • Set It Off - Young Gunz
    "Jay-Z) WOOO!! (Intro - Swizz Beatz) ("Hey! Hey!" in background) Swizzie! Young - Young Gunnaz! Hey! Man I don't know what they talking about man I just know that (let's go!) (Chorus - Swizz Beatz) It's"
  • Set it off - Monica
    "Yeah, Imma Set it off Cmon now Yeah Ohh This that hot shit yall set it off New Monica shit Cmon You remember when I was just a young one And I was to afraid to quickly let you show me thangs Hol"
  • Set me off - The Saturdays
    "VerseIn my time, that's the way I usually go,But then when I feel fine, that's when I'll be letting you know,If I try, try, (taking it slow, taking it slow)But I can't SUSTAIN IT (letting it go, letting"
  • Set It Off - Backstreet Boys
    "Jam s-To do? Whatcha gonna do? Everybody on to the floor Good job, baby I saw you pull to the back And roll with the cream in the back I look at you, you look right back Like you wanna get funky I hit"
  • Set It Off - Skindred
    "We in ah heavy weight style and we kick it Know we inner de zone and we mash it And we go home and we make the room tear down Das what de dred come fe do I know the people understand When they see the"
  • Set It Off - Queen Latifah
    "Set it off with those i respect for the law of crime set it off with crazy and insain to love and sex are dreams about love touching the dream that we met our life as death means that you can be involved"
  • Set It Off - Primer 55
    "once again it's on and all the kids are lined up pumpin' their fist in the air getting fired up it's all about you it's all about your loyalty keepin it real your part of the family and that's who i am"
  • Set it off - Audio Adrenaline
    "He was standing at the rockGathering the flockAnd getting there with no directionsAnd underneath the archIt turned into a marchAnd there he found the spark to Set this fucker off(chorus)He said set if"
  • Set It Off - Static X
    "Wait every hour of every day Played light, played hard Had to go my way I feel like death wearing a disguise Can't catch my breath From all this noise I want I'm fucking bored Give me a new found sensation Take"
  • Set It Off - Lil Boosie
    "U wanna talk shit? U wanna run ya mouth? U want some gangstas front yo motherfucking house? We'll set this bitch off, yeah set this bitch off We'll set this bitch off, set this bitch off They call me Bad"
  • Set It Off - Das EFX
    "Verse One: Dray, Skoob Yo (yo), yo (yo), yo (yo) Piggity-presto, who these cats on your stereo? (Das EFX) My records spin round and round like a merry-go Here we go, riggity-raw as I ever was Diggy Das"
  • Set It Off - Thousand Foot Krutch
    "To all the people in the house tonite, Can ya feel me? To those who live under the street lights at night, Can ya feel me? Check this out, We bout to set this off, Here come the drums: When I let loose, I"
  • Set It Off - Static-X
    "Wait every hour of every dayPlayed light, played hardHad to go my wayI feel like death wearing a disguiseCan't catch my breathFrom all this noiseI wantI'm fucking boredGive me a new found sensationTake"

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